Stories by Isa Gold
A Conversation with the Painter on the Pleasure of Process, Invigorating the Ordinary, and Etheric Bodies

For Chabwera, painting is an opportunity to turn inwards and reflect on the mind, body, and self. She then gradually externalizes those reflections through a singular piece or series.

How the Painter Embarks Upon the Physical and Psychological Cosmos

Like his artwork, Alli offers a glimpse into the boundless potential of the human imagination.

A Conversation with Whitney Frazier and Kirby Griffin on Their Collaborative Project Calling Attention to Baltimore’s Black Women Leaders

Frazier and Griffin's shared vision has made possible a series of narrative works that bring otherwise overlooked corners of Baltimore to the forefront of public attention. 

Meet the artist whose vibrant murals feel like inhaling pure color

Erenberg’s paintings animate their urban surroundings and seem to breathe themselves.