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image: Carl Gunhouse Kids, Sunland Park, NM 2011
Saturday December 3rd 2011 1pm-5pm
Works by: Gina Dawson Carl Gunhouse Cyle Metzger

Boundary Proof is a group exhibition that features three artists whose works address cultural use of border limitations, and the ability to navigate beyond and challenge specific cultural red lines. Each in their own right justifies expectations associated with their subject and examines contextual and metaphoric limitations, thus pushing past preconceived ideas.

Labels such as “rebel”, “freak” and “prophet” mainly serve to marginalize, thus reinforcing preconceived ideas about cultural boundaries. As didactic as one may be about transformation and innovation, programmatic barriers are still usually fully encouraged, driven by apprehension of existing restrictions. The line is drawn in the sand not to casually walk over, and it is the strained relationship between boundaries that one must supersede. In order to maintain a viable state, keeping up the appearance of boundaries and borders cultivates a close relationship with the opposition, creating a unique exchange that is anything but unpoetic.

image: Jean Alexander Frater, Learning to write with my left hand. 2010
Opening Reception: Friday December 9, 2011 7pm-10pm
Curated by: Skye Gilkerson
Works By: Jean Alexander Frater, James Johnson, Jassie Rios, Oscar Scantillan.

As protesters congregate in cities around the world, it’s clear that economic and political frustrations are cresting, and many people long for change. Common access to tools and media allows new perceptions to grow, and kindles the desire for collective and individual empowerment. Four artists with divergent practices wave their magic wands to create transformations of all kinds. Embracing wonder and surprise, they challenge reality through interventions to everyday life, shift perspectives through adaptations to architecture and space, and question what is malleable by attempting transformations of the self.

Strange Magic
December 9, 2011 – January 21, 2012
Closing Artist Brunch: Saturday January 21 1pm-5pm
Hours: Saturdays 1-5pm & Wednesdays 5-7pm or by appointment
Director Rod Malin
1826 Fleet Street
Baltimore, MD 21231
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