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BmoreArt’s Picks presents the best weekly art openings, events, and performances happening in Baltimore and surrounding areas. For a more comprehensive perspective, check the BmoreArt Calendar page, which includes ongoing exhibits and performances, and is updated on a daily basis.

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<><><><><><><><><><>To Sleep with Anger :: Film Screening
Tuesday, January 31st : 8pm

MICA Falvey Hall
1300 West Mt. Royal Avenue : 21217

When Harry travels to South Central Los Angeles from his home in the South to visit old friends Gideon and his wife Suzie, his presence brings about a crisis in the family dynamic. Building to a climactic ending, Harry’s intrusion brings the family to the brink, but will he save them or cause their ruin? Presented by director Charles Burnett.

This is the first film in series presented as part of Laying-by Time. The exhibition highlights a broad sample of work by William Christenberry. Drawing on his explorations, recollections and interpretations of Hale County, Ala., Christenberry balanced the beauty, hopefulness and resilience of the deep south against its tensions, pathos and flaws. Moving fluidly between painting, photography, sculpture and drawing, the artist wove a story that is simultaneously celebratory and melancholy, inviting and inhospitable.

Visit to see a full list of events associated with this exhibition.

<><><><><><><><><><>Recollected: Transforming Memory
Wednesday, February 1st : 11am Curators’ Talk, 6-8pm Reception

Cade Art Gallery
Anne Arundel Community College : Arnold

Curators: Theodore Johnson, Professor of Art and Lindsay McCulloch, director Cade Art Gallery

Featuring work that deals with memory interpreted or reinterpreted through form

Artists: Anne Bouie, Karen Fitzgerald, Vin Grabill, Nara Park, Dominic Terlizzi, Stewart Watson

<><><><><><><><><><>Timeless Weft: Ancient Tapestries and the Art of Louise Wheatley
Wednesday, February 1st -July 30th

Baltimore Museum of Art
10 Art Museum Drive : 21218

This intimate exhibition celebrates the 40-year career of Maryland artist Louise B. Wheatley. Internalizing the lessons of ancient masters, Wheatley creates art that is unmistakably a reflection of her own unique vision and her self-imposed sense of technical perfection.

Some of Wheatley’s works recall the composition and specific methods of Coptic textiles, including intricate and technically difficult border designs, the use of slanted wefts, and flying needle techniques. Less directly, Wheatley emulates their brilliant colors, connection to nature, celebration of earth’s fertility, and exploration of philosophical and religious thought.

Image: Maker: Louise B. Wheatley. Seed Manta. 1999. The Baltimore Museum of Art: Lilian Sarah Greif Bequest Fund, BMA 1999.162

<><><><><><><><><><> Jay Gould, Uncertain Passages :: Opening Reception + Artist Talk
Thursday, February 2nd : 5-7pm

Julio Fine Arts
Loyola University Maryland : 21210

The Julio Fine Arts Gallery at Loyola University Maryland presents Uncertain Passages, work by Jay Gould. Jay Gould is a mixed-media, contemporary artist working with themes of science and storytelling. His work explores a wide range of conceptual material using photography, often in combination with machine driven and hand-crafted fabrication of wood and acrylic. The Uncertain Passages series explores and meditates on the unobservable reality that theoretically underpins our existence. The artworks seek to balance the exhaustion of attempting to photograph an idea that may prove not to exist with the poetic license that comes from working with currently unknowable paradoxes. 

Jay Gould holds an M.F.A. in Photography from Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, Georgia, and a B.F.A. from University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He was an Artist in Residence & Visiting Scholar at the HEMI Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD and a United States Winner at the Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Festival, Boston, MA. Gould has exhibited his work throughout the U.S. and abroad. He currently teaches at Maryland Institute College of Art.

<><><><><><><><><><>Activating Artifacts: About Academia :: Opening Reception
Thursday, February 2nd : 5-7pm

1000 Hilltop Circle : 21250

Artist Antoni Muntadas and curator Niels Van Tomme will both be attending the opening

Activating Artifacts: About Academia is a new exhibition project by Antoni Muntadas. Its aim is to facilitate an interdisciplinary dialogue about higher education: its many limitations as well as new possibilities.

