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I recently came across a quarantine meme that showed a picture of a raccoon in a dumpster. The raccoon squinted at the camera, making eye contact and looking badass in that way that raccoons often do. The quote said: “When you realize you have been dressing for others, not for yourself.” Obviously, this has made quite an impression on me and I have spent a lot of time considering who I used to get dressed for each day in pre-quarantine life, and why.

I love clothing and jewelry, especially vintage and artist-made. I have a shoe collection that I plan to be buried with. And yet, over the past six weeks I have not opened my closet even once, and have worn the same few T-shirts and yoga pants, with undergarments now considered optional.

Until today, that is. The BmoreArt team issued a challenge to continue one of our favorite online series—What They’re Wearing—where we go to creative events, photograph interesting-looking people, and ask them about their sartorial choices. The fashion is always solid, the stories about prized clothing and jewelry are often bizarre and intimate, and the photos document a cross section of Baltimore that makes us feel warm, proud, and sentimental. With the world being cancelled indefinitely and zero events on the horizon ever, this column appeared to be on hiatus—until we decided to create a home fashion quarantine version.

No surprise: Baltimore creatives delight us, even from home. This edition of What They’re Wearing features fantastic pajama ensembles, comfy exercise outfits, vintage gowns, handmade jewelry, sneakers, beautiful home-sewn face masks, cute pets, and some of the best T-shirts ever created. Until today, I hadn’t worn a piece of jewelry, shaved any part of my body, or washed my hair with any regularity, but today I got dressed up just to walk outside for some photos. After spending a few days in the hospital and several weeks under home quarantine, my backyard seems pretty exotic anyway, with pinks and whites and reds transitioning into more and more green each day.

We hope that you find some inspiration in this selection of fashion from some of our favorite humans! Baltimore, stay cute and full of attitude (like that adorable raccoon who stole my heart), and please continue to inspire the rest of us by wearing whatever the hell you want.



Erica Bentley, Owner of Keepers Vintage

Erica Bentley, Keepers Vintage Shop Owner
IG: @keepersvintage | @thekeepersshop
Facebook: Keepers Vintage @keepersvintage | Etsy: | Web:

Wearing: ’70s velour robe, ’70s vintage T-shirt, sweatpants from a Target Designer Collaboration

Fashion Philosophy: I buy and sell vintage. I truly don’t have much that is new any more, but I don’t think I have separated from these sweatpants since I bought them many years ago. I didn’t think it was possible to wear them more but alas, here we are. They are officially my quarantine pants. My T-shirt was gifted to me by the ladies at Hunting Ground. It’s so special because you don’t often find ad tees with Black people as the models. It also features Baltimore. It’s all of my favorites in a T-shirt. The robe is a vintage find that I couldn’t sell. It’s the kind of thing every bad movie dad that drinks beer and wears wifebeater-style tank tops wears. I’m not sure why that’s cool to me, but again, here we are.


Alexandra Deutsch, Director of Museum Engagement at Winterthur

Alexandra Deutsch, Director of Museum Engagement at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library
IG: @volumes_of_vintage

Wearing: White ’60s blouse from Etsy; sequined top, Six2Six, Baltimore; Chanel pants, Hunting Ground, Baltimore (bought at Baltimore Vintage Expo); Victorian mourning earrings and vintage bracelets, Bijoux, Baltimore; Dear Francis Spirit boots

Fashion Philosophy: To me, fashion is fantasy and self-expression and right now in this difficult time I definitely am finding refuge in the escapism fashion provides. During this period, I’m trying to support my favorite vintage sellers, particularly in Baltimore, by showcasing their pieces in my wardrobe, purchasing new pieces when I can and posting my pieces from them on Instagram and Facebook.


