Media & Literature

Media & Literature

Baltimore news updates from independent & regional media

Trumpeter Brandon Woody, Black boating on the Chesapeake, sewing your own clothes, Scott vetoes pension bill, and more reporting from Baltimore Fishbowl, Baltimore Beat, Baltimore Banner, Baltimore Magazine, and other local and independent news sources.

Text and Found Object in exhibitions by Kei Ito and R.L. Tillman

While Ito leans on a more personal narrative to probe the continued legacy of violence, Tillman dissects printmaking history, wartime advertisements and reminiscence in social media today.

Thanksgiving on stolen land, the World Cup, narrating climate change, Octavia Butler, and more

There was a lot of news on the internet this week.

Twitter and Elon Musk, eugenics, The Rock, Taylor Swift vs. Ticketmaster, and more

The internet had me WRECKED this week.

Generational Anxiety, notes from a stripper, Love is Blind, Baby O, midterms, and more

The midterm elections had me STRESSED this week.

Takeoff, affirmative action, Elon Musk and Twitter, touching moss, and more

I spent A LOT of time on legal internet this week.

The internet had my attention everywhere this week.

Highlights: Elon Musk now owns Twitter, #FreeBrittneyGriner, remembering Brangelina, Daniel Radcliffe, Taylor Swift and fat-phobia, Rihanna is back, Ashanti, Leslie Jordan and Mike Davis passed, and the Mississippi.

George M. Johnson's banned book, Ye's antisemitism and antiblackness, getting old online, disposing of whales, Liz Truss's resignation, and more

I'm back!

Human composting facilities, returning to Palestine, Loretta Lynn, marijuana pardons, and more

Wowowow! A lot happened.

Maintenance, basketball, chess, Rihanna, Lizzo, Try Guys, Ed Yong, and more

The internet feels like it has gotten increasingly chaotic over the past month.

So much happened this week and it was messy!

Highlights: Stop giving money to Shaun King, Brett Favre is a welfare queen, Khadija Mbowe looks at the history of stans, JULIA BULLOCK, Mahsa Amini protests, Real Life Magazine ceases operations, Tyler James Williams and Abbott Elementary, and Adam Levine's (allegedly) bad sexting.

Johnson & Johnson's war on consumer protection, Republican clout chasers, Black women won the Emmy's, The Little Mermaid, and more

I kinda liked the internet this week… it had me thinking.

The Reddit guy's sex song, Lea Michele, Don't Worry Darling drama, Queen Elizabeth's death in memes, and more

The internet was so dramatic and hilarious this week!

History of TSA, flooding in Mississippi, Tracy Chapman, Manti Te'o, the American Mall, and more

The internet was entertaining this week.

Loan forgiveness, Clippy, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Breonna Taylor, unmappable gender, wolves, worlds ending, and more

Unlike last week, SO MUCH happened on the internet this week.

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