Visual Art

Visual Art

An Art Collection that Encompasses the History of The Contemporary and Baltimore

Artist Richard “Rick” Cleaver is showing me the childhood snapshots of his husband, curatorial powerhouse George Ciscle, that he keeps pinned to the door of his home studio. “Why on ...

Varied responses from women on the BMA’s Announcement to Collect “Only Women” in 2020

Institutional critique from women working in the arts on the importance of making lasting, structural changes rather than vague pronouncements on equity for women in museum collections.

Amber Robles-Gordon’s multimedia installation at the Nicholson Project delves into emotional and physical histories of the bodies of women of color in scientific and medical contexts.

This week: Larry Cook's Eternal Splendor at Galerie Myrtis, Expanded Dialogue at Guest Spot at the Reinstitute and MONOPractice, and C – Magnetic Cultures: Four Chinese Artists at Cardinal.

"For art to inspire, it must be seen,” Gregory and Atwell told me during an interview. “One of our greatest joys is sharing our collection and hopefully spurring further thought in young minds.” 

Despite a generation between them, Phylicia and Edward Ghee share kindred qualities as artists and caretakers whose joy and resilience guide their paths.

Zachary Z. Handler's Self-Styling Through Cultural Ephemera and Refuse

In Zevel, Zachary Z. Handler creates a shrine to his experience growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

As soon as we go inside, into the art and out of the heat, I can tamp down my existential climate dread and cynicism a bit.

Nora Sturges and Jackie Milad at C. Grimaldis Gallery

At C. Grimaldis Gallery, two solo exhibitions by Baltimore-based artists Nora Sturges and Jackie Milad repurpose cultural iconographies.

A guide to Baltimore's artist-run spaces.

This week: Face Value at The Parlour, Tim Doud at Mono Practice, and Sue Crawford at ICA Baltimore.   Face Value, through November 2, featuring work by Sydney Cook, Taina ...

2019 Rubys Grantees Announced The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation has awarded $150,000 this year to 19 projects in the visual arts, literature, performance, and media. (Full disclosure: BmoreArt is largely ...

Black abstraction riffs like jazz, implodes and reassembles itself from the myriad influences that found its emergence. Black abstraction is rooted in a meta-consciousness, an ode to Black survival and ...

I've been trying to recreate this one feeling for about a month now. On a red-eye flight back from Los Angeles, too edgy to sleep, too sleepy to do anything ...

Near the entrance into Soledad Salamé’s lyrical, affecting show at Goya Contemporary, We the Migrants: Fleeing/Flooding, on view through Oct. 26, stand three thick piers comprised of stacked, folded newspapers. ...

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