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This Week:  a tribute to Joni Mitchell at Steven Scott Gallery, Nolan Flynn, Ajay Malghan, and Caryn Martin virtual artist talk at Catalyst Contemporary, Ariston Jacks at Creative Alliance, Sight Unseen with Greg de Cuir Jr at SNF Parkway, The Vanishing Half closing and artist talk at DC Arts Center…Plus Gormley Gallery’s 33rd National Drawing & Print Competitive Exhibition  call for entry and other featured calls.


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Both Sides Now: Clouds in Contemporary Art
Tuesday, January 4 – March 30
@ Steven Scott Gallery

A Tribute to Joni Mitchell on the occasion of her Kennedy Center Honor in December 2021 featuring Robert Andruilli, Anne Marie Fleming, Patricia Tobacco Forrester, April Gornik, Ellen Hill, Sheep Jones, Annie Leibovitz, Tom Miller, Katja Oxman, Hollis Sigler, Mike and Doug Starn, Tracie Taylor, Frank Trefny, and John Waters

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down and still somehow
It’s cloud illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all…



Lynn Silverman & Jason Sloan: Memory Foam | Film Screening, Reception, Discussion with the Artists **CANCELED**
Thursday, January 6 • 6pm
@ Goya Contemporary

Goya Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present the premiere film screening of Memory Foam by Lynn Silverman and Jason Sloan.

Memory Foam, 2019-2021, is a masterfully layered, time-based collaboration between celebrated photographer Lynn Silverman and the eminent sound artist Jason Sloan. Working at the intersection of form and sound, this conceptual film fuses complex amalgamations of black and white photography sequences with a responsive, ambient score that beautifully documents light within intimate, interior domestic spaces. Assembled with acoustic elements mined from the electromagnetic fields unique to each depicted light source, Memory Foam blurs the border between private and public explorations of space and sound.

Transitioning from one environment to the next, the viewer passes through phases of time, space, memory, and absence in this hauntingly beautiful animation of scored still photography. Coming to life before the viewer’s eyes, the work elevates what is perceptible to the human eyes, ears, and mind. This experimental film manipulates sound into a physical form thorough photography, while photography vibrates and dissolves through elements of sound, creating a visceral effect filled with mystery and tension.
Along with Silverman & Sloan’s ambitious film production, four limited-edition fine art prints (signed and numbered on verso by Lynn Silverman) will be on exhibit. The photo-based editions, published by Goya Girl Press, highlight passages from the film Memory Foam. The proceeds from the sales of these poignant works support the film production.



Dear Diary | Virtual Artist Talk
Thursday, January 6 • 7pm
presented by Catalyst Contemporary

Dear Diary is a mixed media group exhibition featuring the works of Nolan Flynn, Ajay Malghan, and Caryn Martin. The bodies of work present in the gallery were made as an intuitive and inspired response to the pandemic. The show highlights artists who utilize their various techniques as a cathartic way to process events and emotions as if in the keeping of a diary.



Ariston Jacks: PRONOIA | Opening Reception
Friday, January 07 • 6-8pm | Ongoing through January 29
@ Creative Alliance Amalie Rothschild Gallery

PRONOIA is on view in Creative Alliance’s Amalie Rothschild Gallery from December 18, 2021 – January 29, 2022. The exhibition will have a dedicated reception for the artist on Friday, January 7, from 6 – 8pm, and will be celebrated on the opening date, Saturday, December 18, from 6 – 8pm in conjunction with the Main Gallery exhibition Check Please. The Final Foodscape.

A native of Pine Bluff, AR now based in Baltimore, MD, Ariston Jacks is a celebrated painter, printmaker and photographer, whose work is included in many museums, corporate and private collections nationally. Jacks’ art focuses on the concepts of identity, metaphysics, and abstraction expressed through the narratives of spirituality and family. Jacks often reflects on his familial lineage connecting the dots from nature, scientific data, and the lived experiences of Black people in America. As Ariston celebrates his ancestors, he simultaneously depicts the celestial through iconography and sacred geometric compositions. Pronoia reflects his state of mind. Jacks uses the word “pronoia” for defining thought processes, and a sense of providence, foresight, and spiritual presence that “re-orders” his vision despite the varying challenges of life.

