Shop from Resort, Transformer, Make Studio, ICA Baltimore, Baltimore Jewelry Center, Baltimore Clayworks, and Galerie Myrtis

Look no further than these Baltimore- and DC-based galleries and artist-run spaces currently selling affordable art.

Amber Eve Anderson, Lance Bankerd, Se Jong Cho, Ami Dang, Taha Heydari, Eze Jackson, Leslie King-Hammond, Amanda McCormick, Deyane Moses, and Ernest Shaw

For visual artists, curators, performers, composers, and publishers, the purposeful creation of new archives, as well as the respectful transformation of past collections, is a common threat that unifies us on a quest to tell new stories and to diversity existing archives.

The view from Latin America's largest art fair

Unlike Basel, where you know the names of every single artist and gallery, at Maco there was so much space for discovery.

Mexico City's Artist-Centric Art Fair

Material is a young art fair but is now all grown up, both figuratively and literally.

CDMX Art Week gallery openings just ahead of Zona MACO and Material Art Fairs

Last year, Zona MACO brought in over 62,000 visitors compared to ABMB’s 81,000. Although they’re similar on paper, MACO is a smaller fair in a much larger city—which is really what makes this week feel different.

Art Basel Miami Beach's Artist-Run Art Fair

Art Basel Miami Beach and the whole Miami Art Week leading in to it are pretty overwhelming. Usually by the time the actual weekend rolls around I am sick of ...

After my fourth trip, I finally think I'm beginning to understand Miami Art Week. It's a microcosm of the art world and, when I close my eyes and think about ...

You know that weird feeling of panic you experience in a big-box store in the suburbs? When you look around a Walmart or Target and realize the sheer amount of ...

It's hard to believe Untitled Art Fair started in 2012, because the beachfront fair simultaneously feels young and new, but also institutional and grand. In many mental calendars, the curated ...

The New Rubell Museum Opens in Miami

Mera Rubell may be the only art collector in Miami who has ridden the city’s oft-forgotten metro. And she’s a fan.

“When choosing to buy vintage, you are doing yourself, the earth—and often your pocket—a good service,” explains the team (Julie Lilienfeld, Athena Hoffberger, and Ryan Haase) at Wishbone Reserve, a ...

Collecting is all about relationships!

How to organize a studio visit, how to build relationships between artists and collectors, and what to do when your studio is a hot mess.

How Architect Steve Ziger, of Ziger/Snead Has Influenced Baltimore’s Built Environment, Starting with his Own Home

The collection speaks to the city’s diversity, talent, and the collectors’ ambition to foster a more sustainable and equitable art ecosystem.

Connect + Collect III with Doreen Bolger and Taha Heydari

We discussed ethical relationships between artists, collectors, and galleries; strategies for exhibiting across the country and internationally; collecting at Baltimore-based art, and more.

How a DC-based lawyer became an advocate for contemporary art and artists

What’s especially inspiring about Rountree’s collection is that it’s personal, relational, and manageable in the relatively small Petworth rowhouse she shares with photographer Jati Lindsay, her husband, and their two-year-old daughter.

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