The exhibition presents an opportunity to critically engage with the structure and function of the US university system. It does so by exploring topics of privatisation, corporatisation, gentrification and globalisation, as well as the complex relationships between the production of knowledge and the economic interests it generates. Even though Activating Artifacts: About Academia was initiated and produced in a US context, it can simultaneously be activated as a tool to examine the issues it engages from within a variety of academic contexts, in which such American processes resonate significantly.

The exhibition completes Muntadas’s About Academia project with the commission of its second installment. Whereas About Academia I (2011), produced by and presented at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University, addresses the above issues from the perspective of professors and faculty-affiliated scholars, About Academia II (2017) further elaborates on its themes exclusively from the viewpoint of students. Consisting of two elaborate three-channel video-installations made up from scrolling texts, video interviews, and shots of campus architecture, as well as an intricate architectural installation, the exhibition provokes an open space for the critical examination of academic education.

<><><><><><><><><><>Submersive Productions Presents PLUNGE: Experiential Storytelling Lab
Thursday, February 2nd – Sunday, Februrary 5th

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church
1900 St. Paul Street : 21218

Plunge includes five stories paired with five art installations exploring the theme of “the other.” Each guest will experience three of five possible one-to-one performances. The pool of guests will gather in a common “hub” area where they can participate in various activities or simply chill out in between experiences.

These performances are the result of a series of workshops focusing on immersive one-to-one performance led by members of Submersive Productions and artists Ashley Minner and Kevin Griffin Moreno. Each team, made up of “Makers” and “Tellers,” have created their own environment and performance for an audience of one. Performers include: Alisa Lashana Brock, Cori Dioquino, Abby Becker, Ashley Minner, Mike Smith and Kevin Griffin Moreno. The “Makers” of each installation environment are: Marie Claire Macadar, Samantha Callanta, Ada Pinkston, Submersive co-founder Ursula Marcum and Ashley Minner.

<><><><><><><><><><>Greg Mort – eARTh : The Art of Stewardship :: Reception + Artist Talk
Friday, February 3rd : 7-8:30pm

Rosenberg Gallery
Goucher College : Towson

Presented in conjunction with the MAEOE conference, February 2-5

Greg Mort is a widely recognized American contemporary artist whose signature images combine his twin passions for science and nature. Throughout his career Mort has recognized the power of imagery and used art to share his passion of promoting environmental awareness.

The Art of Stewardship calls out to those who speak the language that is universally understood. One that has the potential to raise awareness, inspire, and celebrate our role as “stewards” of our tiny oasis in space.

<><><><><><><><><><>WAVE AND PARTICLE // Low Noise // or if there be flooding :: Openings
Friday, February 3rd : 6-9pm

School 33
1427 Light Street : 21230

WAVE AND PARTICLE (Main Gallery): Featuring Tommy Bobo, Katie Duffy, Jenn Figg & Matthew McCormack, Karen Lemmert, Scott Pennington and Rachel Schmidt; curated by Melissa Webb.

 The exact nature of visible light is a subject that has perplexed humans for hundreds of years. Some have envisioned light as wave-like, producing energy that traverses through space in a manner similar to ripples spreading across the surface of a still pond after being disturbed by a dropped rock. The opposing view holds that light is composed of a steady stream of particles, much like tiny droplets of water sprayed from the nozzle of a garden hose. During the past few centuries, consensus of opinion has wavered with one view prevailing for a period of time, only to be overturned by evidence for the other. It is now understood that light can be, at different times, both particle-like and wave-like, and that this complementary, or dual role for the behavior of light can be employed to describe known characteristics such as refraction, reflection, interference, and diffraction.

Engaging in a multitude of experiments utilizing such characteristics, the artists of WAVE AND PARTICLE harness light’s properties and behaviors through the use of LED screens, and projection, materials such as glass, plexiglass, vinyl, and steel, as well as programmed motion, and human interaction. In doing so they continue the centuries-old tradition of asking questions—of both themselves and their viewers—regarding the nature of light.

WAVE AND PARTICLE will run concurrently with Light City 2017, also a program of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts.