Sight Unseen – deskt0p_cinema
Saturday, January 8 • 6:30pm
@ SNF Parkway

Sight Unseen and The SNF Parkway are thrilled to welcome Greg de Cuir Jr with a cinema performance in the historic SNF Parkway Theatre.

deskt0p_cinema produced and mixed by Greg de Cuir Jr

This program takes the form of a projector performance, better yet interface performance, in which the platform is both artistic tool and canvas: the desktop display. The desktop as material, as editing suite, as camera, as projection mechanism — as perhaps the most consequential surface that touches countless people every day across the globe. Desktop cinema is a relatively new form of moving image study, but with a complex lineage in essay films, video art, television, net art, and short works of cinema of varying types. Practiced by visual artists to challenge conventional forms of expression, used by academics to present and perform new modes of research, by film critics to engage with their objects of contemplation, and by legions of nonprofessionals who distribute all types of user-generated content online. Desktop cinema deletes divisions of high and low, commercial and non, film and video. It is the lingua franca of the 21st century. This projection performance will take a short journey through the various aesthetic and technological contours of the art of the desktop.

Desktop cinema is audiovisual pieces most commonly labeled as “desktop documentaries” or “videographic studies”, and other works alluding explicitly to or replicating the digital interface which has been employed to technically create the work itself. But these definitions are already limited for what can be broadly conceptualised as desktop practices. Experimenting with what theorists have called “operational images”, the kind of audiovisual works we are dealing with in the context of this program combine technical and aesthetic elements in a digital collage that interrogates the desktop environment as well as its most commonly used apps and software. The pioneering performance artist / film artist Tomislav Gotovac once famously said that “everything is a film”. One might make that claim more pragmatic when considering not only what desktop cinema is, but also what it will be.



Anna Fine Foer

Anna Fine Foer + René Treviño | Artist Talks **CANCELED**
Saturday, January 8 • 2pm + 3pm
@ C. Grimaldis Gallery

C. Grimaldis Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Anna Fine Foer, Mise en Scène.
Mise en Scène features a survey of collage works where Foer’s interpretations of present-day events unfold into dreamlike worlds. Vibrant colors underscore the whimsical spirit of the collage works, while recurring themes of technology, scientific discovery, alternative energy, as well as natural and unnatural disasters suggest taking a closer look.

C. Grimaldis Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of René Treviño, Waxing & Waning.
Ten paintings in Waxing & Waning, show phases of the moon, while several others depict walls painted from images taken during the artist’s travel through Mexico and the Yucatán peninsula. In the series, Treviño paints man-made walls once highly decorated in a state of ruin. Through the juxtaposition of his peculiar observations, René Treviño’s Waxing and Waning considers the cyclical nature of time, revealing his inclination for truth through the uncovering of history.



Jiawei Zhao, A tourist or a resident, 2020, Inkjet print, 36 x 45 in

DCAC’s Curatorial Initiative: The Vanishing Half | Closing + Artist Talk
Sunday, January 9 • 5pm
@ DC Arts Center

DCAC is pleased to present “The Vanishing Half” curated by Katie Lee as the second show for this year’s Curatorial Initiative Program. The Vanishing Half presents photographs and sculptures by four Asian-American artists, Victoria Jang, Yon Mi Kim, Yuqi Wang, and Jiawei Zhao, as they each explore and reflect on the complex facets of their identity influenced by lived experiences.

The artists included in this exhibition explore how external factors, such as societal structures and beliefs, interpersonal relationships, and corporate influence, can impact the shaping of identity. Throughout the exhibition are implied questions such as: How do we perceive ourselves, and how do others perceive us? Which elements of our external interactions become internalized? How do these perceptions and interactions, in turn, shape our sense of self?

