Brandon Soderberg

Brandon Soderberg

Brandon Soderberg is a reporter from Baltimore. He is the former editor-in-chief of Baltimore City Paper, the cofounder of Baltimore Beat, and is currently co-writing a book about the Gun Trace Task Force for St. Martin’s Press.

Stories by Brandon Soderberg
Union organizers accuse BMA Director Chris Bedford of privately stalling election while publicly championing security guards through a new exhibition

On Tuesday, March 22, a group of seven workers who are part of the ongoing effort to unionize the Baltimore Museum of Art held signs with slogans such as “1 Voice, 1 Union” and “No More Delays”; one sign had “Guarding the Art” changed to “Guarding the Guards.”

The bookstore/cafe announced that the cooperative has purchased two buildings that will become their "forever home" in Waverly

A cooperative rather than collective, Red Emma’s tweaks the sometimes oppositional, puritanical perspective of radicalism, expanding without compromising.

Not so much an interview as one friend interrogating another, pushing him a little

Musician and MDVLA executive director Adam G. Holofcener’s new album GEE-ZA-WHIZ begins with a deep breath and a deeper exhalation

People who can build and tinker and think super hard, who are malleable by nature, can be lifesavers

A 2019 report showed Open Works’ membership was significantly more diverse than that of other maker spaces around the country: 43 percent of its members are people of color, 54 percent are women.