Low Noise (Members Gallery): A Solo Exhibition of works by Terence Hannum

Standing as geometric icons to decay and obsolescence, Terence Hannum presents several large-scale collage works which focus on a variety of textures, all exhumed from the discarded remains of commercial analog audio cassette tapes: colorful strips of leader tape and reflective brown Mylar, along with the gritty black marks made from peeling the magnetic dust from the backing. Hannum’s installation within Low Noise entitled Endless Gate emits a vocal drone loop through the use of two reel-to-reel tape players and spliced audiotape, the length of which is determined by the architecture of the space. Serving as both sculptural intervention and meditative sound piece, this work harkens to the Apocrypha of Brian Eno’s recording method and to Minimalist sculpture. With LOW NOISE, Hannum, a prolific musician who appears solo, with metal trio Locrian (Relapse Records) and dream-pop trio The Holy Circle, asks us to consider both the living and the dead states of recorded media.

or if there be flooding (Project Space): An installation by Bonnie Crawford Kotula

Bonnie Crawford Kotula’s studio practice is part science experiment, part meditation, and part mischief. Employing both cerebral and sensual faculties, she makes sculptures and installations that combine tiny LED lighting with simple materials like brightly colored trash and cheap craft supplies. or if there be flooding serves as an imagined response plan to a potential catastrophe. The title of this piece is a fragment from Advice to a Wife and Mother, published in 1878. Flooding, in the context of the book, refers to postpartum hemorrhaging. However, this euphemistic language can be more literally interpreted to reference natural disasters or rising sea levels. Blinking lights aimed at shadowy vignettes of accumulated detritus in the installation signal tenderly to the viewer a warning, a lament.

<><><><><><><><><><>Valerie Rich + Donna DiSciullo :: Opening Receptions
Friday, February 3rd : 5-9pm

Hamilton Arts Gallery
5502 Harford Road : 21214

Hamilton Gallery | Hamilton Arts Collective is pleased to present the exhibitions

Valerie Rich – Words have Power
presented in Gallery I

Donna DiSciullo – Dreams Re-imagined
presented in Gallery II

February 3 – 26, 2017
First Friday Opening Reception, Febraury 3, 5-9pm

Hamilton Gallery exhibiting artist members:
Jude Asher, Ariana Bock, Loring Boglolio, Schroeder Cherry, Ron Cohn, Donna DiSciullo, Marcus Dagold, Amy Klainer, James MacDonald, Stephen Majchrzak, Charles Mens, Lynn Poshepny, Theresa Reuter, Peter Smith, Valerie Smith, Bridget Z. Sullivan, Richard Sullivan, Maxine Taylor, Linnea Tober & Alex Vanicky.

Hamilton Gallery welcomes all guests and neighbors to join us in enjoying our neighborhood and our city.

<><><><><><><><><><>Suzan-Lori Parks: Fucking A
Friday, February 3rd – Sunday, February 12th

Iron Crow Theatre
45 West Preston Street : 21201

Inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic novel The Scarlet Letter,  Fucking A by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks, offers a bleak and dystopian view of the sadistic power games we are forced to play as members of a ‘free’ and modern society. Set in a post-apocalyptic world still divided by class and corruption, where its players are subject to arbitrary imprisonment, and where sexuality and fertility are discussed in an alternate language, we find Hester Smith working the only job available – abortionist to the lower class. Her branded A bleeding afresh every time a patient arrives, Hester hopes to save enough for a ‘promised’ reunion with her ‘wrongfully’ imprisoned son. A dark fable with music, including brief sardonic songs, Fucking A is an expressionistic exploration of society and the socio-political systems within it through the lens of a mothers undying love.

Please note that Fucking A explores mature themes, contains adult language, sexual content, violence and may contain partial nudity. Fucking A may not be suitable for patrons under the age of 18.

<><><><><><><><><><>Whatchamacallit :: Opening Reception
Friday, February 3rd : 6-9pm

Gallery CA
440 East Oliver Street : 21201

Whatchamacallit, features the work of seven multi-discipline artists. The exhibition addresses topics of cultural and social identities on both a micro and macro level challenging the broad complexities of our society. Each artist dissects how relational restrain and cultural practice distorts identity in our formative stages. The curator, James Williams II, asks the viewer to stand with the work and present themselves as beings constantly in flux. Whatchamacallit considers the multiple identities that one person can inhabit in just the time it takes to span a gallery exhibit. It challenges the viewer to acknowledge the myriad of identities in our United States of America. Whatchamacallit contrasts the artists’ influenced identities governed by culture and searches for language that is bigger than both their physical presence and unyielding language.

