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This Week:  Spellbinders’ Salon at Black Cherry Puppet Theater, Morgan Phillips opening reception at Alchemy of Art, Fools and Madmen present Julius Caesar at Motor House, Breathing Black documentary screening at the Peale, Summer Potluck at the Baltimore Jewelry Center, Tianquiztli market + festival at Creative Alliance, and Clarissa Pezone and Jason Piccoli opening at Baltimore Clayworks, and True Laurels Summer Film Series at the Parkway — PLUS Anita Wetzel Residency Grant at Women’s Studio Workshop and more featured opportunities!


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The Spellbinders’ Salon, a New Performance Series
Wednesday, July 6 • 8pm
@ Black Cherry Puppet Theatre

Join us for a new performance salon, the Spellbinders’ Salon, featuring song, storytelling, divination, dance, and performance art! Tickets.

With work by…

Valeska Populoh

…and special guests from New Orleans, The Lyre Leaves!

Doors at 7:30, performances at 8. $10 / 15, masks and proof of vaccination or negative covid test required.

If you are interested in getting involved in future iterations of this event series (all mediums of performance welcome), please get in touch with Jake Bee at [email protected]!



Black Comics: Politics of Race + Representation with Dr. Sheena Howard
Thursday, July 7 • 5-6pm
@ The Peale

Join Dr. Sheena Howard for a free, online lecture as she explores the politics of race and representation in black comics. This program has been created in conjunction with the exhibition The Amazing Black Man, a series of provocative comic book covers by the acclaimed artist Kumasi J. Barnett, on display at the Peale from May 21 to July 16, 2022.

Sheena C. Howard, is an award- winning author, filmmaker and scholar. In 2014 Sheena became the first Black woman to win an Eisner Award for her first book, Black Comics: Politics of Race and Representation (2013). The Eisner Awards are considered the ‘Oscars of Comics’. She is also the author of several critically acclaimed books and comics books. In 2017, Sheena published the Encyclopedia of Black Comics, which is the first book of its kind, profiling over 100 Black people in the comics industry. The Encyclopedia of Black Comics was named the 2018 American Library Associations’ Outstanding Reference Source.

Accessibility Information

All online events will have human-generated, live captions and ASL interpretation. Please reach out directly to [email protected] if you have any additional access requests or questions.



Morgan Phillips’s Bite Me Exhibition | Opening Reception
Thursday, July 29 • 6:30-9:30pm
@ Alchemy of Art

Junk food, super food, sinfully delicious, guilty pleasure, clean eating–how do the words we attach to foods add value to them? How does that value system affect how we feel about ourselves when we enjoy or consume certain foods? How does it affect how we feel about others consuming those foods? How does fatness and oversimplified views on “health” affect this value system?

Through “Bite Me” I am exploring the world of food shame, and the ways in which it affects how I perceive myself and the world around me. I am exploring the foods I find comfort in, and enjoy, through a lens of celebration in place of the shame and disgust levied upon these foods by a society obsessed with diet culture, perceived health, and thinness. This collection is meant to remind us that how we label food is important, and how we value ourselves through food choices matters. Live, eat, enjoy shamelessly the foods that provide comfort. Remove your judgements on foods based on an antiquated value system and release yourself and everyone else from that value system. Junk food is just food–bite me.

A majority of this collection was created with a process called electroforming, in which metal is plated onto a non-metal object. Many of these pieces contain the food item itself under many layers of shellac and metal. I felt this process of preserving the foods made them seem even more precious. It reminds me of the preservation process some of us will undergo in death, a sort of sacred ritual, for these foods that are otherwise seen as unworthy.

Morgan Phillips is a fat queer identified interdisciplinary Jewelry Designer, living and working in Baltimore Maryland.

For more work by Morgan Phillips please visit:

Spring Session Community Potluck and BJC Birthday Bash!
Friday, July 8: 6-8
@ Baltimore Jewelry Center

Join us at the studio Friday, July 8th from 6-8pm for our spring session community potluck and birthday bash. Please bring pieces you created during the spring session to display and a food item to share. If you would like your work to be photographed please drop it off at the studio office by Friday, July 1st at 2pm. In addition to our community potluck we want to celebrate our 8th birthday and the launch of this year’s summer fundraiser with you. Did we mention there’s going to be cake!?

