Critical Review

Critical Review

In the late 1980s, a selection of new projects funded by the National Endowment of the Arts caught the concerned eye of Congress.

Susan Sontag created a sprawling and unwieldy definition in 58 points published in 1964 which inspired the Met's Costume Institute’s current exhibition Camp: Notes on Fashion

If you have never encountered the concept of camp before, but saw some of the pictures of what the glitterati were wearing to the Met Gala, you might be forgiven for thinking it had something to do with ruffles, feathers, and general absurdity in fashion.

What happens to a city that can’t even imagine itself differently in the medium of film?

Jencso manipulates our attention to be just as glued to the devices as the girl in the image appears to be.

Joy Davis, Jessica Douglas, and Lawrence Burney demonstrate the possibilities of dynamic archival work

I felt completely okay shedding a few tears in the Dispersive Archives exhibition.

John Ruppert’s LAB: Empirical Evidence at UMBC examines our relationship to climate change in physical and psychological ways

What can we do against such extreme forces of nature?

Wanting More from the Rodarte Fashion Exhibition at the National Museum of Women in the Arts by Dr. Jordan Amirkhani For the first time in its thirty years of programming, ...

A Gallery Roundup by Cara Ober and Bret McCabe If summer is a time for quietly experimental survey shows, September is blockbuster season. This fall, Baltimore is exploding with ambitious ...

Female Sexuality, Rage, and Power on Display: The Walters Art Museum and Amazon's I Love Dick by Cara Ober Walking into Art of Asia in the Walters Art Museum, I was weirdly reminded ...

An exploration of humor through antagonism, hacks, hoaxes, jokes, cracks, pranks, gags, and absurdities, curated by Michael Benevento of Current Gallery.Featured artists include: Aghost, Lara Emerling, Evie Falci, Michael Farley, ...

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