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This Week: We are featuring online events that you can participate in from the comfort of your own couch plus a few calls for entry to get involved locally and nationally. Stay home, stay healthy, stay engaged in the arts.

BmoreArt’s Picks presents the best weekly art openings, events, and performances happening in Baltimore and surrounding areas. For a more comprehensive perspective, check the BmoreArt Calendar page, which includes ongoing exhibits and performances, and is updated on a daily basis.

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swissmiss | Have A Cool Weekend Everyone!


VIAN BORCHERT Calm Sea, 2019

Ongoing through June 12
@ The Framer’s Choice Gallery

Escapism is the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.
These days, I find myself transported into my daydreams and imagination and falling more and more into my art and art creation. In a sense it almost feels deliberate the need to escape this reality that one finds oneself living in. Although it is hard to escape the harsh truths of our COVID-19 times; yet, I find my mind wandering into a world of imagination and dreams. Art for sure facilitates my escape into my own created world where self expression and gestural energy reign supreme. The zen like approach of creating art helps me escape into my own wonderland where it’s a breezy stroll by the sea while the birds sing up above. The confinement in a sense has aided my escapism and birthed much meaning to the word. The latest paintings become a metamorphosis of journeys I’d like to embark upon. The capture of good feelings and memories through composition, color and form all mélange together to help me escape the difficult aspects of our current times. It is through the process of creation and the act of painting that I find myself stepping away from the fear of the shadows of death that plague our existence. Through my artistic journey, it becomes clear to me that it is through art I have found the greatest escape!


video link



Elder Pine x Rinehart School of Sculpture – Exhibition
Ongoing through August 19
@ Elder Pine Gaithersburg

Elder Pine is excited to announce that we will be collaborating with the students of Maryland Institute College of Art / Rinehart School of Sculpture to host a sculpture exhibit titled “To Sprout, To Share, To Sing”. Beginning May 1st, six talented artists will be exhibiting work throughout the grounds of the brewery. The show is a celebration of creativity that highlights the esthetics of each artist as well as the agricultural aspects of the brewery.

In the interest of making art accessible to all as well as taking small steps towards resuming interactions in the wake of the pandemic, these graduate students have joined with Elder Pine Brewing to present this mixture of culture and recreation. In response to the themes of cultivation and growth, the Rinehart cohort bring new as well as existing works to further enhance the visual landscape of this picturesque location nestled beside a pine forest.



Detail of Hanging on by Lisa Dillin, Image by Sarada Conaway

Lisa Dillin: Sorry we missed you
Ongoing through August 28
@ Frederick Arts Council

The Frederick Arts Council announces a new exhibition featuring the work of Baltimore artist Lisa Dillin on view at the 5 E. 2nd Street Art Center.

The exhibition will run from May 7 to August 28, 2021.

The exhibition ‘Sorry we missed you’ features nine sculptures and a sound piece which focus on the complicated aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since March of 2020 the physical and emotional space between each of us has widened like a deep chasm along an active fault line. Once buzzing city centers – many of which were already underutilized and in decline – have gone silent. City buildings and suburban retail centers that had long ago fallen into disrepair eerily await our return.

As we travel to our old familiar places we find that vestiges of what was abound. We have left traces of ourselves in every nook and cranny of our towns and cities. These human remnants are not dissimilar to messages in a bottle: they are clues to what came before, a voice waiting to be discovered.

Sorry we missed you is an attempt to make tangible the emotional quality of the sustained isolation and economic decline that characterizes this time. Sorry we missed you extends an open hand to the viewer and whispers “I understand how you feel, I’m feeling that way too. I am right alongside you, feeling the vacancy of this moment and waiting for the day when we are together again –  rebuilding.”