Baltimore Jewelry Center
10 East North Avenue, Suite 130
Baltimore, MD 21202



Julius Caesar by Fools and Madmen
Friday, July 8 | Ongoing through July 10
@ Motor House

A hip-hop adaptation of Julius Caesar, written and adapted by Baltimore artists Joshua C. Thomas and Caitlin Carbone Hernandez and directed by Mari Andrea Travis. Inspired partly by the film Moonlight, our adaptation focuses on Brutus and Cassius’ relationship, showing a male friendship as complex and intimate to challenge the idea of Roman stoicism as a pillar of masculinity.

Cast: JC Payne – BrutusQuincy Vicks – CassiusNoah Silas – CaesarBrandon Rashad Butts – AntonyLauren Jackson – Portia/Soothsayer/OctaviusJha’Neal Blue – Calpurnia/LepidusAdrian Graham-Chesnavage – Decius/Cinna the PoetTyrel Brown – Cinna

Performances Dates/Times: Friday, July 8 – 8:00pmSaturday, July 9 – 8:00pmSunday, July 10 – 2:00pmFriday, July 15 – 8:00pmSaturday, July 16 – 8:00pmSunday July 17 – 2:00pm

This project is supported by a 2019 Rubys Artist Grant, which is a program of the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.

About Us: Fools and Madmen is a series of mobile hip hop adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays, touring Baltimore City Schools and communities. Our goal is to bridge hip hop and classical theatre culturally and artistically, and to combat racial disparity in classical theatre. We believe that Shakespeare’s stories and characters are for everyone to access, and hope to break the perception that they belong only to one audience or culture. Our plays integrate Shakespearean text with original hip hop songs, creating a lyrical and rhythmic mash-up of classical and modern language, of poetry and music. Performed in the round, scored by live musicians, by an ensemble of BIPOC artists, our productions show that the only thing separating Hip Hop and Shakespeare as artforms are the voices and experiences of the people telling the stories.

Learn more about us:

website | instagram | facebook



Breathing Black
Saturday, July 9 – Sunday, July 10
@ The Peale

Breathing Black is a documentary film that follows nine Black Baltimoreans as they find joy amidst the global COVID-19 Pandemic anda summer of reckoning with the continued genocide of the Black body.

This special screening, hosted by Submersive Productions at The Peale Center will raise funds to help keep the film going as wecontinue to market and submit it to festivals. The film’s director and other participants will be present, and each showing will include abrief talk-back.

Proceeds will go directly to the Breathing Black team — an all-female, all-Black group who produced the film. A portion will also go toAfro House for their contributions to the film’s soundtrack.

All ticket levels will receive the same experience. Please select a level based on your ability to support this work.

The Peale Center currently requires proof-of-vaccination and masking for all indoor events. The building has brand-new elevator andaccessibility entrance. Check their web site for their most current information for visitors:



Tianquiztli | Free Latin American Artisan Market & Festival
Saturday, July 9 • 3-7pm
@ Creative Alliance

Theme: Exotic Latin American Fruits

The flavors and colors of Latin America are innumerable, but in fruits, the color and variety can be found in a small market in any Latin American country. Unlike other areas in the world where the variety of fruits available is limited or expensive, the Latin American region can boast of an ideal geographical variety to have a vast choice of fresh fruits throughout the year, so much so that there are some quite exotic, either because of their peculiar flavors or colors, or because they are exclusive to a place or season. Knowing how to make good use of what nature gives us is a gift of our culture since there are snow cones, ice cream, popsicles, jellies, natural juices, cakes, etc. The richest and most exotic fruits that exist in Latin America are the sapote, guava, prickly pear, carambola, pitahaya, naranjilla, custard apple and that is just to mention a few.

