Barbara Campbell Thomas: World Without End at Schulman Project

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In 200 Words: Barbara Campbell Thomas at Schulman Project by Cara Ober

Like an aerial view of a city or a Gee’s Bend quilt, the new paintings of North Carolina artist Barbara Campbell Thomas buzz with a loose predictability that renders them charmingly familiar, yet capricious up close. As you scan their surfaces, these awkward accumulations of small proliferating shapes coalesce into dense hubs of activity, punctuated with harmonious, commercial color and small bits of collaged pattern. In her show “World Without End,” at Schulman Project in Baltimore, Maryland [through May 11], Thomas’s new paintings function as visual puzzles in which interlocking color-shapes build structure piece by piece, creating pleasurable optic sensations full of improvisational relationships.

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Barbara Campbell Thomas: World without end at Schulman Project
April 4 – May 11
More Gallery info here.








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