Chyno. Bar Manager by day/ Food Personality by night

Chyno, Bar Manager by day / Food Personality by night
IG: @thebaltimorefoodie@theboywiththebluebeard@whatbluebearddrinks

Wearing: As a very visual person, these days of solitude can be rough so I brighten up my days by getting all the way dressed with my favorite floral-print shirt and distressed denim (H&M), rose hat (Free People), Chelsea boots (Aldo), and local jewelry—bracelets by @itsremody, spinning seed necklace by Tiger Lilly Shop—and topping it all by getting my beard decked out in my homemade chalk dye and doused in glitter.

Fashion Philosophy: Even though we may not be able to go places, that’s not going to stop me from putting together my best looks even if only I can see. Looking good usually leads to me feeling good and after four weeks of being in quarantine feeling good sometimes isn’t that easy for social butterflies like myself.


Dave Eassa, Artist and Manager of Community Engagement at the Baltimore Museum of Art

Dave Eassa, Artist and Manager of Community Engagement at the Baltimore Museum of Art
IG: @daveassa | Web:

Wearing: Pink pullover hoodie, blue Adidas slides, blue Adidas soccer shorts, pink Donjoy ACL knee brace, and Gucci (Cat, aged 10 years) in my studio.

Fashion Philosophy: In the weirdest timing one could possibly imagine, I underwent knee reconstruction surgery, fixing my ACL and meniscus on Tuesday, March 17th. This was the week that most folks had already shut down, switched to WFH, or were in the process of doing it in the next few days. In my mind, that week was already cancelled pre-COVID, to heal my knee and get back to my life as quickly as possible. Turns out, the world began cancelling with me. I feel like my relationship to quarantine is just really starting to begin, because for two weeks all I focused on was the recovery, getting off my crutches so I could stop asking people to do things for me. Then once I could get out of my house and drive myself to the grocery store, the magnitude really started hitting me.

This shit sucks, flat out, quarantine is so tough, not being able to see or hug your people is absolutely brutal, so I’ve been trying to be nice to myself in any way possible. I’ve been alternating between different gym shorts and pullover hoodies.

I love Adidas, I’m definitely trying to get that 3 stripes hookup. Adidas, you can send whatever you’d like for me to try out, size 32 waist, size L shirt, 9.5 shoes, thanks, I’ll DM my addy or just send to the Baltimore Museum of Art Attn: Dave Eassa. With all the uncertainty in the world right now, feeling comfy in your fit is one of those small victories you can control.


Butch Dawson (Jujuan Allen), Recording Artist, Producer, Creative Director

Butch Dawson (Jujuan Allen), Recording Artist, Producer, Creative Director
IG: @butchdawson | Twitter: @primelard | Web:

Wearing: Telfar Black “Center Jenny” Long Sleeve. This was gifted by Telfar himself. I believe this was part of the Customer collection, and it will always be a go-to shirt whenever I wanna feel fly and comfortable. It is by far one of the best quality pieces I own. Pants: “The Superiors” tie-dye sweats. I got these at an event where we were setting up vendors to sell clothing and my vendor was across from the Superiors brands vendor. Its a fire local brand you can find on Instagram. I wear these sweats mostly in the crib. Definitely wore these the most during quarantine. Shoes: Olive green Suicoke slides. Suicoke is a Japanese brand that makes some pretty cool footwear. These are my favorite shoes to wear in the house, even when I’m just walking to take the trash out.

Fashion Philosophy: Being home for so long can be depressing, but for a person who’s in the house all the time I find it pretty interesting how my mind works once I’m actually told not to leave the house. Before all this I would only go out to do video work, studio, and shows. Other than that I would be in the house working on my music and my brand. Now it’s like I can’t wait to be around people and talk about nothing or something, haha!

I’ve been planning my first day out and what I’m gonna do once we able to get back out and let loose so y’all gonna see… My quarantine weeks have been cool—I can’t lie. I’ve been cooking like them people on Instagram with the aerial cooking videos. I’ve been playing this bootleg Call Of Duty game on my Switch and it’s so addictive! And I’ve been making a ton of music so I can’t really complain. The most difficult thing about all this is for artists to make money out here and now we have to figure out how to market ourselves during lockdown to maintain momentum. I took this time as a planning period while still building content for my fans so it’s a lot of strategy taking place but I’m prepared.



