Performance: Music, Theater, & Dance

Performance: Music, Theater, & Dance

If a good performance is one that resonates, then Collective Dreaming at MICA’s BBOX theater March 6 and 7, was spectacular, as the COVID-19 pandemic has made the performance unexpectedly relevant and poignant.

If a good performance is one that resonates, then Collective Dreaming at MICA’s BBOX theater March 6 and 7, was spectacular.

Hyper-local Ghost Story Explores History's Tensions with the Present

Who are these people? What is their relationship? Why is it so damn awkward? It's an engaging hook for the audience that fits nicely with the farcical Clue-inspired supernatural whodunnit that follows in the second half of the one-act play. 

Lola Pierson's opera, with music by Horse Lords, finds humor in incomprehension

Lola Pierson, who wrote the text and directed the show, frequently had the audience laughing—often at the very confusion that opera (and language) might perpetuate.

'Pop' Turns Valerie Solanas' 1968 Shooting of Andy Warhol into an Agatha Christie-ish Whodunnit

The 2009 musical, with book/lyrics by Maggie-Kate Coleman and music by Anna K. Jacobs, is ahistorical, apolitical, amodern, and absolutely entertaining.

Photos from the 20th Annual MLK Day Parade in Baltimore

On an extra cold day, Baltimore citizens gathered for the 20th annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade

Tragicomedy seems a fitting genre for a show about witchcraft, for what is more magical than being more than one thing at once?

As Budenz makes clear at the beginning of the show, there has always been some version of a fuckboy, always someone trying to slide into your DMs.

The I. Henry Photo Project

Webster’s grandfather, I. Henry Phillips, was a photographer at the Afro-American newspaper. His father, Irving, also worked for the Afro, and traveled around the South with Martin Luther King Jr., documenting his speeches for the paper.

I’ll hear her first. Walking along Woodward in residential Queens, the Manhattan skyline is a silhouette in the distance. With a glance at the house number, I slip off the ...

A 25-person-plus cast and production team remounted the Talking Heads' classic Stop Making Sense concert as a fundraiser for the Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition.

This year was the fourth year for Light City, Baltimore's festival of light, music, discussions, and innovation, organized by the Baltimore Office of Promotions and the Arts. Hosted in Baltimore's ...

Space Kümité is probably the most good, clean fun one can have consuming a piece of media that revolves around a fight to the death to settle a debate about recycling human waste. 

25 Artists Interpret Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense to Fundraise for Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition

Last year, a group of Baltimore-based musicians and performers put on a benefit show for Moveable Feast at the 2640 Space—a live interpretation of The Band’s The Last Waltz, an ...

A Second Life to BROS and Fluid Movement Props, Costumes, and Set Pieces

The sprawling exhibition stretches down Howard Street from Current Space to Planned Parenthood and reimagines the block’s vacant storefronts as vitrines to display a curious niche of local visual cult

When the sun was still out on the last Saturday in October, a group of zombies did a step routine. A line that seemed a hundred-people-long, many in costume—little chickens, ...

I am uncomfortably close to a plate breaking over an actor’s head, seated among the audience on my metal folding chair. The seating is designed for easy movement during the ...

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