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This Week:  Tom Miller Week at University of Baltimore, reception for exhibition at Cade Center Gallery curated by Andrew Liang, Maryland Arts Day, Jonna McKone opening reception at Full Circle Gallery, reception for Kevin Hailey at Hotel Indigo, Cliff Banquet hosts a screening at Guilford Brewery, Katja Toporski: Meet Me opening reception at Baltimore Jewelry Center, artist talk with Devin Allen, Wesley Clark, and Chrystal Seawood moderated by Myrtis Bedolla, Archive Liberia presented by Black Femme Supremacy Film Fest, and Samantha Master, Qiana Johnson, and Nicole Hanson-Mundell panel discussion at Gormley Gallery — PLUS Maryland State Arts Council Folklife Apprenticeship Call for Applications and more featured opportunities!


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Tom Miller Week
Sunday, February 12 | Ongoing through February 25
@ University of Baltimore’s Robert L. Bogomolny Library

Sunday, February 12th–Tom Miller Week Kick Off
Silent Auction via Gala Bid (For-profit auction)
Bidding Begins: 12 pm
Bidding Ends: February 24th, 11:59 pm
(Purchased Items must be picked up February 25th, 4 pm-6 pm. No items will be shipped by Blackives, LLC)

Monday, February 13th–Exhibit and Opening Reception
Wish You Were Here: A Tribute to Alumnus Tom Miller ’63
Show Run: February 13-25th
Gallery Hours: Monday–Friday, 9 am–8:30 pm; Saturday 12 pm-6 pm
Opening Reception: Monday, February 13th, 5pm–8pm
Hosted by: University of Baltimore Robert L. Bogomolny Library
1420 Maryland Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Thursday, February 17th–Baltimore History Evenings: The Art and Legacy of Tom Miller Presentation by Deyane Moses
Hosted by: the Baltimore City Historical Society

Saturday, February 18th–Free Entry: Maryland Center for History and Culture
Location: 610 Park Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201
Gallery Hours: 10 am–5 pm

Saturday, February 25th–Tom Miller Week Closing Celebration
Closing Reception: Saturday, February 25th, 2 pm-4pm
Gallery Hours: Monday –Friday, 9 am-8:30 pm; Saturday 12 pm-6 pm
Auction Item Pickup: Saturday, February 25th, 4 pm-6 pm
(Purchased Items must be picked up February 25th, 4 pm-6 pm. No items will be shipped by Blackives, LLC)
Hosted by: the University of Baltimore Robert L. Bogomolny Library



Lesser Gonzalez, Untitled Mask, acrylic, enamel on aluminum, 25″ x 32″

A Good Life, Curated By Andrew Liang | Reception + Curator Talk
Wednesday, February 15 • 5-8pm, Curator Talk 6pm
@ Cade Center Gallery

ARTISTS: John Bohl, Eamon Espey, Lesser Gonzalez, Andrew Shenker, Anne Clare Rogers, Jeremy Roundtree, Iris Hughey

ABOUT THE EXHIBIT: “A Good Life” The object is not to make art but to be in the wonderful state which makes art inevitable. I am not interested in art as a means of making a living, but I am interested in art as a means of living a life.”– Robert Henri, The Art Spirit. The artists selected for this show have integrated art-making as part of their lifestyle with passion, necessity, and joy. They have a variety of day jobs: art preparator, landscaper, lawyer, event planner, and graphic designer. They have continued to make art despite everyday life and work demands, and have found a way to incorporate their practice into the everyday. The practice of art-making as a way to live is to self-reflect in celebration of life. The artwork and the artist are one. The artwork results from such practice– an appreciation for a good life.

