Wickerham and Lomax New Release: Whales SPF 50

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Whales SPF 50 is the first in a series of commissioned videos by Wickerham and Lomax exploring poetic approaches to media.

The evolutionary track becomes a place from which stereotypes, swimming, and intimacy ricochet off experience about surface, sound, and theme to bemoan the end of a relationship.

Whales SPF 50 is the first in a series of commissioned video works for BmoreArt and will be featured on the poetry series EP XXIV Humans early next year. In the series, anthropological concerns are moved from cold, object, and observation driven models to ones of emotional and spiritual connection. The concepts originate from an attempt to oscillate between macro and micro materiality with ease and still retain an emotional resonance. The video navigates notions of intimacy in correlation to biological concepts such as: shelter, evolution, adornment, and warfare.

WHALES SPF 50 from Wickerham & Lomax on Vimeo.

Video credit: Wickerham & Lomax
Sound design: Sean Seaton

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