The works presented attempt to address these questions, while also highlighting the aspects of our selves that become muted and shelved and exploring notions of societal intersubjective relations and internal reflection. There is a nexus between ethnic identity, class identity, geographic identity, and national identity that connects this very personal experience of forming and reflecting one’s identity, into a larger shared experience. In presenting the inner workings of four artists’ lived experiences and highlighting the specific facets of their identities that are impacted, the works included in The Vanishing Half challenge viewers to relate and empathize with the singular experiences of each artist, and allow the receding parts of each artists’ identities to come to the forefront in a defiant reclamation of space.




Calls for Entry // Opportunities


Old Phone GIFs | Tenor


Now Accepting Pitches for BROS next MAINSTAGE ROCK OPERA!!!!
deadline January 5
sponsored by Baltimore Rock Opera Society

PITCH APPLICATIONS OPEN November 18th, 2021 PITCH APPLICATIONS CLOSE AT 11:59pm on Wednesday January 5, 2022 NO PITCHES ACCEPTED WITH TIMESTAMPS OF January 6th OR LATER NOTIFICATION TO APPLICANTS Monday, January 17th, 2022 Pitches begin development!

PITCH PARTY Thursday, February 17th, 2022 Attendees vote at the actual event. Voting open to general public on this night only. ONLINE VOTING February 17th – March 10th Anybody who has volunteered on a BROS show is allowed to vote. The BROS Artistic Council is presenting PITCH PARTY THE 9TH, where the company will vote for the for the NEXT FULL-SCALE BROS production to be produced in Spring of 2024.

The BROS Artistic Council will review all pitches submitted on this form (open now and closing on 1/5/22) and decide which will be heard by the greater BROS community at this year’s PITCH PARTY. The pitch party will take place on February 17th at The Crown (1910 N. Charles St) The PITCH PARTY will be open to the public in order to continue our mission of engaging more with our greater Baltimore community. Voting happens at the actual pitch party and for a few weeks afterwards. All members of the BROS community are encouraged to vote for their favorite!

Pitches will be evaluated based on their strength of concept, originality, visual and musical aesthetic, their relationship and context to our past body of work, and just how excited they make us.  Show pitches that are too similar to our recent work in genre, setting, or aesthetic are less likely to be selected to be in the Pitch Party (i.e.  Glitterus ,a high fantasy epic, Love & Roar, a Kaiju rom-com, and Gold Night, a turn of the century folk tale about the Canadian gold rush will be the full-length shows leading up to this one). Because the collaborative development process is important to BROS we are not looking for already written and developed shows.

We encourage you to email with any questions about your pitch. We’re happy to talk over email, give advice and context or set up a call with anybody interested in pitching a show!



Donavon Smallwood

Aperture Portfolio Prize | Call for Entry
deadline January 7
sponsored by Aperture Magazine

The purpose of the Aperture Portfolio Prize is to identify trends in contemporary photography and highlight artists whose work deserves greater recognition. When choosing the first prize winner and up to four runners up, Aperture’s editorial staff look for innovative bodies of work that haven’t been widely seen in major publications or exhibition venues.

The first prize winner will be published in Aperture magazine and will receive a $3,000 cash prize and exhibition in New York. The winner and shortlisted artists will each have their own feature on and will be featured across Aperture’s social media channels. All finalists are announced in the foundation’s e-newsletter, which reaches ninety thousand subscribers across the globe, including curators, critics, and members of the photography community. The winner and shortlist may also be presented the opportunity to participate in the Aperture Foundation limited edition print program.

In addition, twenty-five total finalists (comprised of the winner, 4 shortlisted artists, and 20 runner-ups) will receive a virtual portfolio review session with an Aperture Editor. These one-on-one sessions will offer artists the opportunity to receive thoughtful and constructive feedback on their work.



2022 Janet & Walter Sondheim Prize | Call for Applications
deadline January 10
sponsored by BOPA

The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, Inc. (BOPA) is proud to announce the 17th edition of the Janet & Walter Sondheim Prize. The prize will award $30,000 to a visual artist or visual artist collaborators living and working in the Baltimore region. Approximately three finalists will be selected for the final review for the prizes; their work will be exhibited in the Walters Art Museum in June and July, 2022. All Sondheim Prize Finalists will receive a Finalist Award of $2,500 each, and ten semi-finalists will receive a $500 award and an exhibition during Artscape 2022.