<><><><><><><><><><>WTMD Presents Saturday Morning Tunes :: 1 2 3 Andrés
Saturday, February 4th : 9am

1 Olympic Place : Towson

WTMD is excited to announce the launch of Saturday Morning Tunes, a new family-friendly concert series featuring rising stars of the children’s music scene, hosted at the WTMD performance studio in Towson.

Tickets are available for each individual show, or you can purchase a series pass for a family of four to all three shows.

Doors open at 9 a.m. and the music runs from 9:30 a.m.-11 a.m. Each performance has an opening act as well as a headliner. Snacks (organic fig bars and fruit strips) as well as drinks (Horizon milk and Honest juice) are included for all kids. And the WTMD performance studio is a safe, clean environment with comfy furniture that’s ideal for climbing and sitting. Both our men’s and women’s bathrooms have stainless steel changing tables, and there will also be vintage cartoons playing on our flat screen TVs.

Also — kids under 2 are free! (There is no need to reserve a ticket for kids under 2.)

123 Andrés

Winner of the Latin Grammy for Best Children’s Album in 2016, 123 Andrés has been hailed as “A rockstar for little language learners” by Billboard Magazine. Join 123 Andrés for a high-energy concert that will get kids and families singing and dancing in Spanish and English. His YouTube channel is a blast, and also check out his Grammy-winning album “Arriba Abajo” here.

<><><><><><><><><><>New Works on Paper: Jerry Allen Gilmore + Miss Ellen Cameron :: Opening 
Saturday, February 4th : 6-8pm

The Creative Alliance
3134 Eastern Avenue : 21234

A recent arrival to Baltimore through the Creative Alliance’s Resident Artist program, Jerry Allen Gilmore exhibits his expressive, mixed media works with the intuitive mask drawings of Highlandtown resident and Outsider artist, Miss Ellen Cameron in the two-person exhibition New Works on Paper.

Gilmore’s intimate miniatures and sweeping, large scale drawings, prints, and collages are deceptively personal as he adopts a cast of animated characters and symbols to relate his own story. This work playfully embodies the often awkward issues that life’s every movement possesses – a humorous bend in the river, where one may be given aid by animals, magicians and shamans, or be menaced by devils, clowns and bumble bees. Characteristically all of these works are autobiographical, repurposed and retraced narratives that explore the artist’s own thoughts on identity, sexuality, spirituality, beauty and mortality. Each work draws on different chapters in the story of his life, but as with many recollections, out of their natural chronological order. For Gilmore all of these works drive home his creative mantra: where you go depends upon where you have been, and where you can go depends upon what you can imagine.

Soon after moving into his studio in July of 2016, Gilmore met community matriarch, minister, and neighborhood resident Miss Ellen Cameron – known to all as either “Miss Ellen,” or “Mother Ellen” – during a mask-making workshop at Creative Alliance; the two quickly struck up a friendship.  While she has no formal training as an artist, Miss Ellen has received several Certificates of Achievement from drawing classes at MICA Place, in addition to participating in the Creative Alliance’s annual members’ exhibition, The Big Show. Her inclusion of a beaming black and gold mask prompted Gilmore to ask to see more of her work.  Gilmore recalls, “I remember smiling as she turned the pages of her sketch book saying, I just draw what comes to me, and I knew exactly what she meant….Miss Ellen [is] a wonderful artist and an even better person.”


<><><><><><><><><><>SHAN: Ain’t I a Woman :: Opening Reception
Saturday, February 4th : 7-10pm

Platform Gallery
116 West Mulberry Street : 21201

Platform Gallery is pleased to present AIN’T I A WOMAN, on view at 116 W Mulberry Street. AIN’T I A WOMAN is a solo, multi-disciplinary exhibition of works by SHAN, an artist and activist who creates work with her local communities in Baltimore. AIN’T I A WOMAN is a new body of work by SHAN that is complete with programming throughout the month of the exhibition.

