WST, SSY: Photos from Off The Rails: MICA’s MFA Thesis II by Cara Ober

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Jon Latiano
Off the Rails: M.F.A. Thesis II
Friday, April 6–Sunday, April 15
Reception: Friday, April 13, 5–7 p.m.
Gallery Talk: Tuesday, April 10, 2:45–5 p.m., beginning at Cohen Plaza; Wednesday, April 11, 1–3:30 p.m., beginning in Meyerhoff Gallery; Friday, April 13, 10-10:30 a.m., at North Avenue Market
Featuring: Misha Capecchi (Mount Royal), Micheal Cor (Hoffberger), Noel Cunningham (Graphic Design), Zoe Friedman (Mount Royal), Jessica Gibson (Photographic & Electronic Media), Timothy Hoover (Graphic Design), Julie Horton (Hoffberger), So Hyun An (Photographic & Electronic Media), Abdulmari Imao (Rinehart), Jessica Karle (Graphic Design), Jonathan Latiano (Mount Royal), Aviv Lichter (Graphic Design), Lloyd Lowe (Photographic & Electronic Media), Travis Masingale (Photographic & Electronic Media), Skye McNeill (Graphic Design), Laini Nemett (Hoffberger), Margaret Rogers (Mount Royal), Michal Rotberg (Graphic Design) and Jen Smith (Photographic & Electronic Media)
Laini Nemett
Michal Rotberg
Toym Leon Imao
Branden Rush 
Travis Masingale
Skye McNeil
So Hyun An
Lloyd Lowe
I apologize for not getting upstairs or to the market. If anyone wants to send me photos from those two locations, please email to  -CO
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