Visual Art

Visual Art

Photos from BmoreArt's Nov. 10 Magazine Release Party

Our release parties are an extension of our mission: to create a network of collaborators, to elevate the arts, and to build community through arts and culture

On abstracting the domestic, home improvement as curation, and being both a mentor and a mentee

Livi is an artist who moves between media seamlessly, always seeking out material that speaks to the domestic space and figuring out how to manipulate it after.

A Sneak Peak at the Transgressive Artist and Collector’s Bequest to the BMA

John Waters wants us to rethink the ludicrous possibility of a masterpiece

For decades, Salamé has been researching and creating subtle, intelligent artworks around the issue of climate change.

For the artist, distortion of the image reflects the fear of dehumanizing and delegitimizing the real-world phenomena occurring around us.

Stephanie Garon uses mine core samples to guide the creation of sculpture, video, sound and photography.

In Gold Rush, Stephanie Garon seeks to “amplify not my voice, but the [voices] of the people directly involved with the mine and with the land."

Contemplating the legacy of protest art created by the famous American Catholic nun-turned-artist-educator

'We Care: Works by Corita Kent' at Silber Gallery is a vibrant color bomb mission-driven text-heavy advertisement-inspired serigraphs.

Alberto Cavalieri’s Have & Have-Not at Catalyst Contemporary, Parallax at the Gormley Gallery, and Abstraction at the C. Grimaldis Gallery

Three succinct reviews covering selection of contemporary sculptures, abstract paintings, and the boundaries of photography in Baltimore.

The Current Exhibition of 2022 Sondheim Semi-Finalists at School 33 Confirms its Relevance as an Exhibition Space

As BOPA continues to create new pathways to support Artscape and other major initiatives for the arts in the region through its strategic plan process, I hope that School 33 is brought back into the spotlight as one of Baltimore’s “Big Three” nonprofit exhibition spaces, where it belongs.

"When you bring things together, you can make new connections."

On taking things apart to put them back together

Smail's new exhibit is equal parts blended diversity and congruous incongruity.

Smail’s carefully constructed work is built crisply, with shifting visual echoes.

Fletcher creates her textiles with an unconventional material—Kanekalon hair.

Walking into one of Artise Fletcher’s textile workshops, which explore societal beauty standards and individual relationships to hair, audiences typically “come into it skeptical, not knowing what to expect,” she says.

A major exhibition at the NGA probes doubles and difference

The exhibition opens up the inexhaustible problems of the double, demonstrating how art is particularly well suited to explore them.

Contemporary Jewelry Inspired by the Walters Museum Collection at the Baltimore Jewelry Center

Featuring Jackie Andrews, Mara Colecchia, Nicole Dest-Forrester, Caitlin Duckwall, Luci Jockel, Andy Lowrie, Kerianne Quick, Sarah Parker, Risa Reyes, and Ashlee Wetta.

Two ceramics exhibitions at Towson University push the limits of the medium, with an artist talk by kelli rae adams tomorrow, Oct. 6

"Ex-tend, Ex-cess: Metamorphosis in Clay" is a compelling celebration of the versatility of ceramics. "fortune:folly" is a powerful and captivating show in which kelli rae adams explores and criticizes current financial systems.

BmoreArt's Suzy Kopf & Rebekah Kirkman talk about the orange boom and its marketing and mythologies

How did a notoriously hard-to-grow fruit spawn a whole industry?

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