E. Brady Robinson

E. Brady Robinson, Photographer
IG: @ebradyrobinson | Web:

Wearing: Sleeveless Adidas top, Under Armour tights, (Champion hoodie), Nike shoes, gold Swatch watch and mala beads from MPowerYoga Studio and Capital SUP hat. The Nike shoes are my “inside” shoes. I keep another pair of tennis shoes next to my front door for “outside.” Glasses: Ray-Ban.

Fashion Philosophy: I turned my studio into a home gym. Every morning when I wake up, I meditate, drink two cups of coffee, write then row for 35 minutes followed by weight training, push-ups, and sit-ups. Staying fit is important to me. It gives me strength and helps my anxiety. I have a better day if I exercise in the morning and rowing clears my head. It is my goal to do chin-ups before all of this is over. I also teach yoga on Zoom on Fridays. Yoga keeps me balanced, helps my creativity, and keeps me in a flow state.

Patterson Park has been a saving grace, so have my neighbors. We take walks in the park at a safe distance. I’ve also been out on my bike a lot taking long rides with my boyfriend Joel. We explore Baltimore by bike. My work is social; it’s been a challenge to make work. I’ve been shooting empty landscapes and spaces of Baltimore when out on my bike. Night rides are the best. I love shooting Fells at night. This city is so beautiful. Grateful to be a part of this creative community.


Thomas James, Visual Arts Curator at Creative Alliance

Thomas JamesVisual Arts Curator at Creative Alliance
IG: @thomasjames.dc | Web:

Wearing: Alexander Wang sweatshirt, Lacrosse “waffle” shorts from the thrift store, Jack Wills flip flops, custom necklace—gift from curator Dagmar Painter, majority of my rings are from New York, Citizen watch.

Fashion Philosophy: The clothes I wear are meant to emphasize comfort and luxury. They inspire an upbeat feeling while I work from the comfort of my home. Even though we are working under a quarantine I still like to imagine that I’m going to meet someone important and I want to look put together even in my more relaxed attire.



Pangelica, Artist/Musician

Pangelica, Artist/Musician
IG: @pandabunnii | SoundCloud:

Wearing: I’m wearing a denim jacket, black T-shirt, black leggings, and my fave items to wear during quarantine: my silk scarf and these ridiculous panda slippers.

Fashion Philosophy: The silk scarf makes me feel like I’ve gone rogue, kinda like Thelma & Louise (all while protecting my hair). My slippers are just comfy and fast to put on. I took this picture on my front porch. I’d just returned from my neighborhood liquor store (one of the most exciting places I’ve been in weeks). I bought some cocktail ingredients for my virtual dinner date with friends. Even virtual play dates are beginning to feel mundane. It helps me to write a to-do list for my day—finish up paperwork, send out mail, fold clothes, tidy the house. I spend a lot of time daydreaming for the future. Will our world ever be the same? Do I want it to be?



Phill Celeste, Songwriter

Phill Celeste, Songwriter
IG: @lifeonplanets

Wearing: Purple sweatshirt is from a friend’s (black-owned!) brand out of Germany @urbanmilieu. Socks are Keith Haring.

Fashion Situation: I managed to get out of the city and up to a place in the woods. Thought we’d be staying for only two weeks so now 50% of my clothes are my girlfriend’s dad’s. Thanks, Lenny!



April Danielle Lewis, Artist and Membership Manager at Open Works

April Danielle Lewis, Artist and Membership Manager at Open Works
IG: @adlew | Web:

Wearing: The dress is Isaac Mizrahi for Target from the 20th Anniversary Designer Collection. Silk taffeta plaid V-neck gown with pockets! Shoes by Chacos, custom-designed Women’s Z-Cloud I sandals. Glasses from – Groove, blue tortoise. Jewelry is white gold and silver wedding band by Lauren Schott Jewelry and white gold phantom diamond ring by Melany Wimpee.
Accessories: Hydro Flask 64 oz wide mouth vacuum water bottle with wide mouth straw lid.

