Visual Art

Visual Art

MICA MFA Candidate, Multidisciplinary Artist, and Spectacle

"Don’t come if you don’t already know what you want to get out of yourself."

Elizabeth Catlett: Artist as Activist at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum

Field workers, sharecroppers, mothers, grandmothers (and occasionally fathers too) share space in her oeuvre with abolitionists and civil rights icons, everyone with dirt under their fingernails, everyone in all of their ordinary glory.

James Bouché on Mormonism, Family History, and Guilt 

Family History Center is Bouché’s most explicitly personal show to-date, in part because he is there to guide you through the material.

Memes, Art World Gossip, Tough Love, and Predictions for the New Year

@jerrygogosian: "You can still be an artist and find a way to support yourself without academia, grants, or gallery sales, and frankly, the bigger “world” needs the influence of artistic thinkers the most."

An Interview with Filmmaker Karen Yasinsky

One Night Only, explores the visual languages of silent film stars and stand-up comedians.

As the largest global displacement crisis since World War II continues to unfold, two recently opened installations in Washington, DC museums offer provocative, distinct ways of thinking about migration and ...

An Interview with Watercolorist and former MICA Professor Christine Neill

The artist talks about the impact climate change has had during her lifetime, what it was like to be one of the few mothers at MICA in the 1980s, and her beliefs about an artist’s role in educating the public.

Best Baltimore Exhibits, Projects, and Experiments 2010-2019

Baltimore’s pool of talent is an ever-expanding universe.

A Studio Visit with the 2019 23-year-old Sondheim Prize Winner

Brown’s installation and photography work, which asks her audience “to confront race and identity in modern terms,” challenges some viewers to recognize microaggressions they may not have previously considered.

Another good year for Baltimore's visual art scene

The best Baltimore art exhibitions of 2019 looked backward and forward, often simultaneously, probing current and past sociopolitical concerns as well as our increasingly foreboding environmental climate. Artists such as ...

Sun streams in through the large windows at the Walters’ 1 West Mount Vernon Place as Antonio McAfee shows me his installation “Unmaking and Making.” Shadowy faces from long ago, ...

Art Basel Miami Beach's Artist-Run Art Fair

Art Basel Miami Beach and the whole Miami Art Week leading in to it are pretty overwhelming. Usually by the time the actual weekend rolls around I am sick of ...

Judy Chicago’s newest body of work gapes at catastrophe. In The End: A Meditation on Death and Extinction, on view at the National Museum of Women in the Arts through ...

It’s a subtle and quiet idea: photograph one place for a long while. Fair Lawn, Scott Opirhory’s book of photography and accompanying show at Full Circle Fine Art Services’ Gallery ...

After my fourth trip, I finally think I'm beginning to understand Miami Art Week. It's a microcosm of the art world and, when I close my eyes and think about ...

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