Performances: Zumba with Alondra | Bad Hombres
Art Vendors: Natalyu Creations | Pepitas Mercado | Arte en Miniatura | With Lots of Love | MexiArt by Ale | Artesanas
Food Vendors: La Cabaña | Pupusas | Nieves Artesanales | Baltimorelos

Tema: Frutas Exóticas de Latinoamérica

Los sabores y colores de Latinoamérica son innumerables, pero en las frutas parece irreal el color y la variedad de los frutos que se pueden encontrar en un mercadito de cualquier país latinoamericano. La diferencia de otras zonas en el mundo donde la variedad de frutos disponibles es limitada o costosa, la región latinoamericana puede presumir de variedad geográficas idóneas para contar con una basta opción en frutos frescos a lo largo del año, tanto, que hay algunas bastante exóticas, ya sea por sus sabores o colores peculiares, o por ser exclusivas de un lugar o temporada. El saber hacer buen uso de lo que nos regala la naturaleza es un don de nuestra cultura ya que existen nieves, helados, paletas, jaleas, aguas frescas, pasteles, etc. Las frutas más ricas y exóticas que existen en latinoamericana son: el zapote, la guayaba, la tuna, la carambola, la pitaya, el lulo, la chirimoya y eso es solo por mencionar algunos.

Presentaciones: Zumba with Alondra | Bad Hombres
Vendedores de Arte: Natalyu Creations | Pepitas Mercado | Arte en Miniatura | With Lots of Love | MexiArt by Ale | Artesana
Vendedores de Comida: La Cabaña | Pupusas | Nieves Artesanales | Baltimorelos



Resident Artists’ Solo Exhibitions: Clarissa Pezone and Jason Piccoli | Opening Reception
Saturday, July 9 • 6-10pm
@ Baltimore Clayworks

Baltimore Clayworks is proud to announce the solo exhibitions of our resident artists Clarissa Pezone and Jason Piccoli, who explore narrative ceramics via two distinct paths. The exhibitions will run from July 9th to August 27, 2022. An opening reception with the artists will be held on Saturday, July 9th from 6-8, masks and social distancing is required.



Perpetual Morphosis by Dustin Wong | Opening Reception
Saturday, July 9 • 6-10pm
@ Current Space

Current Space is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Dustin Wong titled Perpetual Morphosis.

– Opening Reception: July 9, 6-10pm during Dustin Wong’s outdoor music performance (admission required)
Tickets here
– Exhibit Runs: July 15 – July 23, 2022
– Gallery Hours: Fridays & Saturdays 1-5pm or by appointment ([email protected]).

*Note that gallery hours are free to attend, but because this opening coincides with Dustin’s music show, the opening is ticketed.

Inspired by Brion Gysin’s Dreamachines, Japanese soumatou (motorized lanterns of the Obon spirit festivals), and the work of light artist Thomas Wilfred, Perpetual Morphosis evokes the reflective properties and effects of myth and perception. While we readily recognize myth in popular and canonical archetypes, Perpetual Morphosis presents occasions in which we can also discover the mythic significations imaginable in abstract phenomena. By spending time with Dustin Wong’s array of audiovisual rendezvous—or, as mythologist Joseph Campbell would say, getting “tricked into the ritual” of engaging the exhibit— in which scintillating objects concurrently rotate and metamorphize, the viewer may form meaningful relationships to shapes, patterns, and fluctuations of light and color.

This exhibit features multiple installation pieces. Each immersive installation environment invites viewers to take in staggered and continuously looped “video sculptures.” Dustin’s video sculptures are made by filming materials placed upon slowly-spinning turntables and thereafter modifying them through generative algorithms in postproduction—a process that seeks to recreate novel textures and evoke in the viewer’s mind correlations between organic materials and eternal archetypes.

​​The exhibit’s opening reception coincides with an outdoor music show in Current Space’s courtyard with performances by Dustin Wong, Stephen Santillan, Hellp, and B|_ank. Before and after the show, attendees are welcome to explore Perpetual Morphosis.