AIN’T I A WOMAN serves to bring black women onto the center stage with hopes to eradicate the many negative stereotypes with photography, installations, and open discussions that reclaim and explore the life and times of black women. This exhibition goes beyond praising black women for their accomplishments, but focuses on the ordinary black girl or woman living her life, loving her family, working to survive, fighting for her people, and expressing her individuality.

SHAN is an award-winning photographer, writer, and freedom fighter from East Baltimore. Merging her journalism degree from Bowie State University with her love for photography, SHAN’s work focuses on the experiences, identities and struggles of black life.

<><><><><><><><><><>The Slim-Waisted Gate :: Opening Reception
Saturday, February 4th : 6-8pm

C. Grimaldis Projects
523 North Charles Street : 21201

C. Grimaldis Projects is pleased to present The Slim-Waisted Gate, a group show of works in the dark. The exhibition features recent paintings and sculpture by Dan Herschlein, Ann Greene Kelly, Chris Lux, Nick Mayer, Vanessa Gully Santiago and Flannery Silva which explore themes of twilight, half-consciousness, and the liminal border between logic and the sublime.

Some works in this exhibition require darkness as a condition of their presentation; others deal thematically with dim light. Nick Mayer’s UV-reactive work Hole Body Terror (2016) appears a different painting depending upon its environment, its subject matter a perverse wordplay on libidinal anxiety. Flannery Silva’s Berry Battered Bunnies (2017) transmogrifies loaded symbol into transcendent, dreamlike object, hanging between child’s plaything, adult costume and haunted handmade craft. Dan Herschlein’s Hope Chest (2016) itself contains a chest: a dislocated torso which lays in lieu of bedding traditionally entrusted to a woman preparing for marriage. Subtle terrors entwined with commonplace objects result in parapraxis; a crossing of wires loaded with revelations about fear and desire.

The specter of a constantly unravelling body hovers in the room. Ann Greene Kelly’s Untitled(2015) is a humanoid chair; a surreal lacuna whose potential for functionality is precluded by its form. Vanessa Gully Santiago’s Watcher (2016) depicts a paranoid nightmare or furtive fantasy. These are moments in which shining a brief light can illuminate a glimpse of devious activity– or the subject’s elusive nature. In this theatrical staging, Chris Lux’s Sweet Potato (Blue) (2015) appears as a talisman, a magical object in a room where one might wait through the night. The Slim-Waisted Gate fosters organisms which grow in an obscure corner, creating a zone in-between times in which one’s identity casts a different shadow.

<><><><><><><><><><>Kahlon: The Cut Up Series Part II, Proximity to Dead Skin
Saturday, February 4th : 6pm

EMP Collective
307 West Baltimore Street : 21201

Proximity to Dead Skin, February 4, 2017
6 p.m. – 9 p.m.: Exhibition reception and performances
9 p.m. – 12 a.m.: Musical performances featuring DJ Abdu Ali, Genie, and Jay Boogie

Curated by Abdu Ali and Elliott Brown Jr., Kahlon presents Proximity to Dead Skin, the second installment of “The Cut Up” series. Taking place at EMP Collective on February 4, 2017, the audio-visual exhibition will feature artists who employ colloquial language and materials to respond to social, political, and economic alienation.

Proximity to Dead Skin is used to describe a daily existence of living as the other in corrupted and spoiled environments; a distance to the end or the beginning – the dead skin – that tends to be closer to black. This proximity within itself is a ring that we inhabit that is not of death, but is living on the edge of a very specific brink in which our lives could be ended due to forces or systems outside of our control. How does one react to such a circumstance? How do you consider evolution and progress given the length at which we have reinforced our humanity and confronted the opposition?

Participating Artists:
Dana Davenport
Najee H.F.
Keiff Jones
Jaamil Olawale Kosoko
Kelly Lloyd
Rakiya Orange
Kaila Philo

Performance Schedule:
7 p.m.: Rakiya Orange’s Aziza
8 p.m.: Jaamil Olawale Kosoko’s Enemy

The exhibition will be followed by a party featuring DJ sets by Abdu Ali and Genie, with a live music performance by Jay Boogie.

this is a free event.

We are asking supporters to donate to our Go Fund Me campaign to contribute to production costs and future Kahlon events.


