Barry Nemett

Barry Nemett, Chair of MICA's Painting Department from 1992-2017, has exhibited his artwork in museums and galleries throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He lectures internationally and has curated numerous national exhibitions. Nemett is the author of the textbook Images, Objects & Ideas (MacGraw-Hill Publishers) and the novel Crooked Tracks (Barnhardt & Ashe Publishing Co.), and he has published essays for numerous exhibition catalogues, magazines, and art blogs. For more info, view his website,

Stories by Barry Nemett
The Baltimore-Based, Media-Mixing Artist Defies Expectations at the Myrtle Beach Art Museum

In Randi Reiss-McCormack’s gritty, graceful work, there’s wild, yet carefully choreographed dance.

The Musical Specificity and Language of Grey in Weiss' "Centerpiece" at Gross McCleaf Gallery

Weiss has spent a lifetime collecting an ever-evolving cast of invented characters. He’s spent just as long perfecting his stylized portrayals of them and their subject matter. Examples are presently on display in a dazzling show at Philadelphia’s Gross McCleaf Gallery.

Smail's new exhibit is equal parts blended diversity and congruous incongruity.

Smail’s carefully constructed work is built crisply, with shifting visual echoes.