Party Photos from BmoreArt’s Magazine Launch at The Walters

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Photos by Rob Clatterbuck for BmoreArt

On Thursday, November 17, BmoreArt released its third Journal of Art + Ideas to the public at The Walters. We hosted a cocktail party to celebrate our new publication and did so with the help of many amazing partners including Union Craft Brewing, Pixilated Photo Booths, Dovecote Cafe, BLK//Sugar Micro-Bakery, Baltivirtual, many volunteers, and  several hundred members of the art community in Baltimore.

The magazine features writing by Cara Ober, Bret McCabe, Marianne Amoss, Jermaine Bell, Martina Dodd, Kerr Houston, Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Michael B. Tager, Fred Scharmen, and Julie Scharper. Photography for Issue 3 included Chris Attenborough, Kelvin Bullock, Theresa Keil, Rachel Rock Palermo, Justin Tsucalas, and Stephen Spartana. The magazine also featured artwork by Khadija Nia Adell, Lauren Frances Adams, and Linda Day Clark.

If you came out to our event, thank you for your support and interest! If you missed it, catch us this spring with Issue 4.


Also check out the Pixilated Photo booth photos here: !!!

Here are a few of our favorites… so many!

dsc_0454dsc_0438dsc_0252 dsc_0566dsc_0442dsc_0274 dsc_0457dsc_0279 dsc_0473dsc_0552dsc_0298 dsc_0305 dsc_0242

dsc_0321dsc_0346 dsc_0347 dsc_0516dsc_0357 dsc_0365dsc_0374 dsc_0375 dsc_0380 dsc_0383dsc_0399 dsc_0401 dsc_0402dsc_0406 dsc_0408 dsc_0417 dsc_0427

dsc_0446 dsc_0448 dsc_0451 dsc_0455
dsc_0466 dsc_0469 dsc_0474 dsc_0475 dsc_0476 dsc_0477 dsc_0479 dsc_0480 dsc_0483 dsc_0490 dsc_0491 dsc_0494 dsc_0498 dsc_0500 dsc_0502 dsc_0503 dsc_0519 dsc_0522 dsc_0527 dsc_0530 dsc_0531dsc_0547 dsc_0558 dsc_0560 dsc_0562 dsc_0564 dsc_0571 dsc_0572 dsc_0575 dsc_0576 dsc_0580 dsc_0581 dsc_0583 dsc_0585 dsc_0587 dsc_0589 dsc_0600 dsc_0606 dsc_0607 dsc_0610 dsc_0612 dsc_0621

dsc_0633 dsc_0634 dsc_0638 dsc_0648 dsc_0650 dsc_0651

dsc_0656 dsc_0658 dsc_0660

This story is from Issue 03: Legacy, available here.

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