Dillin is an interdisciplinary Baltimore-based artist working primarily in sculpture and participatory art practices. Dillin earned her BFA in photography from Atlanta College of Art in 1998 and her MFA in sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2006. Her work has been selected for exhibition at various venues including the Baltimore Museum of Art and The Contemporary Museum in Baltimore, MD, Hamiltonian Gallery and Washington Project for the Arts, in Washington, D.C., Vox Populi and Practice Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, as well as Nurture Art and Transmitter in Brooklyn, NY. Art fairs include the Select Art Fair in NYC, Aqua Art Fair and Artist-Run Art Fair in Miami, FL. Honors include 2014 and 2017 MSAC Individual Artist awards in sculpture, second place prize winner of the Trawick Awards in 2014, and selection as a Sondheim Prize Finalist in 2012. To learn more visit

For art center and gallery visiting hours, click here

About the Frederick Arts Council

The Frederick Arts Council invests in a vibrant and cohesive arts community for the people of Frederick County. The organization fosters an environment where the arts flourish in the community through grants and scholarships, arts advocacy, and links to essential resources. FAC is responsible for large-scale programming such as the Frederick Festival of the Arts, Sky Stage, Frederick Arts Plan Initiative, Art in the Park, and Frederick’s ’s Arts in Education grants. For more information about the Frederick Arts Council, visit,



Kelly Walker, Block Party

Kelly Walker: Thriving in Baltimore
Ongoing through September
@ City Center Fayette/North Charles + 10 North Charles Street

“Thriving In Baltimore” is a series of paintings created in homage to Baltimore culture and to bring more exciting energy to this block of Charles Street. I’ve been attracted to this Miesvanderrohe building for the 25 plus years I’ve lived in Baltimore; by my optic the three storefronts at the ground level have always screamed ‘Gallery Space’, ‘Retail Space’ and would certainly be in any other “thriving city” – while the space is not yet in use, we decided to make a go of it as a “drive by gallery”. I am trusting our historic downtown will THRIVE once again.



The Invisible Invincible Asian American: Re-imagining Our History
Tuesday, May 18 • 7-8:30pm
presented by CityLit Project

CityLit Project introduces a NEW series called The Invisible Invincible Asian American: Telling Our Stories that brings exciting new and contemporary voices in AAPI literature front and center. The series includes two mixed-genre panels – one on craft and the other on publishing – featuring writers and editors who share their experiences and processes for writing within the larger AAPI literary landscape and navigating how to glean from stories and narratives that have been told, by moving them forward in new and exciting ways. Also each week throughout May, CityLit will feature Baltimore AAPI Writers’ Spotlight, a series of readings & interview videos posted to our social media & YouTube page, showcasing some of the great Asian American writers, poets, playwrights, and graphic artists that are brewing up goodness in Charm City.

This event is available to all, but we are building this series with Asians and Asian Americans as the central audience in mind. CityLit intends to move past conversations of representation, which tend to be oriented to a white lens, and instead foster a community space for avid AAPI writers and readers looking for dialogue about how narratives are written for peoples and cultures of Asian heritage.


Tuesday, May 18 • 7-8pm
presented by CityLit Project

This panel on craft features AAPI writers whose work builds on the literary and real histories of Asian America, and/or our ancestral homelands to discuss how they see their work in conversation with these histories and how their work re-contextualizes the Asian American narrative in the present and posits its future. The questions can be filtered through multiple lenses, such as heritage & folklore, historical events, or writing traditions, narratives, styles, etc. – AAPI or otherwise. Anjali Enjeti, Lisa Ko, Paisley Rekdal, Lawrence-Minh Bui Davis, with Aditya Desai moderating. An audience Q  & A follows the discussion.


A Zoom link will be made available closer to the event.

Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram @CityLitProject and subscribe to our YouTube channel when new videos are released. If you are not on our mailing list, please subscribe at in order to receive newsletter announcements.



2021 MdFF Opening Night
Wednesday, May 19 • 6pm
presented by Maryland Film Festival

Get Tickets

A Baltimore-centric Opening Night extravaganza! Kick off MdFF 2021 with this special live presentation of our 2021 BALTI-SHORTS program and Opening Night feature film STRAWBERRY MANSION, followed by a Maryland Film Fest exclusive Virtual Afterparty with some of Baltimore’s best musical talents!

