Laurence Ross


Laurence Ross is a Baltimore-based writer and educator. He received his MFA from the University of Alabama and has published his essays and reviews in literary journals such as BrevityGaga Stigmata, and The Georgia Review as well as The Huffington Post. Ross lived in New Orleans for six years, where he was a frequent contributor to Pelican Bomb, a regional publication dedicated to the Louisiana arts community. He also served as the Director of P.3Writes, an educational program in conjunction with U.S. Art Triennial Prospect New Orleans.

Stories by Laurence Ross
Tragicomedy seems a fitting genre for a show about witchcraft, for what is more magical than being more than one thing at once?

As Budenz makes clear at the beginning of the show, there has always been some version of a fuckboy, always someone trying to slide into your DMs.

Zachary Z. Handler's Self-Styling Through Cultural Ephemera and Refuse

In Zevel, Zachary Z. Handler creates a shrine to his experience growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

I am uncomfortably close to a plate breaking over an actor’s head, seated among the audience on my metal folding chair. The seating is designed for easy movement during the ...