We will also be awarding two residencies to finalists not selected for the Sondheim Prize: a six-week fully funded residency at Civatella Ranieri, in the Umbria region of Italy, and a six month long residency at the Bromo Seltzer Art Tower in Baltimore.

Civitella Ranieri ( is a residency program for international writers, composers, and visual artists. Since 1995, Civitella has hosted more than 1,000 Fellows and Director’s Guests. The Center enables its Fellows to pursue their work and to exchange ideas in a unique and inspiring setting.

The Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower ( The Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower has been transformed into studio spaces for visual and literary artists. Located at 21 S. Eutaw Street in the heart of downtown Baltimore’s West Side near the Hippodrome Theater, Baltimore Convention Center and the University of Maryland of Baltimore, the 15 story city landmark is the perfect location for artists. Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower is a project of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts. Capital Funding for the project is made possible by the City of Baltimore, Baltimore Development Corporation, Eddie & Sylvia Brown, Maryland Historic Trust, Laverne Hahn Charitable Trust and Baltimore City Heritage Area.



SKOWHEGAN 2022 | Residency
deadline January 10

For over seven decades, Skowhegan has offered artists the opportunity to engage fully with their studio practice, with their peers, and with distinguished faculty and mentors in it’s nine-week intensive & residential program. The experience of living and working exclusively alongside other artists has proven to be transformative time and time again. Skowhegan’s 350-acre rural campus, the dedication of its staff to supporting the creative process, and the diverse community of artists who gather as participants & faculty each summer serve as catalysts for expansive thinking, material experimentation, and a broadened perspective on the world from which we all derive our creative work.

All participants, faculty, and staff live and work on campus and are provided with studio space and technical support for their work. There is no traditional instructional component to the program; each participants’ time is their own. However, we ask that all participants commit to being open to the wide range of practices offered by the larger community on campus.

Because the program focuses on process, experimentation, and an opening up of one’s practice, participants are encouraged to come prepared to work without a preconceived agenda or schedule. We strongly advise against using the time to prepare for an upcoming exhibition. Each participant must commit to being in residence for the full nine-week session from mid-June to mid-August. Absences from the program to fulfill other professional commitments are not permitted.



33rd National Drawing & Print Competitive Exhibition | Call for Entry
deadline January 14
sponsored by Gormley Gallery

Gormley Gallery at Notre Dame of Maryland University is now accepting entries for the 33rd National Drawing & Print Competitive Exhibition. The deadline for submissions is January 14, 2022. The exhibition will be held March 7 through April 14, 2022, with a reception and gallery talk on Saturday, March 12.


A minimum of $1,500 available in purchase prize money.


Joy Davis, Director and Curator of Waller Gallery, Baltimore.


Drawings and prints (not photography) in any medium up to 60 inches high (with frame) are eligible with no limitations as to color, surface or materials. All drawings and prints must be original works of art. Each artist may submit up to 3 works online only. No mailed or emailed entries will be accepted.


A nonrefundable entry fee of $36 entitles the artist to submit up to three entries.


Initial jury will be of online submissions received by January 14, 2022. Notification will be by email on January 31, 2022. Accepted drawings and prints received by February 28 will be juried for purchase prize awards at the value set by the artist. No substitutions will be accepted. Works selected for purchase prize awards will become the property of Notre Dame of Maryland University.


Submissions are accepted online in Slideroom.

More information:

Contact: gormleygallery[at]ndm[dot]edu.



The Folger Institute Artist Research Fellowship
deadline January 17

The Folger Institute Artist Research Fellowship is open to artists working in all media whose work would benefit from significant primary research. This includes, but is not limited to, visual artists, writers, dramaturgs, playwrights, performers, filmmakers, and composers.

While a terminal degree is not required for the Artist Research Fellowship, applicants should describe their training and level of industry-specific experience in their CV. All applicants must apply as individuals, including artists working as collaborators. See additional Rules and Requirements and Application Instructions.



Header Image by Ariston Jacks

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