In this live presentation of BALTI-SHORTS and STRAWBERRY MANSION, each program will be followed by a live discussion with our local filmmakers. All films, discussions, and the exclusive Virtual Afterparty will be streamed back-to-back right here, all in one ticket!


Amy Reid is a queer electronic musician, producer, sound and visual artist striving to transform spaces visually, sonically and socially. Her work often explores the intersection of the natural, human-made world, and the liminal spaces of existence through the use of field recordings, vocals, and electronic instruments. Reid has studied Painting and Art Education obtaining a BFA and MAT from Maryland Institute College of Art where she began playing in bands and often incorporating original soundtracks into her visual works of art. Inspired by her experiences as a musician, visual and community artist, her lifelong goal is to explore the environments in which all three worlds intersect.

Baltimore Native Jurdan Bryant, is a member of the music collective Spillage Village. Housing artists such as EarthGang, J.I.D, Hollywood JB, Mereba, 6lack & Benji. Bryant is coming off of the release of the group’s Album “Spilligion” and is gearing up to release a solo EP entitled, “Not For Nothing.”

Baltimore experimentalists Infinity Knives and Brian Ennals self-released their maiden album in the summer of 2020 to much praise and critical acclaim, while they haven’t quite hit the big stage, they’ve garnered a tiny army of dedicated followers.
Sometimes funny, sometimes heart wrenching—their combination of Neo-classical minimalism by the way of John Cage and “Old School” hip-hop makes them truly unique.

Dustin Wong is a prolific American guitarist known for collaborations with Takako Minekawa, art-rock band Ponytail, and experimental guitar duo Ecstatic Sunshine. Born in Hawaii and growing up in Hawaii, attended California College of Arts and Maryland Institute College of Art. Dustin has toured the US and Europe on numerous occasions, creating intricate pieces based on cyclical guitar loops.

BALTI-SHORTS Films and Filmmakers

The Cal, The Coz, and The Streak by David Bonnett Jr.
The Aviary by Charlie Knott
Words for Thomas by Alonzo Hellerbach
Fugazi’s Barber by Joe Tropea & Robert A. Emmons Jr.
Diary by Gillian Waldo


Directors/Writers: Albert Birney and Kentucker Audley
Producers: Emma Hannaway, Matisse Rifai, Sarah Winshall, Taylor Ava Shung
Cast: Penny Fuller, Kentucker Audley, Grace Glowicki, Linas Phillips, Reed Birney
Composer: Dan Deacon
Cinematographer: Tyler Davis
Production Design: Becca Brooks Morrin



The Invisible Invincible Asian American: Publishing Asian Voices
Wednesday, May 19 • 7pm
presented by CityLit Project

CityLit Project introduces a NEW series called The Invisible Invincible Asian American: Telling Our Storiesthat brings exciting new and contemporary voices in AAPI literature front and center. The series includes two mixed-genre panels – one on craft and the other on publishing – featuring writers and editors who share their experiences and processes for writing within the larger AAPI literary landscape and navigating how to glean from stories and narratives that have been told, by moving them forward in new and exciting ways. Also each week throughout May, CityLit will feature Baltimore AAPI Writers’ Spotlight, a series of readings & interview videos posted to our social media & YouTube page, showcasing some of the great Asian American writers, poets, playwrights, and graphic artists that are brewing up goodness in Charm City.

This event is available to all, but we are building this series with Asians and Asian Americans as the central audience in mind. CityLit intends to move past conversations of representation, which tend to be oriented to a white lens, and instead foster a community space for avid AAPI writers and readers looking for dialogue about how narratives are written for peoples and cultures of Asian heritage.


Wednesday, May 19, 2021
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm EDT

Multi-genre publishing panel comprised of published AAPI writers of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction who also serve in editorial roles at literary journals. The goal is to have a lively and practical discussion and Q&A about their considerations as individual writers when submitting their own work for publication, versus their considerations as editors when deciding what work to publish. The broader goal is to help more AAPI writers learn about how to get their stories, essays, novels, and poems out into the world. Jennifer Chang, Hannah Bae, James Han Mattson, Hasanthika Sirisenawith Jung Yunmoderating. An audience Q & A follows the discussion.