DATES: The exhibit is open Feb 14- March 31st (closed March 20-26 for spring break)

EXHIBIT RECEPTION: Feb 15th 5-8pm Curator Talk 6pm

ABOUT THE CURATOR: Andrew Liang immigrated to the U.S. from Taiwan in 1993. He received a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2002. He was a founding member of Splotch Visual Pulse, a web-based artist-run collective showcasing and reviewing artworks submitted from around the world from 2003 to 2006. Andrew co-directed Current Space, an artist-run collective from 2010to 2018 curating exhibitions and events. He has co-directed collaborative art projects that invite viewer participation such as Human Foosball (2009), Mole Balls (2010), Human Pinball (2011),Cart (2011), and BINGO (2012). Andrew worked as an Exhibition Preparator and Installation Manager for the Maryland Institute College of Art from 2005 to 2020. He is now pursuing an MFA degree from UMBC



Maryland Arts Day
Thursday, February 16

What is Maryland Arts Day?
Maryland Arts Day is the largest annual gathering of arts professionals in Maryland. With more than 500 participants, representing every county in the state and Baltimore City, this statewide arts advocacy event connects artists, educators, administrators, volunteers and trustees with lawmakers from every legislative district in Maryland. Maryland Arts Day needs your participation to show strong support for the arts in Maryland and its impact on the economic and cultural vitality of the state.

What do I do at Maryland Arts Day?
At Maryland Arts Day, you spend the day networking with colleagues from around the state, all while learning about the arts advocacy process. After a networking breakfast, participants will gather for the morning session which includes greetings from lawmakers, presentation of the Sue Hess Legacy Arts Advocate of the Year Award, a keynote speech, and a state budget overview. After all of this great information, we will prep you with talking points and best practices for meetings with your legislators.

The next portion of the day will be meetings in your virtual county delegation rooms with your legislators. Guided by county arts council directors representing your district, you will have an opportunity to tell legislators about the importance of the arts in Maryland and specific arts impacts in your community.

What are three things that I can expect to get from Maryland Arts Day if I attend?

Register Today!

Networking, networking, networking! Network with your fellow arts advocates and legislators from across the state.

Learn lots of facts about the impact of the arts in our state and about this year’s state budget for the arts.

Strategize and plan with experienced arts advocates about making a strong case in support of funding for the arts in Maryland.



first last light | Opening Reception
Thursday, February 16 • 5-8pm
@ Full Circle Gallery

first last light ruminates on how the earth holds time, keeping a record of its own histories through fossils, waterways, soil, and the shifting atmospheric qualities of a place. I began photographing this series during the quiet moments I sought throughout the pandemic, thinking about how fragile and porous our bodies are, embedded in the environment and built places. This work threads dreams and myths, the drama of living, the unpredictability of the weather, data collection, detritus left in public parks, and the life cycles of plants, rocks and animals.

Traditional landscape photography frames nature as an aesthetic resource, with looking and possessing closely entwined. Instead, these works consider the reciprocity of attuning to place and the influences that pervade the living world. Through my work in Full Circle’s color darkroom and informed by the research of friend and collaborator Alica Puglionesi, the hues, light and qualities of color in these images also began to tell a story. This work for me is about redefining relationships with nature, land and people and questioning habitual ways of knowing and perception.

The text by Alicia Puglionesi that accompanies these images is repurposed from William and Elizabeth Denton’s The Soul of Things (1863; 1874), and reflects on the Dentons’ purported mediumistic ability to read the past inscribed within materials.



Lit Hyphae Trade | Reception
Thursday, February 16 • 6-8pm
@ Hotel Indigo

MARYLAND ART PLACE (MAP), IN PARTNERSHIP WITH HOTEL INDIGO, IS PLEASED TO PRESENT “THE LIT HYPHAE TRADE” A SOLO EXHIBITION BY BALTIMORE-BASED ARTIST, KEVIN HAILEY. The exhibition is on view at Hotel Indigo Baltimore, located at 24 West Franklin St. from January 12 to April 13. A public reception will take place Thursday, February 16 from 6 to 8 pm.


The Lit Hyphae Trade is a series of paintings concerning the movements and dynamics of mycelium.  Hyphae are the branches in mycelium; a fungal network that is found everywhere from our guts to the deep woods. Mycelium acts as a communication for trade of nutrients and sustainer of life. The hyphae forms have proven to be an inspiring subject in my painting both in form and concept. The assumed chaos of the structure of mycelium under a microscope displays an eerily similar gesture to my paint strokes. I have unconsciously adapted this technique within the single dimensional paintings in this show. I have also begun to believe in cosmic mycelium further depicted in the paintings with rich cerebral-like color galaxies.