Dustin Wong was born in Hawaii (1982) and grew up in Tokyo. He studied Film at the California College of Arts in Oakland (2001-2003) and sculpture and performance at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore (2003-2005). After graduating from MICA, his creative focus shifted to music. Forming bands (Ecstatic Sunshine, Ponytail) and cultivating solo music projects opened opportunities for him to travel throughout the US and Europe. For over ten years, the themes of Dustin’s work have been interested in the mystical, esoteric, and spiritual and, in recent years, have moved towards the idea of creating a space for healing through sight and sound. To learn more about Dustin and listen to his music, visit



Sunday, July 10: 4pm
@ SNF Parkway Theatre

For the past 10 years, Baltimore Living Archives Artist in Residence Lawrence Burney has been a lead journalist telling the usually hidden and untold stories highlighting Baltimore + the DMV’s most captivating music, visual arts, and the surrounding culture that informs both. This summer Lawrence curates a series of films that in one way or another, have helped him gain a better understanding of self. Whether they affirm personal experiences, help make more sense of family & communities that raised him, or altered the way he approaches his work, each is crucial to his growth as a man and a curatorial force. True Laurels Summer Films present an opportunity for Lawrence to share how he sees the world with the public.

Hot Pepper Synopsis: Acclaimed filmmaker, Les Blank, spent five decades immersing himself in overlooked American culture across music, food, beauty, and art. As much an enthusiast as a documentarian, Blank’s films are often admiring and intimate close-ups of individual musicians. Hot Pepper is a thrilling musical portrait of Zydeco King Clifton Chenier, who combined the pulsating rhythms of Cajun dance music and Black R&B with African overtones, belting out his irresistible music in the sweaty juke joints of South Louisiana.

Parkway Theatre
5 West North Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21201



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Nearly White, Nearly Black | Open Call
deadline July 20
posted by Artists Living Room

Artists Living Room is looking for visual artworks that express the circumstances in very “light” and “dark” situations. Under the two different circumstances, what have we seen, and what have we looked?

The themes of the parallel exhibitions are open for interpretation. We hope to provide an open-ended experience and thinking for both the artists and viewers. It might be an intriguing experience as long as we don’t tangle in the chaotic part for too long.

Some possible directions

“Nearly White” might be in the condition of exceeding light. It could be clearness of the total or a repeating extreme.

“Nearly Black” might be in exceeding darkness. It could be a scattered kind of concealing or an approach to the limit of extreme.

Artists are welcome to apply to one of the shows or both Nearly White and Nearly Black.

Selected artists might also be considered for collaborations with Artists Living Room NYC in the future.

Nearly White and Nearly Black will be on view from August 5 to 20 on Artists Living Room’s online virtual gallery.



Circ Artist Grants
deadline July 20

The Circ Artist Grants are open to emerging, mid-career, and professional artists in an international open call, several times throughout the year.

The Circ Artist Grant provides unrestricted funding to artists with a demonstrated commitment to their art. Two artists per grant cycle are awarded $550 each to enhance and further their creative practice.


The summer application cycle opens on May 12, 2022, and the deadline is July 20, 2022.

Winners will be announced on August 3, 2022.


$25 non-refundable application fee.


Emerging, mid-career, and mature artists are eligible and encouraged to apply. Once an artist is awarded a Circ Artist Grant, they will not be eligible to apply again for one year.


Circ Artist Grant is open to all mediums of visual art (oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, photography, sculpture, fiber, wood, glass, ceramics, digital art) except video/film.


The application requires 3-6 images of your work and a brief artist statement. Submission is done through CaFÉ, a free web-based service for artists,



Seeking paid panelists to revise MSAC’s Special Request Grant Program!
deadline July 28
posted by Maryland State Arts Council

MSAC will be facilitating the public-led revision of the Special Request grant program, which has funded special arts projects at Maryland organizations for the past four years. This effort is based on a need to clarify the program’s policies, provide equitable access to funds that have been spent discretionarily in the past, and grow the portfolio of MSAC funding opportunities currently available to Maryland’s arts sector. The next step of this process is to identify a panel of editors who will work with MSAC staff to develop the policy recommendations that will define the evolution of the Special Request program. Consider completing an application to serve as an editor in this process.

All selected editors will be expected to:

  • Become familiar with the previous policies and procedures of the Special Request program.
  • Work with MSAC staff to revise Special Request policies and procedures in alignment with public need and the goals of the current MSAC strategic plan.
  • Participate in at least two virtual meetings discussing the above issues and developing procedure and policy recommendations for further consideration by MSAC staff, council, and Department of Commerce leadership.

