Wormhole: MICA’s Multi Media Event

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The Multi Media Event is one of MICA’s must-see annual highlights, where student artists combine garments, sculpture, puppetry, and performance into a gesamtkunstwerk spectacle. This year, three shows spread across Friday, April 21st and Saturday, April 22nd transported audience members “to rich and unique dimensions resplendent with distinctive characters, languages, and mythologies.”

Marla Parker, the instructor who coordinates the program, explains: “The Experimental Fashion Minor’s capstone classes, Multi Media Event I & II, represent the culmination of two semesters’ research, work, study, and imagination. Offered by the Fiber Department, the Multi Media event is a fifteen-year tradition that showcases garment, performance, and work on the body. The MME class tasks its students with two major hurdles. First, they develop a body of physical work in preparation for the live performance, and secondly, they conceptualize and direct the event itself.”

According to Parker, six MME students worked across departments in a truly collaborative way to create this year’s show. “Jay Gould’s fall and spring Studio Lighting classes immortalize these worlds in the beautiful program and branding system designed by students Yoon Joo Cho and Ashley Zhang,” she says. “This immersive experience would be incomplete without media projections designed by Nico De Cardenas.”

Parker explains that the “magic of Wormhole happens when the work becomes greater than the sum of its individual parts, a tribute to cross-disciplinary practice and collaboration. As a former MME student myself, it has been a great privilege and honor to facilitate this year’s production and its tremendous students. Unique visions like theirs are required to build our future world.”


Kassandra Jorge makes up Hebe Wang for Maia Malakoff's collection
Hebe Wang modeling for Maia Malakoff
Sierra Faish, Hannah Sun, and Char Martinez modeling for Elana Wallach
Karizma Bakerupshaw and Kweku Wooten modeling for Venus Stanton
Sara de Los Santos, Troy Smith, and Kweku Wooten modeling for Venus Stanton
Cole Wade modeling for Lee Gross
Work by Lee Gross
Kiren Balakrishnan modeling for Cassidy English
Hebe Wang and Minseon Song modeling for Maia Malakoff
Sofia Klimkowski Arango and Nadia Nazar modeling for Maia Malakoff
Iris Ruvalcaba modeling for Cassidy English
Work by Cassidy English
Sinder Block and Edward Lou modeling for Cassidy English
Karizma Bakerupshaw modeling for Venus Stanton
Designer Brian High and model Vie Soler
Designer Brian High with models Aditri Bhattacharjee, John High, Elio Kreger, Shweta Balakrishna, Kris Tapia, Vie Soler, and Kenny Robinson
Brian High's collection "Starlight Express" modelled by Elio Kreger, John High, and Aditri Bhattacharjee, with the designer.
Kris Tapia and Joely Ramos modeling for Elana Wallach
Cole Wade, Hal Malone, Morgan Knox, and Mahala Mrozek modeling for Lee Gross
Alberto Garaulet, Jay Ashley, Al Williams, Mantis Azul, and Sinder Block modeling for Cassidy English
Designers, models, instructor, stage management, and volunteers
Designers & Collections
Cassidy English: CAB’s Deep Web Fashion Adventure Website | Instagram
Lee Gross: Familiar Sacrament Website | Instagram
Brian High: Starlight Express Website | Instagram
Maia Malakoff: Our Hearts Are Woven Instagram
Venus Stanton: Midnight Funk Association Website | Instagram

Elana Wallach: INTERIOR Website | Instagram

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