It is known that mycelium has adapted a unique “barter system” for nutrients with which the various plants and organisms are communicating through, thus posing mycelium itself as language. Mycelium as a language never displays a one-sided front. This approach to communication and bartering allows the plants the nutrients needed through a holistic and balanced behavioral model. I believe this possible Lingua Franca, established for the underground fungal world, could provide an example of how humans may achieve a more symbiotic and connected relationship with other earthly organisms, and ultimately ourselves.

–  Kevin Hailey is a Baltimore based artist, born in Colorado by way of the San Francisco Bay Area. He has exhibited in LA, San Francisco, Denver, Portland, Berlin, Brooklyn and now Baltimore.



Cliff Banquet — Burning Stone Screening
Thursday, February 16 • 7-9pm
@ Guilford Hall Brewery

Cliff Banquet artist collective, presents a screening night of their award-winning musical film Burning Stone, directed by Tyler Brunner. The event will be held at the Guilford Hall Brewery on Feburary 16, 2023 at 7:00 PM, featuring a returning specialty cocktail “The Yellowcake” and handmade chocolate crafted by the artist himself. Baltimore-based independent curator Joyce Liang curates the event.

Burning Stone premiered at the Charles Theatre in June 2022. Having won the Best Soundtrack award at the High Tatras Film Festival, and Best Original Score and Best Feature at the Mindfield Film Festival, the film is beginning its tour around Baltimore city.

About Burning Stone:

Directed by Tyler Brunner, Burning Stone is a musical film that explores the significance of cults, religion, and indescribable spiritual experiences. The artist draws inspiration from survivors’ memoirs documenting the worship of radioactivity from various parts of the world.

Human mining history brought curious property — the extraction of Uranium ores. The otherworldly fluorescent yellow soon emerged in the medical market as a magical remedy. Radiotherapies became popular, as did the cult surrounding nuclear revelation. Some devout believers saw Angels and God while bathing in divine pools surrounding nuclear plants. The experiences of these people are monumentalized in the lyricism of the Burning Stone soundtrack.

The majority of Burning Stone was shot between uranium-rich mountain ranges in Virginia and West Virginia. It narrates the story of the boy Enoch, who sacrifices his friends and family for a prospective uranium deposit, in Coles Hill, VA, in pursuit of Angelhood. An ensemble of hypnotic instruments and a choir weave together sonic and visual information.

Disclaimer: The butterflies used in the film lived out their full natural life cycles. The first two generations were released upon their natural host plants which were planted and cared for the years prior. The third and fourth generations were cared for indoors until their passing. They remained unharmed throughout the filming process of Burning Stone. This exhibition includes the preserved bodies of butterflies. 



Meet Me | Opening Reception
Friday, February 17 • 5-8 | Ongoing through March 31
@ Baltimore Jewelry Center

The Baltimore Jewelry Center is excited to host Meet Me, an exhibition of new work by Katja Toporski. Meet Me will be on view in the BJC’s gallery in Baltimore’s Station North Arts & Entertainment District (10 E. North Ave.) from February 17, 2023 until March 31st with an opening reception on Friday, February 17, 2023 from 5 to 8pm. The opening is free and open to the public.

Meet Me is comprised of pieces that Toporski made during the early years of the pandemic, in both her home studio and at residencies in Finland and Norway. This body of work is her most personal yet, a multifaceted self-portrait considering the different ways we experience ourselves: inside, outside, idealized, fictionalized. Through her making, Toporski searches for integration of self and others, exploring the world around her as well as concepts like generations, and the past, all with an aim to stay well in chaos and find focus where things fall apart. The artwork in Meet Me is at once an act of reflection, absorption, and a portrait of the artist’s spirit.

“The Baltimore Jewelry Center features one of the few art jewelry galleries in the Mid-Atlantic. Our exhibition program exposes the larger public to contemporary and traditional metal arts ” said Shane Prada, Director. “Katja is an incredibly thoughtful and innovative artist. Her new work is at once personal and reflexive, while also responding to our collective experience of the pandemic.”