What we are looking for:

  • Maryland residents with backgrounds in a variety of arts administration and cultural worker roles, or who are interested in learning how changes are considered and implemented within MSAC.
  • Members of teams whose organizations have previously received Special Request funding are particularly encouraged to apply.


How to apply:

  • Click the Apply Now button below to log in or create a free account in SmartSimple. You must be registered as an “Independent Artist” to apply to be an editor.
  • Under Funding Opportunities, select “Public Call.”
  • Select “Program Editor” from the first drop down option.
  • Select “Special Request” as the Grant Program from the second drop down option.
  • Click “Save Draft” at the bottom to populate the application.
  • Complete the application and click “Submit.”

Editors will receive a minimum of $300 upon completion of assigned tasks, with the possibility of additional compensation if more than two virtual meetings are needed. Access to internet is required, and a Gmail account is recommended to participate.



The Green Environment | Call for Submissions
deadline July 31
posted by SE Center for Photography

For the call for The Green Environment, we are looking for work that explores a verdant landscape, be that in nature or in the midst of the city, visually expressing the concept of Green ecology or policies or addressing environment stewardship, such as visualizing the issues related to climate change and environmental concerns to keep the environment green.

Our juror for The Green Environment is Douglas Stockdale, who is a visual artist, book-nerd, science-geek, and leads our popular photobook development workshops. In 2008, Stockdale founded and is currently the Senior Editor of PhotoBook Journal, a virtual magazine that provides reviews of contemporary photographic books.

35-40 Selected images will hang in the SE Center’s main gallery space for approximately one month with the opportunity to be invited for a solo show at a later date. In addition, selected images are featured in the SE Center social media accounts (FB, IG, Twitter) and an archived, online slide show. A video walkthrough of each exhibition is also featured and archived.



Anita Wetzel Residency Grant
deadline August 1
posted by Women’s Studio Workshop

Anita Lynn Wetzel was the founding spirit of Women’s Studio Workshop. In her life and in her art she epitomized generosity and grace. Anita was a true humanist, in one with nature. In honor of Anita’s legacy, her friends and WSW are establishing the Anita Wetzel Residency Grant at Women’s Studio Workshop. The Anita Wetzel Residency Grant is a new opportunity focused on mature artists (45 years old and up) to create new work and fully immerse themselves in WSW’s supportive environment. This residency gives artists the gift of time, 4-6 weeks, to live and work away from the stresses of daily life. Artists may choose to work in any one or more of our studios: intaglio, letterpress, papermaking, screen printing, darkroom photography, or ceramics. This residency is fully subsidized. WSW provides housing and studio space at no cost. Additionally, the selected artist will receive a stipend of $350/week, up to $500 for materials used during the residency, and up to $250 toward travel within the Continental US. Artists receive a thorough studio orientation and are expected to work independently, although studio staff is available to provide assistance. Deep technical assistance can be arranged for an additional fee. The artist is responsible for any other expenses such as meals and incidentals while in residence.



The Franconia Fellowship
deadline August 1
posted by Franconia Sculpture Park

The Franconia Fellowship supports mid-career artists working in sculpture and installation, including land art, ceramics, contemporary craft, experimental sound/music, and performance art.

Fellowships for artists making object-based work offer a self-directed residency and $7500 stipend to fabricate and install work for exhibition in the 50-acre outdoor sculpture park. These fellows also stay on-site for up to six weeks within the timeframes offered; residency dates will be scheduled directly with the residency director.

Fellowships for artists working in performance include a $7500 stipend and dynamic professional opportunities. Residents will stay for 2 to 6 weeks at Franconia followed by a one-week stay in Minneapolis with Franconia partner Dreamsong, where fellows will present a public program. Additionally, these fellows will have an opportunity to present their work for inclusion in the 2023 Satellite Art Show in Miami. Fair Director and performance art curator, Quinn Dukes, will conduct studio visits with artists during their residency at Franconia and discuss the feasibility of their projects at that time.



header image: Clarissa Pezone. Onus 1 at Baltimore Clayworks

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