Nora Belblidia

Nora Belblidia grew up in Maryland and came to Baltimore frequently for its art and music scene. After living in Montreal and New Orleans for a few years, she finally moved to Baltimore in 2016, where she has since worked as a psilocybin research coordinator and freelance writer. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in writing at Johns Hopkins University.

Stories by Nora Belblidia
James Bouché on Mormonism, Family History, and Guilt 

Family History Center is Bouché’s most explicitly personal show to-date, in part because he is there to guide you through the material.

The I. Henry Photo Project

Webster’s grandfather, I. Henry Phillips, was a photographer at the Afro-American newspaper. His father, Irving, also worked for the Afro, and traveled around the South with Martin Luther King Jr., documenting his speeches for the paper.

“What if we could just grow the thing that we want?”  Ryan Hoover is asking a radical question. What if, instead of cutting down a tree, pulping its wood, compressing ...

This week: the poetics of space and crumbling structures at Current Space, a strong sense of play at Cardinal, and open-ended explorations of femininity at Waller Gallery.   Sarah Hunter, ...