Jordan Amirkhani

Jordan Amirkhani

Art Critic

Jordan Amirkhani is an art historian, critic, and educator currently based in Washington, D.C.. She serves as a Professorial Lecturer in Art History at American University and is a regular contributor to Artforum, Momus, and Daily Serving, among other publications.

Stories by Jordan Amirkhani
Milad’s cryptic and deeply personal archive of gathered fragments invites viewers to exist in a state of suspended misunderstanding

Through a rich accumulation of visual, textual, and symbolic content, Milad invites us to struggle with the act of making meaning as well as our desire to know, understand, translate, and thus take ownership of her pieces.

Rich in tonal texture and shallow in its cropping of the figure, Chandra McCormick’s photograph "Daddy'O" (2004) pays homage to the oldest living prisoner ever held in the Louisiana State ...

I walked into the Baltimore-based artist Mequitta Ahuja’s home studio on a chilly March morning with low clouds and a slight drizzle slowing the pace of an already dreary weekend. ...

Wanting More from the Rodarte Fashion Exhibition at the National Museum of Women in the Arts by Dr. Jordan Amirkhani For the first time in its thirty years of programming, ...