Visual Art

Visual Art

How an upbringing in Baltimore and an earlier career in law influence the BMA's chief curator

Naeem considers her shift from law to art history, which had been an early passion, to be just that: a shift and not a U-turn.

Featuring the central fair Zona MACO, a collaborative show organized by galleries called Arthouse Project, and the artist-centric crowdpleaser Salón ACME

I sometimes think that CDMX is Baltimore's bigger, cooler, distant cousin.

With 'Richard Yarde: Beyond the Savoy,' a watercolorist gets his due at the Baltimore Museum of Art

The exhibition will be many people’s first encounter with Yarde’s distinctive improvisational and graphic watercolor style which colorizes, enlarges, and simplifies historical photographs of Black American life, history, and culture.

An Interview with Max Lents of the Baltimore Spirits Company and Gallery

The Baltimore Spirits Co. Cocktail Gallery offers a chance for one of my favorite pairings: cocktails and art.

Three succinct reviews of three must-see exhibitions in Baltimore this weekend

Exhibits at Project 1628, Maryland Art Place, and Julio Fine Arts Gallery at Loyola

Frost's paintings and drawings, on view at C. Grimaldis Gallery, contain a playful pressure and classical beauty

The experience of viewing Light Engagement, Carol Miller Frost’s solo show at C. Grimaldis Gallery, is anything but what its title implies.

How the painter incorporates AI, apps, and IG into her practice

"[Painters are] constantly trying to find new ways of presenting these symbols for the eye to interpret, but also let them become their own thing. But then this AI comes along, and look! It can just do it in a few seconds!"

In TLaloC’s 'Orbis Tertius: Hlaer to Jangr,' vibrant inflatable pieces filled the space from floor to ceiling, gleaming like alien objects, their purpose and meaning inscrutable.

In an economic and political environment where artists are accustomed to scarcity, the notion of excess space is indeed otherworldly.

The painter and professor on parenthood, vulnerability, and why it's important to have a 'mindset of experimentation'

"While exploring new hobbies, I came across new materials [and] I had collected ideas over the years that I had always hoped to explore."

Hosted jointly by the SNF Parkway Theater and the Enoch Pratt Free Library, the yearlong Baltimore Living Archives Residency features Lawrence Burney and SHAN Wallace

The residency gives artists access to the Pratt’s archives as well as the Parkway’s resources, along with the ability to publicly present their research.

Grief and Gratitude in a Photo Essay by Jill Fannon from the February 2 Memorial

Mourning the loss of Lt. Paul Butrim, Lt. Kelsey Sadler, and firefighter Kenny Lacayo, three firefighters who died in the line of duty in January

Baltimore roller-skating women in photos by E. Brady Robinson

Remembering how empowered skating made her feel as a girl, she hit the streets, meeting up with friends and eventually a wider network of female-identifying Baltimore skaters.

Four Baltimore-based women artists handily exceed expectations when given an opportunity at the Baltimore Museum of Art

Lauren Frances Adams, Mequitta Ahuja, LaToya M. Hobbs, and Cindy Cheng received significant project support from the BMA to create new bodies of work.

The city-wide triennial features site-specific work responding to New Orleans, the American South and, often as a result, issues of environmental, economic, and racial justice

With 17 different venues and a map in hand, I moved in currents and countercurrents over the course of my 11-day visit and still didn’t see it all.

The maximalist mixed-media artist talks about taste, class, and asking questions of the world—and other artists—around her

"I think fundamentally artists are always interested in what comes next—what happens if I push this idea further, what happens if I try this new material, etc."

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