Fashion Philosophy: I absolutely love this dress and was happy for a virtual wedding to encourage me on an outfit that wasn’t pulled right out of the dryer. I didn’t realize how good it would feel to put on something that isn’t workout clothes or pjs.

I wanted this dress when it first came out, but it was one of those things that sells out the day it hits the floor at Target. I knew the line was coming out and I went the evening of the first day and by the time I got there it was not available in my size. A couple months later, when I was in NC for an artist residency, I went to Target in Greensboro and there was a whole rack of them. No one down there seemed to be into them or maybe all the leftovers of the season were sent there, who knows? I screamed when I saw it and tried it on and it fit my body like Isaac himself took my measurements and whipped this up for me. I feel lucky and instantly happy when I wear this dress–especially when I put my hands in the pockets!


Cara Ober, Artist, Writer, and Editor/Publisher at BmoreArt

Cara Ober, Artist, Writer, and Editor/Publisher at BmoreArt
IG: @caraober | @bmoreart

Wearing: Gunne Sax by Jessica McClintock dress (Junior Prom) from 1991, red camo pointy-toed flats (shoes) by Rothy’s, earrings by Georgina Trevino (says “male tears” on them and the dangly diamond strands come off and can function as their own pair of earrings, and you can match in other pairs), with Jackie O. sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Fashion Philosophy: I needed to give myself a ridiculous task because it’s been six weeks and I have been sick as hell. Today was the first day I felt like myself, like my Leo need for attention and spectacle was suddenly back after laying dormant and wearing the same three T-shirts with no bra for six weeks.

It’s prom season and what is more theatrical than prom? And yes, my dress was hanging in a cedar closet in the basement and I squeezed into it and forced my husband to take photos in our backyard. Also, these earrings!!!! I ordered them from jewelry artist Georgina Treviño before the global pandemic, but couldn’t bring myself to open the package until today. I cannot wait to wear them out, but today is as good a day as any. For the shoes, I love Rothy’s because they are made of recycled ocean-bound marine plastic and feel like socks. I prefer the pointy-toed version because they have the perfect amount of toe cleavage. I cannot wait to dress up and get out of my house and go to a party!! Maybe BmoreArt needs a prom? Until then, the party will have to happen at home. I definitely succeeded in entertaining my husband and son.



Rebekah Kirkman, Managing Editor at BmoreArt and Danny Greenwald, Sound Artist

Rebekah Kirkman, Managing Editor at BmoreArt
IG: @slidingdice 

Wearing: A tagless, possibly homemade maxi dress that I bought from my friend’s vintage Instagram-based shop (@natural.fibers.vintage), socks and leggings from Target and H&M, Nautica slippers

Fashion Philosophy: I’m trying to be more purposeful about small habits and routines these days, like actually getting dressed. And honestly, sometimes “actually getting dressed” is just jeans and a T-shirt, but it definitely helps my morale to change out of my jim-jams in the morning. My usual style, particularly if I’m not going anywhere, is pretty relaxed, but some days call for something special. I wore this dress at the BmoreArt magazine party last November (it’s chilling to think about the packed Pratt library now), and over the past couple of months it has become my go-to house-dress—it’s formless, loose, comfortable and I love the various little intricacies of the pattern.

Danny Greenwald, Sound Artist
IG: @glassineasleep

Wearing: Vintage Adidas Top Ten Low, socks I stole from my dad, black RBX Sport Performance Long Pant Base Layer, custom tie-dye shirt from my sister (OnceUponATieDesigns), vintage Dockers Easy Care Twill button-down, canvas double-snapback hat

Fashion Philosophy: This is true-to-life Danny, I’m just not wearing pants.



