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Media & Literature

On Anne Boyer’s ‘The Undying,’ Reopening America, and Capitalist Medicine

A challenging, instructive text in this period of mass illness and isolation, when it is hard to imagine a future, though we must.

The best queer stories acknowledge pleasure’s colorful origins, unflattering or otherwise

Each vignette is a high-wire act, teetering along the razor’s edge separating shame and desire, passion and violence, actualization and obliteration.

Featuring: Lana Del Rey, the history of backlash, how a slave changed American food, André Leon Talley, and more

The internet was almost too much for me this week.

Jill Scott and Erykah Badu's battle, Little Richard's death, Stevie Wonder's 70th birthday, D. Watkins and Danny Hersl, biblical mysteries, and more

The internet had a lot of different things going on this week.

Little Simz's new album, Lorraine Hansberry, Ahmaud Arbery and sharing videos of death, the 2020 Pulitzer Prizes, and more

I was kinda really into the internet this week.

Appreciating the Dogged Dedication and Hopeful Leadership of Taurus

'The Obama Portraits' gives an intimate look at the process, the artists who painted the portraits, and the hope Obama’s presidency provided for Americans

Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé, Mobb Deep, La Vie Bohème, wealth shown to scale, AI memes

There were some things I was feeling on the internet this week, but also a lot I was not into.

#blackAF, Kali Uchis’ quarantine EP, The Last Dance, Harlem’s Tiger King, Anderson Cooper vs. The Mayor of Las Vegas

The internet was wild this week.

Speaking the language of memes, real-world visual puns reveal the tragicomedy of contemporary life

FOLLOWING is a series of profiles and interviews of the art world social media accounts that make us think, laugh, cry, love, or sometimes just “like.” 

Checking in with a few of the Baltimore businesses that sell our magazine

Get vintage clothing and masks delivered to your porch, pick up local coffee and charcuterie, plus ideas for keeping your children and yourself entertained with remote book clubs and story hours.

Our pandemic summer, save the post office, the rat war, Fiona Apple and more

The internet was our new normal this week: filled with everything COVID-19.

Curated by Ginevra Shay, the project connected 22 poets and artists with 240 listeners

In this weird and surreal time of social distancing and self-isolation, a stranger’s voice can feel like a warm invitation.

Offill delivers news of the coming doom in clear, piquant prose, arranged as glimmering diaristic fragments

Weather takes an atmospheric view of dread, from domestic to existential, that is particular to our 21st-century life.

Remembering David C. Driskell, Zsela’s haunting covers, Doja Cat in Chain Mail, Paul Chan loves Cats, and more.

I wasn’t really interested in, and didn’t have the capacity for, longreads this week—many of which were about the pandemic. Instead, I focused on shorter reads, and quick snippets from the internet. 

What we can learn from the intrepidness of goal-oriented Aries

Author Susan Muaddi Darraj—who is Arab American and born to Palestinian parents—is forging new ground and giving visibility to young girls from this culture.

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