Visual Art

Visual Art

'Activating the Renaissance' at the Walters brings contemporary artists into conversation with altarpieces and saints

Flanked by ranks of Quattrocento holy figures, Stephen Towns’ protagonist feels at once at home and strikingly distinct.

Review of 'Early Blossoms/Perilous Thirds' at Current Space featuring Stephanie Barber, Patrick David, and Josh Dorman

Barber, David, and Dorman transport viewers to fictitious and prophetic scenarios of apocalypses and hopeful futures that suspend disbelief through immersion in surreal realms.

Organizers hope to attract collectors of all stripes

Twenty-four galleries, dealers, and print publishers from across the country will be present for the fair in Pigtown.

Five-artist show at Mono Practice invites reconsiderations of abstraction 

The intimate group show, Order and Uncertainty: Five Abstract Painters, features painters who share what curator Timothy App calls a classical impulse to bring order to abstraction: Power Boothe, the late Julie Karabenick; Patsy Krebs, WC Richardson, and Linling Lu.

Proceeds benefit the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund, which gives cultural workers emergency financial aid

This concrete gesture of solidarity is Elena Volkova’s way of “trying to turn grief into something productive,” she says. “Better than being curled-up crying on the floor.”

Joseph Orzal and his team envision a departure from the art-world machine

It all started in a DC living room eight years ago.

The artist discusses obsession with images, audiovisual archives, and exploring the limits of technology

Her work tells a story of real objects typically recast in an otherworldly way.

The Hirshhorn exhibit offers a fine-grained account of an artistic career that spans more than 70 years

After a two-year, Covid-related delay, One With Eternity, featuring five works by the beloved nonagenarian Yayoi Kusama, is now open at the Hirshhorn.

The artists with roots in Ukraine and Russia discuss war, photography, solidarity, and support

This war is gruesome, immoral, and cruel—both to the Ukrainian people, civilians targeted every day, and to the Russian soldiers who are dying for a cause many of them do not believe in.

A conversation with the now-deceased painter, contrarian, mentor, and longtime MICA faculty member

"I really believe the academic training I received was good for me, because I think, intrinsically, I’m a nut."

In 'Don’t put it back like it was,’ Larner explores creative destruction and transformation through materials such as mold, hair, and stainless steel

The first object I meet immediately implicates me in a process of dismantling.

“I wanted to create a space for Black people to feel surrounded by ancestors, surrounded by love.”

The future looks busy and bright for Merriweather, who completed her Fountainhead Residency in September and returned to live and work at Baltimore’s Creative Alliance, where she’ll be in residence through July 2022.

Succinct reviews of three must-see exhibitions in Baltimore this weekend

CENTENNIAL: On The Topic Of Now at Current Space, Open House: Art, Craft, and Domesticity at MICA's Decker Gallery, and a new art gallery/retail space in the former ICA Baltimore building on North Avenue.

The LLC, 405-417 East Oliver Street Partners, closed on the four-story, 71,744-square-foot building for $3.8 million

The legendary Greenmount West artist studio and exhibition space, owned and operated by artists since 2002, was sold to an LLC formed by the nonprofit Central Baltimore Partnership and real estate developer Ernst Valery on March 8, 2022.

On care work, connection, and paying close attention

"I do think that artists have always played an important role in imagining alternatives and bringing to light things that we’re not discussing otherwise."

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