Visual Art

Visual Art

A Durational Performance Designed by Ada Pinkston

MAWU: TheEndisTheBeginningIstheEnd is an eight-hour durational performance that combines the history of Juneteenth with the legacy of Lucy Parsons, the revolutionary labor organizer who fought for the eight-hour workday.

Adapting to virtual platforms, cooperative sales models, and what a future art world could look like

FAIR was designed for the internet and functions with a profit-sharing model with percentages going directly to artists and their galleries, a cooperative gallery sales pool, and a cooperative artists sales pool, with a smaller percentage going back to NADA.

A Report from AVAM, BMA, BMI, MHS, NMWA, Peale Center, Reginald F. Lewis Museum, and The Walters

Innovative offerings designed for a digital space and supporting community outreach

Led by materials and natural curiosity, Cheng's interdisciplinary practice is ever-evolving

For Cheng, the environment of the interdisciplinary studio, simulated in art school by classroom work time and interaction with the students, is the most important.

Performance artist Monsieur Zohore collaborates with NY galleries New Release and Palo to raise legal funds for protestors

All proceeds go directly to Baltimore Action Legal Team, an organization that offers legal services to protesters and has been operating a bail fund since April 2015

Chromati creates complex and dynamic abstracted paintings of figures anchored in the experiences of Black women’s lives and bodies

The Delaware Contemporary will celebrate Stepping Out to Step In, Chromati’s Platform Gallery commission with a public “drive-thru” opening from 5 to 8 pm on Friday, June 19.

A studio visit with Safiyah Cheatam, Afrofuturist, conceptual and social practice artist, UMBC Intermedia & Digital Arts MFA Candidate

Like Afrofuturists before her, Cheatam carries on the legacy through her evolving studio practice, through her daily existence, and through elements that incorporate her training as a filmmaker.

After Covid-19 postponement, Issue 09: Craft is coming! If you want to own it, please subscribe via our website.

Issue 09: Craft celebrates Baltimore’s incredible makers, visionary artists, and creative businesses

"My work rides a fine line between fine art and craft, if such a line exists."

Rosa Leff's self-taught paper-cutting practice began at her dining room table

Images for Baltimore raises much-needed funding for the Maryland Food Bank

Buy a $50 print by a Baltimore-based artist and support the MD Food Bank

Sangram Majumdar, Magnolia Laurie, Gaia, Erin Fostel, and Taha Heydari

A discussion with five Baltimore-based artists whose art practices have been affected by coronavirus

Digital shows and presentations for area institutions' graduating classes

Featuring UMBC, MICA, Bowie State, and more

Social practice artist, advocate of alternative educational models, Mount Royal MFA

The coronavirus crisis has affected everything, from world geopolitics to our small art worlds, says the Venezuelan artist and MICA MFA candidate

Speaking the language of memes, real-world visual puns reveal the tragicomedy of contemporary life

FOLLOWING is a series of profiles and interviews of the art world social media accounts that make us think, laugh, cry, love, or sometimes just “like.” 

Searching for solid footing in a world without structure with some unlikely support from Alice Cooper, sewing, weaving, and walking

The antidote to the greed and selfishness that got us all here is kindness and compassion. They say that begins at home. Lucky us.

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