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Katja Toporski is a jewelry maker, professor, and writer. Her work is informed by philosophical thinking, and juxtaposes archetypal objects and elements to explore the limitations of our understanding of things. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions across the US, as well as internationally, and has been highlighted in a number of print and online publications.



Artist Talk Part I: The Radical Voice of Blackness Speaks of Resistance and Joy
Saturday, February 11 • 1-3pm
@ Banneker-Douglass Museum

Join us for a panel discussion as we delve into contemporary African American art and the Black experience in America with selected exhibiting artists Devin Allen, Wesley Clark, and Chrystal Seawood from the current exhibition, The Radical Voice of Blackness Speaks of Resistance and Joy. The panel discussion will be moderated by Myrtis Bedolla, exhibit guest curator and renowned owner of Galerie Myrtis.



Archive Liberia Fest
Sunday, February 19 • 11am-3pm

Archive Liberia in collaboration with Black Femme Supremacy Film Fest invites you to a virtual festival centered around the theme of land sovereignty in Liberia as seen in the film The Land Beneath Our Feet(2016). This 4-hour virtual event will include a screening of The Land Beneath Our Feet (60 minutes), performance from Liberian legendary singer, Princess Hawa Daisy Moore, a panel conversation between the film’s protagonist Dr. Emmanuel K. Urey and land researcher Ali Kaba & a special mix made by SHABAZZ.

About Archive Liberia: Archive Liberia is an invitation and site for recovering, holding and organizing the collective memory of Liberia. Liberians are welcomed to submit family photos and stories to be published on the website.

About Film :The Land Beneath Our Feet follows a young Liberian man, uprooted by war, who returns from the USA with never-before-seen footage of Liberia’s past. The uncovered footage is embraced as a national treasure. Depicting a 1926 corporate land grab, it is also an explosive reminder of eroding land rights. In post-conflict Liberia, individuals and communities are pitted against multinational corporations, the government, and each other in life-threatening disputes over land. What can this ghostly footage offer a nation, as it debates radical land reforms that could empower communities to shape a more diverse, stable and sustainable future?



Panel Discussion: Women and Incarceration
Monday, February 20 • 6pm
@ Gormley Gallery

Speakers Samantha Master of Free Black Mamas DMV, Qiana Johnson of Life After Release, and Nicole Hanson-Mundell of Out for Justice will address the impacts of incarceration on women, and especially the disproportionate impact on women of color, including such topics as: the role art plays in elevating the voices of incarcerated people; how we got into the crisis of incarceration; issues around sentencing; the history of organizing around incarceration; and examples of resistance.

This event will be held in the Ridley Auditorium at Loyola/Notre Dame Library. Parking at the library is free after 5:00 pm. Click here for directions and more information:

For those unable to attend in person, a live-stream option will be available. RSVP here to receive the link when it becomes available.

This event is offered in conjunction with the exhibition Life on Hold, featuring artwork by women incarcerated at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women. Please visit Gormley Gallery on the campus of Notre Dame of Maryland University to see the show. More information at



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The “Harford 100-Mile Biennial” Exhibition
deadline February 15
posted by The Chesapeake Gallery at Harford Community College

The Chesapeake Gallery invites submissions to the first Harford 100-Mile Biennial exhibition. It is open to all artists who reside within one hundred miles of Harford Community College (HCC) and who are at least 18 years of age. (Some of the eligible cities include Baltimore and Annapolis, MD, Fairfax and Leesburg, VA, Harrisburg and Philadelphia, PA, Wilmington and Dover, DE and Washington, D.C.) This exhibition aims to showcase the area’s top artists as a vital component of our cultural offerings to the region. All submitted artwork must have been created within the past three years. Final choices for the show will be selected by members of HCC’s faculty and staff. Selected artists are responsible for the transportation or shipping of all artwork to and from the Chesapeake Gallery. There is no application fee or commission on sold work. There will be a $500 Juror’s Choice Award given to an artwork demonstrating high levels of skill and merit. Contact Brad Blair, Chesapeake Gallery Coordinator, at [email protected] with any questions.



Call For Artists and Sites for ARTsites 2023
deadline February 22
posted by Howard County Arts Council

The Howard County Arts Council (HCAC) announces ARTsites 2023, a multi-site public art initiative. HCAC is looking for artists with large-scale sculpture that is fit for year-long outdoor display as well as publicly accessible outdoor areas in Howard County to display the sculpture.

