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Using Both Sides of the Brain: Susan Hyon

Photo Essay by Ashley N. Chambers

The ALLOVERSTREET: June Art Walk was Friday, June 3 from 5:00 – 10:00PM in the 300 & 400 blocks of E Oliver Street. Alloverstreet is a night of simultaneous art openings and events spanning the many art spaces of East Oliver Street in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. This month’s event started off with a happy hour sponsored by Union Craft Beer at the Station North Tool Library that was followed by an Alloverstreet Artist Talk at Area 405. This month the talk featured host Bodega Gallery and artist Bartosz Tararuj.

Station North Tool Library 1 Station North Tool Library 2 Station North Tool Library 3 Station North Tool Library 4 Station North Tool Library 5 Station North Tool Library 6 Station North Tool Library 7 Station North Tool Library 8 Station North Tool Library 9 Station North Tool Library 10Area 405 8Artist Talk hosting La Bodega Gallery and Bartosz Tararuj (405 E Oliver St), featuring The Brewer’s Art beer and Joe Squared pizza!Area 405 1 Area 405 10Area 405 2 Area 405 4 Area 405 7Area 405 9 Area 405 11 Area 405 12 Area 405: “Legacy”
Legacy features works by the Corcoran School of Art & Design. Works by Amber Boris, Claudia Lamy, Noah McWilliams, Anthony Pattermann, Arel Peckler, Patrick Quinn, Ali Sengul, Jordan Shelton, Lionel White, Khadijah Wilson, and Rachel Van Dyke. Legacy is coordinated by professors Lisa Dillin and Jonathan Latiano.
405 E Oliver Street

Area 405 6Area 405 5Area 405 13 Area 405 14 Area 405 3Area 405 15 Area 405 16 Ballroom Gallery 1 Ballroom Gallery: “Make Studio at the Ballroom”
The Copycat, Unit B202, 1511 Guilford AvenueBallroom Gallery 2 Ballroom Gallery 3 Ballroom Gallery 4 Ballroom Gallery 5Bookish: “Noah Scialom’s Bookish Residency”

Featuring photos form his personal collection and community proejct, Peace Love Cameria, in process with Devin Allen and Dominic Nell. Parked on the 300 block of E Oliver Street.

Bookish 1 Bookish 2 Bookish 3 El Camino (Annex 2E)
“Bondo” is a photo show featuring landscape, skateboard and life-setting photography in Baltimore and surrounding cities. Photographs from: Eyal Azrad, Joe Obima, Brian Powderly, Sam Shuman, and Brad Ziegler
Annex Building, Unit 2E, 419 E Oliver Street.El Camino 1

El Camino 2 El Camino 3 El Camino 4 Gallery CA 1GALLERY CA
“The Artists of Baltimore Clayworks”
Featuring works by Patty Bilbro, Kevin Rhode, Sam Wallace, and Travis Winters.
440 E Oliver Street.
Gallery CA 2 Gallery CA 3 Gallery CA 4 Gallery CA 5 La Bodega 1La Bodega Gallery: “Paintings In Their Environment”
Works by Bartosz Tararuj
The Coycat, Unit A100, 1511 Guilford Avenue

La Bodega 2 La Bodega 3 La Bodega 4 La Bodega 5 La Bodega 6 La Bodega 7 La Bodega 9 La Bodega 10Lighthole! Intermedia Art Monthly: “Lighthole: Shop”
An experiential installation featuring tarot readings by Mary Shock, previously shown work for sale and a showcase of local artist run businesses and projects.
The Copycat, Unit B401, 1511 Guilford Avenue

Lighthole 2 Lighthole 3 Lighthole 4 Lighthole 5 Lighthole!The Motor House: “Pop-Up Show”
Featuring works by Motor House artists: FORCE/Hannah Brancato and Rebecca Nagle (Sondheim Artis), Joyce J. Scott (Deutsch Foundation Artist in Residence/Baker Prize), Amanda Buck, Aisha and Jeffry Butler/Jazzy Jeff Photos, Navasha Daya, Libby Format, Megan Lewis, Mike McConnell, Annette Nylon/Nylon Films, Ada Pinkston, Tim Wolfer/Wolfer Films & Special Guest DJ Theadore Rexx.
120 W North Avenue

Motorhouse 1 Motorhouse 2 Motorhouse 3 Motorhouse 4

Terrault Contemporary **last Copycat show before their move**
Main Gallery: “Fissural”
Work by Alex Schechter.
Second Gallery: “Bread and Butter”
Work by Hannah Leighton, Michael Uckotter and Dean Scott.
The Copycat, 1515 Guilford Avenue

Terrault 1 Terrault 2 Terrault 3

About the Photographer: Baltimore-bred Ashley N. Chambers is a photographer specializing in concert, lifestyle and journalistic imagery. Apt to collaborate with other creatives in Baltimore and beyond, she strives to present the world with compelling and thought-provoking images. Her work is constantly building connections with the likes of bands, writers, professionals and everyday people. These connections provide opportunities ranging from special event contracts, being featured in an upcoming novella, and having work showcased in galleries and events. She is also a collaborative organizer for Balti Gurls. Ashley Chambers plans to continually grow as an artist by synthesizing ideas of relate-able content within a community of artists who share a similar passion for art.

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