Sara Autrey, owner Get Shredded Vintage

Sara Autrey, owner of Get Shredded Vintage
IG: @getshreddedvintage | Web:

Wearing: I’m wearing an ’80s Garfield oversized tee, a silk leopard blouse, and shoes I stole from my own shop because I had a love affair with them and made it permanent. The tee makes me happy because Garfield is such a snide jokester and it makes me feel okay about getting through this nightmare with humor and a smidgen of grace. My dog is wearing a clown collar I made for him back in the olden days of yore, and it makes me laugh and it gives him a court jester look which pleases me greatly. We’re in a pile of fabric scraps from all the masks I’ve been making! He’s been an astute studio assistant, making sure I’m just the right amount of distracted and irritated by his incessant cries to play—it keeps me more productive!

Fashion Philosophy: I like this one because he’s awkwardly trying to be graceful… kind of like me, now, in these circumstances. And always, I guess! But especially now. I’m wearing it because it’s comfy and I can move around in it, leave the house, or sit in my basement for 16 hours straight sewing face masks in it. Versatile comfort is the name of the game for me right now.


Aaron Brown, Cultural Curator & Polymath

Aaron Brown, Cultural Curator & Polymath

Wearing: Champion cap (Brightside Boutique), Durand sunglasses (Warby Parker), Champion hoodie (vintage), 199X Phoenix, Coyotes jersey (vintage), Ta-ku x G-SHOCK watch (Taku Beats), assorted jewelry (vintage), sweat shorts (H&M—self-customized), Adidas Yung 96 ‘Orca’

Fashion Philosophy: “Casual and lazy are not the same thing” / I have a very loose separation between daily wear, workout wear, and casual wear in my closet – quarantine just means I get to mix it up and be cozy at the same time.


Rebecca Juliette, Fiber Artist, Woodworker, and BmoreArt Events and Calendar Guru with Binx

Rebecca Juliette, Fiber Artist, Woodworker, and BmoreArt Events and Calendar Guru with Binx (personal assistant)

Wearing: On (any)days we wear (avocado) pink. On human: homemade mask and sweater, no-name jumpsuit, wooly socks. On dog: Fitwarm turtleneck sweater, his favorite. Binx chose this sweater because he was cold. No lie, he knows where his pajamas are and goes to the drawer and waits for me to get them out for him. I chose to accessorize with him in this jumpsuit that my mother told me makes me look like “a trapezoid.”

Fashion Philosophy: I’ve been enjoying the wardrobe freedom that staying home affords me. Depending on how long this lasts, I may complete the slide into menopause with a new mantra: no waistband, no bra, not my problem.


Tony Venne, Graphic Designer at The Walters Art Museum / BmoreArt Magazine and College Professor

Tony Venne, Graphic Designer at The Walters Art Museum & BmoreArt Magazine and College Professor
IG: @vennea

Wearing: Vintage Walters Art Museum dragon T-shirt from Hunting Ground. Denim work jacket from 2nd Ave Thrift. Face mask sewn by Meb Byrne. Jeans and slip-ons from local chain department store.

Fashion Philosophy: My clothes don’t change much but work jackets are good for transitional weather and can take a beating and still look good. The vintage Walters T-shirt (1991?) is a reminder of my museum’s work and its long-standing commitment to Baltimore.

Jill Fannon, Photographer

Jill Fannon, Photographer
IG: @jfannonphoto | Website:

Wearing: In picture #1 I am wearing my versatile T-shirt, hah! The T-shirt is for a band named COFR and my husband Nick illustrated the crying frog on it, and my mom gave me the leggings (probably H&M). I am wearing my ring from the talented April Wood and looking forward to my next haircut with lovely Katie Elder, co-owner of Soul Love. I am not wearing shoes because I love not wearing shoes and my daughter, Eva, took the picture. I am wearing aromatherapy spray from Ama Scents. Also, I am wearing my son. In picture #2 I am wearing a jumpsuit from J. Crew and shoes from South Moon Under and fully styled by my four-year-old, including makeup, which came from Santa Claus. Second photo by Nick.

