Alloverstreet March 2016 in Photos by Tommy Bruce

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Alloverstreet is a night of simultaneous art openings and events spanning the many art spaces of East Oliver Street in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. As usual, they kicked off the night with a happy hour sponsored by Union Craft Brewing at the Station North Tool Library followed by an Alloverstreet Artist Talk at Area 405. This month speakers were Stewart Watson of Area 405 and Zoe Friedman.

ALLOVERSTREET Friday, March 4, 2016 from 5-10PM
300 & 400 blocks of E Oliver Street

Thank you to Brewers Art and Joe Squared for supporting Alloverstreet!
tbruce_allover_march_2016-1 tbruce_allover_march_2016-2 tbruce_allover_march_2016-3 tbruce_allover_march_2016-4 tbruce_allover_march_2016-5 tbruce_allover_march_2016-6 tbruce_allover_march_2016-7 tbruce_allover_march_2016-8 tbruce_allover_march_2016-9 tbruce_allover_march_2016-10 tbruce_allover_march_2016-11

The Station North Tool Library & Area 405
A happy hour sponsored by Union Craft Brewing at SNTL, followed by an artist talk by Area 405 & Zoe Friedman at Area 405.


Area 405 “Proximity”
Amy Boone McCreesh, Antonio McAfee, Benjamin Piwowar, Breon Gilleran, David Page, David Ubias, Jackie Milad, James Vose, Joshua Wade Smith, Kyle Tata, Laura White, Liz Donadio, Margaret Rogers, Mary Anne Arntzen, Paul Jeanes, Steven Pearson, Zoe Friedman.
celebrating the 13th anniversary of AREA 405
405 E Oliver St, Baltimore, MD, 21202

tbruce_allover_march_2016-13 tbruce_allover_march_2016-14 tbruce_allover_march_2016-15 tbruce_allover_march_2016-16 tbruce_allover_march_2016-17 tbruce_allover_march_2016-18 tbruce_allover_march_2016-19 tbruce_allover_march_2016-20 tbruce_allover_march_2016-21 tbruce_allover_march_2016-22 tbruce_allover_march_2016-23 tbruce_allover_march_2016-24 tbruce_allover_march_2016-25 tbruce_allover_march_2016-26 tbruce_allover_march_2016-27 Tastykake Gallery “Oddly Fluffy”
Works by Jihee Kang
Will be parked on the 300 block of E Oliver Sttbruce_allover_march_2016-28 tbruce_allover_march_2016-29 tbruce_allover_march_2016-30 tbruce_allover_march_2016-31 tbruce_allover_march_2016-32 tbruce_allover_march_2016-33 tbruce_allover_march_2016-34

Terrault Contemporary “Into The Blue”
by Travis Levasseur
1515 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD, 21202

tbruce_allover_march_2016-35 tbruce_allover_march_2016-36tbruce_allover_march_2016-37 tbruce_allover_march_2016-38 tbruce_allover_march_2016-39 tbruce_allover_march_2016-40 tbruce_allover_march_2016-41 tbruce_allover_march_2016-42

La Bodega Gallery “Remixes”
Curated by Corynne Ostermann.
Work by Dre Britton, Jean Alexander Frater, Sean Fitzpatrick, and Corynne Ostermann.
The Copycat, Unit A100, 1511 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD, 21202.

tbruce_allover_march_2016-43 tbruce_allover_march_2016-44 tbruce_allover_march_2016-45 tbruce_allover_march_2016-46 tbruce_allover_march_2016-47 tbruce_allover_march_2016-48 tbruce_allover_march_2016-49

Ballroom Gallery “You Can’t Take It With You”
Work by Gabriella Grill, Isabel Rosen-Hamilton, Jackie Riccio, and Zack Ingram
The Copycat, Unit B202, 1511 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD.

tbruce_allover_march_2016-50 tbruce_allover_march_2016-51 tbruce_allover_march_2016-52 tbruce_allover_march_2016-53 tbruce_allover_march_2016-54 tbruce_allover_march_2016-55 tbruce_allover_march_2016-56

LABBodies: What Does it Mean to be a Latino (artist) in a Place with Few Latinos?

Hoesy Corona tbruce_allover_march_2016-57 tbruce_allover_march_2016-58

Lighthole! “Foreigners”

This month’s showcase will assess the role of the concept of what makes a foreigner today and how are “foreigners” portrayed in visual culture.
The Copycat, Unit B401, 1511 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD, 21202.

tbruce_allover_march_2016-59 tbruce_allover_march_2016-60 tbruce_allover_march_2016-61 tbruce_allover_march_2016-62 Soft House “Kiss You All Over” by John Somers & “Aural Touches & Visual Delights” by all the Softies.
The Copycat, Unit B503, 1511 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD.tbruce_allover_march_2016-63 tbruce_allover_march_2016-64 tbruce_allover_march_2016-65 C4-Gallery “Open Mic Night”
Acoustic sets by various artists. Open to all musicians, vocalists and spoken word artists.
The Copycat, Unit C402, 1511 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD.tbruce_allover_march_2016-66 tbruce_allover_march_2016-67 tbruce_allover_march_2016-68

Gallery CA “동네 미술 잔치 (Dongne Misul Janchi): Community Art Party”
Collaborative works from Greenmount Senior Center and Project PLASE. Curated and organized by Sung Min Lee.
440 E Oliver St, Baltimore, MD 21202

tbruce_allover_march_2016-69 tbruce_allover_march_2016-70 tbruce_allover_march_2016-71 tbruce_allover_march_2016-72 tbruce_allover_march_2016-73 tbruce_allover_march_2016-74 tbruce_allover_march_2016-75 tbruce_allover_march_2016-76 tbruce_allover_march_2016-77 Guest Spot at the Reinstitute “Dirtier Words – Baltimore”
Works by Robert Attanasio, Marta Buda, Karen Mainenti, Joe Nanashe, Michael Scoggins, Allison Wade
1715 N Calvert St, Baltimore, MD, 21202tbruce_allover_march_2016-78 tbruce_allover_march_2016-79 tbruce_allover_march_2016-80 tbruce_allover_march_2016-81 tbruce_allover_march_2016-82 tbruce_allover_march_2016-83 tbruce_allover_march_2016-84

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