A Zoom link will be made available closer to the event.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram@CityLitProject and subscribe to our YouTube channel when new videos are released. If you are not on our mailing list, please subscribe at in order to receive newsletter announcements.



Artist Talk: Leise Hook and Khánh H. Lê
Thursday, May 20 • 5:30pm
presented by The Walters Art Museum

Join multimedia artist Khánh H. Lê and cartoonist Leise Hook as they discuss their experiences as artists, the Walters collection, and their Asian-American identities expressed in their art practice. Khánh and Leise explore themes of belonging and Midwestern sensibilities through manipulating photography, illustration, and craft materials. This program seeks to highlight and uplift Asian and Asian-American stories as a part of Asian American Heritage Month.

To support Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, we are sharing information about local organizations and individuals who are advancing justice and amplifying AAPI stories, perspectives, and arts and culture. Explore this list of resources on our website.

About the Artists

Leise Hook is an Asian American cartoonist and illustrator. She is a graduate of the MFA program at The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont and currently lives in New York City. She previously worked in art museums in New York City and Beijing. Her work has appeared in The Believer and The New Yorker magazines.

Khánh H. Lê (b. 1981, Long Dinh, Vietnam; lives and works in Washington, D.C.) creates mixed-media collages based on deteriorating photographs and collective memories of his personal and familial history as refugees living in Vietnamese internment camps. Lê merges narratives—both horrific realities and idyllic fantasies—filled with tension as he explores notions of home, country, and safety. Lê graduated with an MFA from Syracuse University in 2008. His work has been exhibited at the Hunterdon Art Museum, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Vox Populi, Honfleur Gallery, DC Arts Center, Hillyer Art Space, Transformer, CulturalDC, Pyramid Atlantic, Arlington Arts Center, VisArts, and Washington Project for the Arts. Lê continues to live and work in Washington, DC, where he actively explores and questions the notion of identities through the lenses of culture and memories.

Photo credits:
Leise Hook: Courtesy of the artist.
Khánh H. Lê: Pete Duvall @ Anything Photographic

Thursday Nights are supported by BGE.



The Coal Scuttle’s Legacy Gallery Exhibition
Friday, May 21 | Ongoing through June 19
@ Motor House Baltimore

Guest Curated by Ky Vassor

Baltimore artists have created their own dreamscapes through vibrant works placed on anything from the side of a building to an old rocking chair. This was especially evident in Sandtown – Winchester born Tom Miller’s “afro deco” depictions of Baltimore residents, the necessity of learning, and the tranquility found in creating a new landscape through art. Before his death, Miller published a children’s book, co authored by local legend Cab Calloway’s daughter, Camay Calloway Murphy, entitled “Can Coal Scuttle Fly?” which describes how Miller’s adventures in art began with painting on discarded objects found in his neighborhood. It was here he first brought fantasy to the physical world. Though Miller’s death was untimely, it is important to continue to highlight the legacies of Baltimore artists, emerging and established, that are continuing to create portals between fantasy and reality. In this exhibition, we are highlighting the works of Ernest Shaw, Megan Lewis, Qrcky, Victoria Walton, and Crwnleak by exploring where the fantasy worlds they depict for viewers and themselves intersect.


Megan Lewis

Ernest Shaw



Victoria Walton


Motor House is a creative crossroads rooted in the culture of Baltimore. We are a non-profit arts hub, gallery, and performance space that encourages new visions, bold experiments, and emerging voices to celebrate the artistry of our city.


For the safety of our staff and our patrons:

Motor House will adhere to a capacity of 8 patrons per 30min tour.

If you have flu like symptoms or high temperature you will not be permitted to enter the building.

All guests must wear a fabric or medical mask that covers your mouth and nose.

Practice social distancing. Keep a distance of 6ft between you and others.