Fashion Situation: I am wearing this outfit to play a pivotal role in a home movie written and acted and directed by our daughter with a guest appearance by our son and shot by my husband. The movie is about a mermaid who turns into a non-mermaid person and then a shark and I play the evil sea witch (not too well) in a cave who steals her Easter eggs and then has to sit in her closet and then under a blanket and is ultimately defeated. The film still has to be cut together.


Connect+Collect Gallery Coordinator, Curator, Writer

Teri Henderson, Connect+Collect Gallery Coordinator, Curator, Writer
IG: @halleteri / @WDLY

Wearing: Hoodie from Bass Pro ShopsT-Shirt from Royal Farms, and Sweatpants by Athleta. I got the sweatshirt from my friend Frank. He gave me this and a pair of camo pants when we were both in school. We both love camo. It reminds me of home because where I grew up is very country. Also when I wear it I think about him and his family. Frank has always been a really good friend. He and his fiancé have a beautiful Libra baby who I regret not going to see more before all this happened. As soon as we are able to, I’m going to go visit them. The Royal Farms shirt was a gift. My friend’s husband bought it for me outside of Sugarvale one day in 2019. That’s a story that’s beyond the scope of this article. The sweatpants are nothing special. They’re comfortable and a step above the TCU sweats that I usually wear around the house. 

Fashion Philosophy: There’s usually a pretty stark contrast between what I wear when I’m home, when I want to be comfortable, and what I wear when I go out. I’ve really missed dressing up, putting on makeup, and going out with my friends. But this has been a good time for me to give my skin and my liver a break. 


Michael Anthony Farley, Art Critic and Performer

Michael Anthony Farley, Art Critic and Drag Performer

Wearing: The T-shirt I paid a European teenage guest worker on the Ocean City boardwalk $10 to airbrush with a gymnast leaping to the text “Capitalism Sucks!” a few summers ago. The pants are from American Apparel and are the most comfortable thing I own. I had stopped wearing them out of the house because one time a drunk girl at The Crown yelled at me and said they were cultural appropriation. I thought that was funny, because theyre from American Apparel and her Urban Outfitters jeans were probably sewn by slave labor in Bangladesh. I’m not sure what culture these pants supposedly appropriate, but I have nothing but deep rooted respect for whatever society values comfort and a wee bit of glam simultaneously.
Fashion Philosophy: I’m taking advantage of not being seen by anyone except my boyfriend to experiment with not shaving/dying hair. It’s been a weird style journey.
Monsieur Zohore, Producer/Clown

Monsieur Zohore, Producer/Clown
IG: @mzohore

Fashion Philosophy: Nothing is going to keep me from thinking of spring and these vintage separates are helping me do just that! I love wearing vintage in the studio because the stakes aren’t as high—even though the top is cashmere… It’s okay though because my work tends to come out matching whatever I’m wearing to the studio that day anyway! And nothing makes me feel more like myself than my custom Sandy Hilton hat by Baltimore-based artist Finn Hanson (@friend9000).

Suzy Kopf, Artist/Director of Sales and Marketing BmoreArt/Adjunct Professor

Suzy Kopf, Artist/Director of Sales and Marketing BmoreArt/Adjunct Professor

Wearing: This outfit is basically head to Athleta which depending on who you ask might be evil like all athleisure brands but I am a tall lady and their tall sizes are actually long enough to cover my ankles and that is everything to me in winter. Not in the picture are my prize LL Bean hiking boots that I bought at their outlet in Maine on our summer vacation this year. I am still breaking them in so I wear very thick, very unsexy hiking socks.

Fashion Situation: This is me this past weekend on a hike at Gunpowder Falls with my partner and our puppy, Theodore Roosevelt. We always aspire to be “people who hike” but rarely are able to make time for it with our typical work commitments which involve a lot of nights and weekends. Stay-at-home has meant we can’t get to the YMCA to work out so we’re trying to be creative and make sure Theodore gets a long walk most days. This has been really great for my mental health and us as a family unit. I will miss them if we can’t figure out a way to keep up our Sunday hikes post-COVID.
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