About ARTsites: 

ARTsites 2023 is a year-long public art exhibit that will take place at up to twelve sites throughout Howard County from August 2023-July 2024. Sites and artwork will be selected from submissions by a panel of arts and public art professionals. The goal of ARTsites 2023 is to increase the community’s access to art through the placement of sculpture at sites throughout Howard County. The sculptures will serve as visual anchor points that will enhance and activate community spaces.

Call for Artists: 

Artists with public art experience may submit up to six existing works for consideration or propose new work with proper concept drawings and/or models. Sculpture should have a strong visual impact and must be of a scale suitable for outdoor display; of sound design, free-standing, and suitable for public viewing; and able to withstand an outdoor, high-traffic, unmonitored environment with little or no maintenance. Selected artists will receive a grant of $3,000 for the temporary loan of the work, insurance, installation, and de-installation. There is no fee to enter.

Call for Sites: 

All community, commercial and public sites in Howard County are eligible to apply. Sites must be visible and accessible to the public. Sites should consider that public art should be placed where it will enhance and activate the space; where it will be highly visible; where it will create a place to congregate or be in a location that experiences a high amount of pedestrian traffic; and where it will not block windows, entranceways, etc. Preference will be given to sites that have, or are willing to install at their own expense, a concrete pad for the sculpture, though some sculpture may be appropriate for lawn sites.

Complete guidelines and submission information are available in the Exhibit Opportunities section of the HCAC website at, at the Howard County Center for the Arts, or by calling 410-313-2787. Deadline for all submissions is February 22, 2023.



NXTHVM Fellowship
deadline February 27

Located in the historically African-American Dixwell neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut, the expansive, adapted-reuse NXTHVM campus houses gallery, studio, office, performance, and living spaces. Each year NXTHVN welcomes up to seven artists and two curators to participate in its paid 10-month intensive fellowship program.

Curatorial fellows will each receive a $45,000 stipend and studio fellows will each receive a $35,000 stipend, in addition to optional, subsidized housing. Fellows also benefit from dedicated work and/or studio space with 24-hour access, monthly professional development sessions, access to NXTHVN’s professional network of field experts and guest speakers, culminating exhibitions, and more.



WEAVE: The Artist in Residence Program 2023
deadline February 22
posted by GIST Yarn

Gist Yarn opened in 2017 as a little yarn shop with a big idea: inspire a growing community of weavers with quality weaving yarn, fresh pattern designs, and a warm and welcoming spot to find your weaving home.

Since then, we’ve grown to a team of 7 fiber enthusiasts proud to contribute to a thriving textile industry by working with fiber farmers, spinning mills, dyehouses, weaving teachers, pattern designers, and brick-and-mortar yarn shops.

Our WEAVE Artist in Residency program is a 12-week long remote residency that aims to support weavers and fiber enthusiasts who engage in community-based fiber practices. Each participant will receive a $1,500.00 cash stipend to use with no restrictions, and a $1,500.00 materials budget to shop for materials on the Gist Yarn website. We will select three Artists in Residence in 2023.

Artists’ proposed projects are not limited to using Gist Yarn products but should include them. All projects must be focused on weaving, but can also incorporate other fiber mediums such as knitting, macrame, and mixed media. This is a remote residency that is limited to US-based weavers. We ask each Artist in Residence to commit to at least 4 hrs a week or 50 hours total over the course of 12 weeks to work on their proposed residency project.



Folklife Apprenticeship | Call for Applications
deadline February 28
posted by Maryland State Arts Council

MSAC continues to accept applications for a special cycle of the Folklife Apprenticeship made available through Arts Relief funding. Folklife Apprenticeships are $5,000 each and support traditional arts education through the teaching of skills from a master artist to an apprentice artist. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until February 28, 2023. During this time, applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified on a monthly basis. Begin an application using MSAC’s application system, SmartSimple. Log in to SmartSimple or create a free account at



header image: Lesser Gonzalez, Untitled Mask, acrylic, enamel on aluminum, 25″ x 32″

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