Hand sanitize frequently and avoid touching surfaces unless necessary. Wash hands as often as possible.

By entering Motor House you agree to follow the precautions listed above. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in removal from the premises.

Thank you for understanding.


LATINO DESIGN HISTORIES | Modernity in Black and White: Art and Image, Race and Identity in Brazil, 1890–1945
Saturday, May 22 • 1-2pm
presented by SODA + AIGA Baltimore

Join the Society of Design Arts (SoDA) and AIGA Baltimore for this online talk by Rafael Cardoso. As one of the leading historians of modern art and design in Brazil, Cardoso has authored numerous books and essays and curated major museum exhibitions. In his new book Modernity in Black and White, he provides a groundbreaking account of modern art and modernism in Brazil.

AIGA Baltimore and SoDA member Raquel Castedo will host this event, part of the virtual series created to promote the rich and plural histories of Latin American production in design.

Thank you to AIGA Unidos, Stevenson University, the Vancouver Latin American Cultural Centre, and Blucher for partnering with us on this event.

* Interpretation in Spanish and Portuguese will be available.
1) The event will be online using Zoom. Click here to register for free.
2) Please ensure you download the app for your computer or mobile device prior to the event here on Zoom.
3) Registered attendees will receive a link and password when they complete their registration. The link and password will also be sent 24 hours and 1 hour before the event. Make sure to check your spam folder for the email.

Rafael Cardoso is a member of the postgraduate faculty in art history at Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Instituto de Artes) and a research fellow at Freie Universität Berlin (Lateinamerika-Institut).

The Brazilian modernism that took shape over the first two decades of the twentieth century is fascinating because it blossomed directly out of commercial practices and urban culture, rather than as critical commentary by elite observers. This is consistent with the circumstances of a country in which literature and fine art were traditionally restricted to a privileged few. Combining extensive research with close readings of a range of visual cultural production, his research brings to light a vast archive of art and images, all but unknown outside Brazil.



This Crown is Mine
Saturday, May 22 • 7pm
presented by Two Strikes Collective

Twelve original performance art pieces by Black women.
Each five minutes long.

Take a journey through Black hair.

Black hair has been manipulated, regulated, fetishized and politized for hundreds of years. Twelve Black women playwrights provide a glimpse into personal stories about their own hair through short virtual performance art pieces. Each piece talks to hair types, maintenance, and society’s reception of their CROWNS.
How have Black women learned to love and appreciate our hair?



Calls for Entry // Opportunities


BUTCHER BILLY — Ed Rooney Madness



2021 AIA Baltimore Student Awards | Call for Entry
deadline June 3
sponsored by AIA Baltimore

AIA Baltimore (f.1871) connects you with more than 1,300 local members representing licensed architects, emerging professionals, students and allied partners. The AIA Baltimore Future Architects Resources (FAR) Committee created this scholarship program for students pursuing careers in architecture. Each year the winning projects demonstrate critical thinking, innovation, social responsibility and environmental stewardship. Submissions can be a single project, multiple projects or a research/theory paper (graduate students only).



deadline June 7
sponsored by Maryland State Arts Council

The Public Art Across Maryland Artwork Commissions program contracts artists to create new and original artwork for state buildings and public spaces across Maryland. The program is pleased to announce the publication of Request for Qualifications for the following facilities:
  • Maryland District Court, Catonsville District Courthouse: $208,000 budget divided among three public locations throughout the Courthouse.
  • Maryland Department of Agriculture, Salisbury Animal Health Lab: $70,000 budget for a two or three dimensional public artwork.
For more information on the projects click click here. The application deadline for both projects is 3:00pm Monday, June 7, 2021.
All professional artists or artist teams living in the United States may apply. “How to Apply” informational webinars will be held on May 7th and May 25th. Click here to register.

INSPIRED BY WORDS | Call for Exhibition
deadline June 7
sponsored by LoosenArt

Accepted media: Photography, Digital Visual Design, Video

Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city. September 2021

Words as an evocative means of an image or of a vision. Words taken from a book, a diary, a quote, a sentence or speech that arouse ideas and visual concepts, all expressed through a figurative and/or a narrative type of language.



