Professional Development & Career

Professional Development & Career

Nick Wisniewski and the Art of Occupation by Will Holman

Baltimore can get grim in late autumn, with matte gray skies and lingering cold rain. One recent such afternoon, the sun just going down, I came to an address provided ...

Years after finishing an MFA at MICA, Erin Cluley opens her own gallery in Dallas and sets the tone with two solo shows of Baltimore artists.

The Erin Cluley Gallery is now open in Dallas, TX with work on display by René Treviño and Jimmy Joe Roche

For the past fifteen years, Bathgate has built, modified and used a variety of metalworking tools and machinery.

Bathgate’s body of work is comprised of intricately machined metal sculptures that represent the combination of his unique metalworking style with a pragmatic, logistics-based approach to engineering complex metal objects.

A New Studio Building for Artists in Baltimore's Korea Town Neighborhood

A Korean-American Artist and a Baltimore-born Architect Buy a Studio Building Together in Korea Town

How buying a building in Baltimore can be a form of sustainability for creatives

I believe that the only way that artists can avoid real estate victimhood is to own it.

The most expensive colleges in the country are NOT Ivy Leagues - they are art schools

Once a graduate starts paying their student loans, what once seemed like a great idea can become tinged with regret. And poverty.

Uncovering the How and Why behind Artist Residencies

I didn’t know anybody who had been on a residency, and I didn’t know how to get one myself, but I knew I wanted one.  I had to figure it out.

While most Baltimore artists are now familiar with The Rubys, the new artist grants designed to “support the region’s gems” with up to ten thousand dollars per project, few are ...

Recently, Edward Winkleman addressed the question,  “ Are Artists with Day Jobs Serious?” In response to a mega-gallery assistant director dismissing artists with day jobs as hobbyists, he wrote, “Until ...

  Introduction: Just for the record, this is the first EVER Gertrude Stein Questionnaire completed by a couple! And it's adorable. Lynn and Ben are both based here in Baltimore ...

Julia Marciari-Alexander's Vision for a Future Inclusive to Contemporary Art

“I have a philosophy of continued improvement,” Marciari-Alexander says.

Andrew Simonet Explains the Whys and Hows behind Artists U

On the eve of the first Artist U's Free Intensive Workship in Baltimore, titled 'building a sustainable life as an artist,' Founder and Director Andrew Simonet agreed to have a conversation ...

Clearing up misconceptions among artist levels and categories

Most artists are emerging artists - for their entire career. This is perfectly normal.

Do's and Don'ts for an Artist Resume and CV

An art resume is very different from an employment resume.

Best Professional Practices for Artists: The Artist Statement Made Simple

A good artist statement should enhance what a viewer sees in your work and provide a concise handle to approach a visual piece.

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