Barry Nemett

Barry Nemett, Chair of MICA's Painting Department from 1992-2017, has exhibited his artwork in museums and galleries throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He lectures internationally and has curated numerous national exhibitions. Nemett is the author of the textbook Images, Objects & Ideas (MacGraw-Hill Publishers) and the novel Crooked Tracks (Barnhardt & Ashe Publishing Co.), and he has published essays for numerous exhibition catalogues, magazines, and art blogs. For more info, view his website,

Stories by Barry Nemett
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At Arting Gallery, David Barnett instills seriousness with a profound dose of wackiness. Or another way of describing A Carnival of Characters is that this intense, inventive show explores the childlike in the adult, and the other way around. 

"Collected Things" Brings the Detritus of Luminaries from MICA, Baltimore, and Beyond to New York

It is remarkable how combining objects, each with its own lineage, can create brand new creative offspring.

"Rocks and Hard Places" Brings Mature Work by Pat Alexander and Kevin Labadie to Nascent Arting Gallery

Baltimore's Newest Art Gallery presents Significant Work by Two Artists Married for Several Decades

The Baltimore-Based, Media-Mixing Artist Defies Expectations at the Myrtle Beach Art Museum

In Randi Reiss-McCormack’s gritty, graceful work, there’s wild, yet carefully choreographed dance.