$550.00 Innovate Grants | Call for Artists & Photographers
deadline June 10
sponsored by Innovate Grant

Innovate Grant is now accepting submissions for the Spring 2021 Cycle. Innovate Grant awards (2) $550.00 grants each quarter, to one Visual Artist and one Photographer. In addition to receiving a grant award, winners will be featured and recognized on our website and join a growing community of vibrant and talented artists. For more information and to apply visit



VAST Art Magazine | Open Call for Artists
deadline June 16
sponsored by Vast Art Magazine

VAST ART MAGAZINE is excited to announce the international open call for ISSUE N°03. See your work in print and published along side new, emerging, and established practices from around the world.

Thirty (30) artists will be selected and profiled in full color print spread showcasing their work, artist biography, and artist statement. Featured artists will receive a complimentary print issue along with an online feature and digital download for their archives. Learn more at

VAST ART MAGAZINE is a new international visual art print and online publication dedicated to showcasing the expansive practice of artists and photographers from around the world, far and wide.


Alexander Wtges (Panamá) Alissa Polan (Brooklyn, New York) Amy Usdin (Mendota Heights, Minnesota) Andrew Orloski (Fresno, California) Angelika J. Trojnarski (Düsseldorf, Germany) Anya Kotler (Hoboken, New Jersey) Azadeh Elmizadeh (Toronto, Canada) Cameron Scott (United Kingdom) Erika Suarez (Forth Worth, Texas) Franz Kaka (Toronto, Canada) Hannah Elijah (Atlanta, Georgia) Ian Caleb Molina Zoller (General Roca, Río Negro, Argentina) Ida Nissen (London, United Kingdom) Island (Brussels, Belgium) Izosceles (Dallas, Texas) Jamie Romanet (France) Jeremy Blair (Cookeville, Tennessee) Jiaqi Li (Chicago, Illinois) Joshua Littlefield (Baltimore, Maryland) Jung Ui Lee (Suwon, South Korea) KAYOKOYUKI (Tokyo, Japan) Komagome SOKO (Tokyo, Japan) Lauren Rice (Richmond, Virginia) Libby Saylor (Wayne, Pennsylvania) Marina Heintze (Los Angeles, California) Melchior de Tinguy (Paris, France) Miguel Sbastida (Madrid, Spain) Moe Wakai (Chicago, Illinois) Naomieh Jovin (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Rachel Collier (Minneapolis, Minnesota) Riley Goodman (Richmond, Virginia) Robert Stone (Rochester, New York) Sophie Lourdes Knight (London, United Kingdom) Sukhyung Kang (Seoul, South Korea) Thomas C. Chung (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) Tori Foster (Toronto, Canada) Yu Nishimura (Kanagawa, Japan)


ELIGIBILITY: Visual Artists 18 years and older from the United States and Internationally are eligible to submit. All visual art mediums are welcome: painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, installation, video, new media, mixed media, and more.

DEADLINE: June 16, 2021




ITSLIQUID International Contest – 9th Edition 2021 | Call for Entry
deadline June 17
sponsored by ITS LIQUID

ITSLIQUID Group is proud to announce ITSLIQUID International Contest – 9th Edition 2021, a free theme international contest open to artists, architects and designers from all over the world, divided into ten categories: painting, photography, video-art, sculpture and installation, performing art, architecture, product design, fashion design, computer graphics, illustration and drawing.

The contest is born aiming to promote contemporary art, architecture, design and fashion through all ITSLIQUID Platform sharing tools (press release, mailing list with more than 250,000 subscribers, social media networks, international contemporary art, architecture and design events and exhibitions).
The winners will be announced on July 03, 2021
Deadline for applications is June 17, 2021 (11.59 PM of your local time)

Click here to take part in the selection.



header image: "Aerator" by Geoffrey Krist, inspired by agricultural history and cultivation and integrating into Elder Pine's farm brewery environment

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