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Media & Literature

Things that happened: Ta-Nehisi Coates speaks out, Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghans expelled from Pakistan, Keith Lee vs. Atlanta, Cup Noodles, Palestinian bombing, Winnie Harlow's Halloween, Megan Thee Stallion, Jamila Woods, and Flavor Flav sings the national anthem. 

The internet was both a reminder of all the concurrent crises, as well as joy, hope, and the silly things of the world.

Baltimore news updates from independent & regional media

Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann and Jackie Milad at VisArts, playwright Tatiana Nya Ford, Terri Lee Freeman, Dr. Edwin T. Johnson, and Lady Brion interviewed on WYPR Midday, CharmTV moving to Black Arts District, Bertha's closes for good, and more.

Three Years in the Making, This Beautiful Book Pairs Nationally Recognized Authors with Visual Artists

Baltimore Is Truly a City of Artists. This New Book Aims to Explore Why and How from a Variety of Diverse Perspectives.

Harlan Crow’s other sugar baby, Art Forum and David Velasco, Maine mass shooting, Judith Butler speaks out, Black Feminism and Palestine, Queen Latifah, Hasan Minha, Britney Spears, and Taylor Swift. 

This internet was difficult this week.

Baltimore news updates from independent & regional media

This week's news includes: Talib Jasir's Black podcaster festival, New BMA exhibitions centering Native artists, NMWA director Susan Fisher Sterling on Art Angle Podcast, 11 DC Exhibits, Jonathon Heyward at the BSO, DC's JHU Bloomberg Center, and more!

Irena Stein's Debut Cookbook, Photography, and Baltimore Eateries Bring Venezuela's Rich Cuisine and Lush Landscapes to International Audiences

Over 50 recipes, developed in collaboration with Venezuelan chef Eduardo Egui showcase the Venezuelan staple in all its forms. The traditional corn arepa, neutral in flavor, is a vessel for endless variations.

Baltimore news updates from independent & regional media

This week's news includes: John Ellsberry's Iconic Remington alligator mural, Hopkins opens Bloomberg Center in DC, MD poet laureate Grace Cavalieri, Full Circle Dance Company, and Blacks in White opens at the Lewis Museum

Things that happened: Israel-Palestine conflict, War, War Crimes, Misinformation, but also: Derecka Purnell, Banned Books, Drake, and Aliah Sheffield

The internet mirrored the events in the world this week and it was terrible.

Baltimore news updates from independent & regional media

Ghost Rivers public art installation, Locally Grown Festival at Center Stage, Buns and Roses bakery, Saint Amelie at the Walters, the Maryland Lyric Opera is closing, Edgar Allan Poe's mysterious death, Little Donna's overwhelmed, graffiti artist Chris Stain, BROS "Gold Night," and more.

Highlights: OceanGate's Titan, ‘Flat Places’, Dearica Hamby, the WNBA expands, Jimmy Butler, Offset v. Bobbi Althoff, ‘Love is Blind’, Morgan State, Bedbugs in Paris, and Jon Romano. 

The internet was a dramatic mess this week.

Baltimore news updates from independent & regional media

Tola's Room, New Exhibits at the Rubell Museum DC, Baltimore Print Fair Postponed to 2025, NMWA reopens, Baltimore Book Festival returns in Waverly, MD Film Fest is back, and ongoing Artscape exhibitions.

Highlights: Marriage plots, Airlines, Colin Kaepernick, grief and love, “Black math,” Blueface and Chrisean, the WGA, pandas, WNBA expansions, and remembering Dianne Feinstein. 

The internet was FUNNY and engaging this week.

Baltimore news updates from independent & regional media

This week's news includes:  The Walters acquires Kehinde Wiley and Herbert Massie, mulitple public art works go missing, Jill Orlov wins the MASB Artist Travel Prize, fiber artist Melissa Webb, Little Donna's named one of 50 best restaurants, looking back on Artscape, and more!

Highlights: Florida Man, Kirk Franklin, Deion Sanders, Jann Wenner, Russell Brand, Clarence Thomas, James Ho, Jens Haaning, Diddy, and F-35s. 

I could not keep up with the internet this week!

Baltimore news updates from independent & regional media

This week’s news includes: What to know ahead of Artscape weekend, Baltimore's Arts & Culture Advisory Committee, John Waters' Hollywood star, High Zero and Charm City Fringe return, André De Shields honored, Derrick Adams in LA, 2023 Trawick Prize winners, and more.

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