Critical Review

Critical Review

The deeply personal educational documentary explores the origins of an African fabric.

Obinyan ostensibly frames Wax Print around asking the question, “Is wax print African?” It’s a question that is both impossible to answer and has a pretty obvious answer: Yes. You have likely seen wax print and, just as likely, somebody ripping off its style.

'Pop' Turns Valerie Solanas' 1968 Shooting of Andy Warhol into an Agatha Christie-ish Whodunnit

The 2009 musical, with book/lyrics by Maggie-Kate Coleman and music by Anna K. Jacobs, is ahistorical, apolitical, amodern, and absolutely entertaining.

Semi-fictional new wave movie ambles around with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Merce Cunningham's challenging choreography—in 3D!

Downtown 81, a somewhat fictional, hang-out movie starring Jean-Michel Basquiat and Alla Kovgan's assiduous documentary, Cunningham, screening in Baltimore

Elizabeth Catlett: Artist as Activist at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum

Field workers, sharecroppers, mothers, grandmothers (and occasionally fathers too) share space in her oeuvre with abolitionists and civil rights icons, everyone with dirt under their fingernails, everyone in all of their ordinary glory.

Tragicomedy seems a fitting genre for a show about witchcraft, for what is more magical than being more than one thing at once?

As Budenz makes clear at the beginning of the show, there has always been some version of a fuckboy, always someone trying to slide into your DMs.

Fleishman Is in Trouble, Three Women, and Queenie

If there are any men who want to understand the way a woman’s mind and body works, kindly add these three books to your list.

Best Baltimore Exhibits, Projects, and Experiments 2010-2019

Baltimore’s pool of talent is an ever-expanding universe.

This week: Larry Cook's Eternal Splendor at Galerie Myrtis, Expanded Dialogue at Guest Spot at the Reinstitute and MONOPractice, and C – Magnetic Cultures: Four Chinese Artists at Cardinal.

Zachary Z. Handler's Self-Styling Through Cultural Ephemera and Refuse

In Zevel, Zachary Z. Handler creates a shrine to his experience growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Space Kümité is probably the most good, clean fun one can have consuming a piece of media that revolves around a fight to the death to settle a debate about recycling human waste. 

As soon as we go inside, into the art and out of the heat, I can tamp down my existential climate dread and cynicism a bit.

Baltimore author Jeannie Vanasco’s recently published memoir, Things We Didn’t Talk About When I Was a Girl, dwells in the desire for a lived-out apology and underscores the nonlinearity of healing.

Nora Sturges and Jackie Milad at C. Grimaldis Gallery

At C. Grimaldis Gallery, two solo exhibitions by Baltimore-based artists Nora Sturges and Jackie Milad repurpose cultural iconographies.

This week: Face Value at The Parlour, Tim Doud at Mono Practice, and Sue Crawford at ICA Baltimore.   Face Value, through November 2, featuring work by Sydney Cook, Taina ...

Black abstraction riffs like jazz, implodes and reassembles itself from the myriad influences that found its emergence. Black abstraction is rooted in a meta-consciousness, an ode to Black survival and ...

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