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After five consecutive years of growing print celebrations, Open Space presented PMF VI, the Sixth Annual Publications & Multiples Fair, taking place March 28th and 29th, 2015 at the Baltimore Design School. This annual exposition provides the opportunity to admire, collect, and discuss artist publications, prints, and objects produced in multiple. This cornerstone event featured works from over 100 local and national artists, and on-site programming all weekend. The fair was free and open to the public.

Ebstein pmf
Alex Ebstein:
Ursula Minervini – fish sachet and tiny quadruped, Dana Bechert – candle holder, bud vase and dish, Blonde Art Books (Sonel Breslav) – Sarah Cwynar book and new version of my trusty daily BABs tote,,Jessica Hans – vase and collaborative zine with Miranda Pfeiffer, Suzie Zak (Rock Bottom Press) – earth tongue zine and Sophia Belkin pin, Girl group (Maude Kasperzak and Natalie Ebaugh) – pouches, Aiden Koch – impressions (published by Peradam), Strange Times People Band – tape, Zoe Axelrod & Geoffrey KixMiller – collaborative zine, Christina Haines – mugs,  Greg Kalliche – zine with Ben Phelan & Brenna Murphy, John Zimmerman – IOU book, Amelia Meekins – lighter, Acres, Conveyor magazine, Not pictured: poster by Chris Day and painting by Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn



Stewart Watson:
James Bouche back pocket (or bra )phone chain and Paul Shortt ‘No Photo’ pin


Tim Kabara

Tim Kabara:
Pinky Rose, Christian Michael Filardo, O’Connell Morry, Kristin Tata, Allyson Little, Brooks Kossover, Anna K. Crooks, RM O’Brien, Tracy Dimond, Beth Hoeckel, William Rockwell Ryerson, Amanda McCormick and Carabella Sands


Sean Fitzpatrick
Sean Fitzpatrick:
Matthew Carignan, Alan Resnick, Alex Ebstein, Nicole Dyer, Harley Hollenstein, Chris McCarthy


Erin Fostel - a heather boaz print
Erin Fostel: Heather Boaz print


Cara Ober:
Aemon Espey T-Shirt, Baltimore Print Studios T-Shirt, Earrings by Jessie and Katey, Print by Milana Braslafsky, Print by Beth Hoeckel, and Not pictured: New Acres / New Scroll


Rene Trevino:
Larger Prints by Jill Fannon, Open Space, and Boston Print Club, 3 small prints by Ursula Minervini, Jewelry by Morgan Frailey, and pottery by Christina Haines.


Colin Alexander:
Holy Page Records Trifecta Release (Filardo, Julie Byrne, Ever Ending Kicks), Abundance Patch by Margo Malter, Acres 3


Dave Eassa:
Jessica Hans: Candle, Allie Linn: Thirsty, Andrew Haas: Wizards, Matt Carignan: Screenprint, Matt Carignan and Shelby Rosabal: Collaborative zine of screen prints, Franklin Street/Stephen Booth: Roy Lichtenstein by Stephen Booth, and Pat McQuade: Outta Pocket


jessica hans
Jessica Hans:
Houseplants Covered With Snow by Ruth Van Beek at the Spaces Corners table, Mug by Gabe Snyder, Paperpulp Pin by Suzie Zak and Sophia Belkin from the Rock Bottom


nate grossman abbey
Nate Grossman and Abbey Campbell:

A. Campbell
Plants-Polly Brown (Pau Wau)
Mystic Places-Justin James Reed (Horses Think Press)
Albeit-Zane Morris (Rock Bottom)


N. Grossman
Towards a New Slang-Kyle Tata (Nomenclature)
Klondike Halftone-Suzanna Zak (Rock Bottom)
Tapes! (I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to all of them yet but really enjoyed Phork’s Disc Creparsi out on Player Press)


o connel
Molly Colleen O’Connell:
Odwalla 88 “Future Butterfly”, Paige Peterson :::ceramic 6 fingered hand:::, and Lala Albert “R.A.T.”


abelow 1

abelow 2

Josh Abelow:
Amelia Meekins phone case and Stephen Booth print


Here’s the Baltimore Design School Cafeteria where PMF was about to happen… and below, an action shot of me and Rene Trevino shopping! (These two photos by Noah Scialom)



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