Rahne Alexander

Rahne Alexander is an interdisciplinary artist and writer from Baltimore, working in video, music, and performance. She is the frontwoman of the rock band Santa Librada, and an MFA student in the Intermedia+Digital Art program at UMBC. More of her work is available at her website: rahne.com.

Stories by Rahne Alexander
A conversation with experimental writer and archivist Megan McShea

Proprietary technologies and planned obsolescence collide to make data harder to extract once a file format is no longer supported, leading to a growing concern about the impact of this current “digital dark age.”

An Interview with Filmmaker Karen Yasinsky

One Night Only, explores the visual languages of silent film stars and stand-up comedians.

"This work is about empathy. I wait; I go into meditative spaces and I will either have automatic writing or I'll have an image."

Potter provides a valuable resource which is adaptable for individuals and organizations alike in combating harassment and violence.