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"I always think of how much, how high, and how something can get done that has yet to be seen or encountered."

Carla Du Pree’s profound surrender to the principle of abundance has allowed her advocacy to flourish, especially CityLit Project, a Baltimore literary nonprofit founded by Gregg Wilhelm in 2004.

Sherrilyn Ifill, Jessica Lynne in Montana, how to apply makeup, Ukraine, Euphoria, Casual Geographic, and more

I was not feeling the internet or being online much this week, and everything I consumed felt extremely disparate.

Month-long workshops and discussions that underscore the importance of craft, storytelling, and community

Spread out over the month of March with live and virtual events, the 2022 festival's keynote speaker is Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Ukraine, Ketanji Brown Jackson, college basketball, Arthur, race and class, and more

A lot happened this week.

Mo'Nique, Zora Neale Hurston, Venus and Serena Williams, the Olympics, Kanye and Kim, and more

The internet was very good, but also very dramatic this week.

Harvard and abuse in academia, Twitter dynamics, Betty Davis, the transatlantic slave trade, freeing Washington's last orca, Awkwafina, and more

My Instagram was hacked last weekend so it has been a WEEK on the internet for me!

Black southernness, divesting from Spotify, Hannah Traore, Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, and more

The internet had a good mix of drama, long reads, and things I simply enjoyed this week.

The new magazine features manifestos, portraits by Schaun Champion, and more info on the critical reading and writing program for Black girls

Taking the form of poems, essays, letters, and stories, the manifestos are sometimes loud, as if shouted through a bullhorn, while others read like a prayer, a setting of intention.

A new chapbook organized by Ann Quinn is both an anthology and a self-directed workshop for poets looking to expand their skills

Poetry Is Life, a new poetry workbook published this month by Baltimore’s Yellow Arrow Publishing, morphs a successful workshop into a handy, portable, and non-electronic format.

Love, death, mourning, the South Georgia Museum, avalanche rescue and climate change, Lana Del Rey and the US Army, and more

The internet was weird this week.

André Leon Talley, Drakeo the Ruler, Zora Neale Hurston, Tonga, Wordle, Joss Whedon, important Zillow finds, and more


Gentrification of consciousness, climate change and insects, Michaela Jae Rodriguez, the Bronx Fire, port-a-potties, and more

The internet was sad, and funny, and beautiful this week.

Country music, Whitney Houston, grief and hoodies, remembering Betty White and Sidney Poitier, the Teletubbies, and more

So much has happened on the internet in the past two weeks, and I’m still catching up on year-end highlights and things from December.

An interview with artist, writer, and professor Mark Alice Durant about small press Saint Lucy Books

Saint Lucy evolved from a blog covering photography and contemporary art into a small press that produces stylish, unique books exploring the liminal possibilities and hidden histories of photography.

The 2021 list of lists!

Highlights: Longreads and essays, those we lost, music, TV, memes and internet culture, and weird websites.

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