Media & Literature

Media & Literature

Mothers of civil rights figures, AOC, SOPHIE, whiney rich people, and more

The internet was alright this week.

Cicely Tyson, GameStop, Black veganism, comprehending the climate crisis, oral history of 'The Emperor's New Groove'

The internet was good this week!

Inauguration highlights, screen memories, Kyrie Irving, plastic surgery Instagram, and more

The internet was a bit relieving but also exhausting this week.

El Anatsui, Rihanna and Lorna Simpson, Georgia oranges, "TRUMP" carved into a manatee, the oral history of Wikipedia, and more

The internet was very intense and kinda all over the place this week.

The Executive Director of the summer-long literary program A Revolutionary Summer talks about external and authentic power

Cole’s belief in language as freedom is the catalyst for her life’s work—to motivate Black girls and women to use language as a tool for finding their own authentic power.

Trump's riot, SoHo Karen, the customer is wrong, the last northern white rhinos, Jazmine Sullivan, and more

We might be in a new year, but we are dealing with the same shit.

The challenges of ladder-climbing and Capricorn ambition

Darren is definitely intrigued by the loads of money he could make as a salesperson at Sumwun, but there is more to it.

This year was a lot and much of it happened on the internet

Time was simultaneously at a standstill and moving at a blistering pace.

BmoreArt's print journal examines power within the context of individual art practices, communities, and institutional structures

Issue 10: Power is BmoreArt's second print journal released since Covid-19 closures

Black nonchalance, our unlived lives, Nancy Meyers, femme superheroes, Oreo's brand strategy, Dionne Warwick's Tweets, and more

There were a lot of great long reads on the internet this week that had me deep in my feels.

Quarantine memes, white allyship, Black fathers, class and classical music, why we love the monoliths, and more

The internet was a lot this week but also mostly good.

An Interview with the two editors of Black Futures

The Black Futures project will remain a bastion of the wonder of Black mastery as well as the beauty of Black mundanity.

With Sagittarian honesty, author Wally Koval doesn’t mince words about the history of a place

As the eclipses shake us up, we welcome lively Sagittarius season.

America is getting less religious, lesbian rom-coms, Mariah Carey is the kitsch queen of Christmas, and more

The internet was a little all over the place this week but I also loved it.

'Black Futures’ explores what it means to be Black and alive right now

While forward-thinking, Black Futures is simultaneously about Black pasts and Black presents.

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