Meet renowned contemporary photographer, Adger Cowans, who will talk about his professional history, and sign copies of his 2017 monograph release, Personal Vision.
Learn More   RSVP appreciated 
To place an order for your copy in advance *

contact us at:  [email protected]

or call:  410 244 8244

Walking While Black: L.O.V.E. is the Answer :: Film Screening
Monday, February 6th : 6pm

MICA Falvey Hall
1300 West Mt. Royal Avenue : 21217

More than 4 1/2 years in the making, award-winning filmmakers A.J. Ali and Errol Webber present the OFFICIAL BALTIMORE PREMIERE of the film WALKING WHILE BLACK: L.O.V.E. Is The Answer. This powerful film about reconciliation and putting love into action is the launch of a movement to improve relations between peace officers and the communities they serve.

Following the film premiere, there will be a Q&A with the filmmakers and featured experts. Two key members of the WWB team are MICA grads living in Los Angeles. Both of them will be participating in a Q&A following the screening of the film.

Errol Webber, Producer and Director of Photography
Lydia Hall, Editor

Others participating in the Q&A include:

A.J. Ali, Producer & Director
Others TBD

Instances of racial profiling plague minority communities on a daily basis. Director, A.J. Ali is no stranger to this phenomenon. When he and his wife were targeted for harassment by police numerous times in Howard County, Maryland, he was forced to take a stand. Though his attempts at achieving justice through channels offered by the system went unrewarded, he refused to let go of the dream that a solution to the problem could be found. He went on a quest for truth and reconciliation, which led him to find living examples of love in action. “Walking While Black: L.O.V.E. Is The Answer” presents proven action steps to bridge the painful gap between peace officers and the communities they serve. L.O.V.E. is an acronym for Learn about the community and the people in it, Open your heart to the humanity of people in the community, Volunteer yourself to be part of the solution, and Empower others to do the same. Featuring interviews with peace officers, faith leaders, educators, activists and others, the film offers an inspiring blueprint to end racial profiling and heal our communities.


<><><><><><><><><><>Salon Series: The Ruby Sunrise
Monday, February 6th : 6pm

Everyman Theatre
315 West Fayette Street : 21201

Everyman Theatre is excited to announce the return of the Salon Series Women’s Voices in the 16/17 Season. Thanks to last season’s overwhelming demand and sold-out performances, this year, the informal play reading series will increase from four to six plays and will take place over the entire 16/17 Season. The six plays of The Salon Series complement the Main Stage production and feature the work of female playwrights. These Salon readings will also be directed by the women of Everyman’s Resident Acting Company and hosted by well-known and accomplished women in our area. The readings will take place in the theatre’s second-floor rehearsal hall, which will be transformed into a stripped-down performance space with a bar, on select Monday evenings:  September 19, October 31December 12February 6March 27 and June 5 from 6PM to 10PM.

“This year we really wanted to have a dialogue between the Main Stage shows downstairs and the readings upstairs,” said Everyman’s Artistic Associate Johanna Gruenhut. “While we were curating the Salon, we realized that each of the Main Stage productions examined a type of ‘new normal.’ We took that theme and are using it to examine change within the parameters of families, specifically driven by strong female leads. Everything audiences loved about the salon last year, Baltimore premieres, diverse points of view, and powerful stories, are back in full force. I’m thrilled for our patrons to get to know these incredible women.”

Full casting and hosts will be announced at a later date. Each reading will include a pre-show cocktail reception in the rehearsal hall beginning at 6PM, where audience and performer can mix and mingle with the actors and guest hosts. Insomnia Cookies will provide light refreshments. The reading itself will begin at 7PM. Directly following the reading, there will be a post-show cocktail hour, which will allow for conversations and reflections between cast and audience.

Written by Rinne Groff
Directed by Megan Anderson
Rinne Groff’s The Ruby Sunrise is a searing look at one family’s compulsion to shatter “that highest, hardest” glass ceiling. Ruby, a farm girl from Indiana, invents the very first television; decades later her daughter, Lulu, a script-girl in New York City, writes the teleplay that brings her mother’s story to life. As we dance through time and place, it is with humor and pathos that The Ruby Sunrise provokes questions about how we can change the world and make it a better place. This is the story of big dreams and dreaming big.
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